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    v1.08 Help

  2. Boeregeneraal

    v1.08 Help

    Hi all I downloaded v1.08 but then it said i needed v1.05 first. ok, no problem. when i go to armedassault.com, i click on the v1.05 International link, but then, it takes me to European v1.05 So im wondering, can i download the European one then? Meaning that, the European one is really the international one? Please help
  3. Boeregeneraal

    just wondering?

    Hi all IOm just wondering, can you play the as the communist side in singleplayer?
  4. Boeregeneraal

    Crosshares ?? PLEASE help

    Thanks guys for the replies. I will adjust it today-when i collect it at the post office. Im assuming the iron sights, being?
  5. Boeregeneraal

    Crosshares ?? PLEASE help

    Hi all I bought the game via ebay-it s at the post office-going to pick it up this afternoon sooooo happy!! Ive been playing the demo. Now, i have one problem. When infantry, the way you move the gun...it's really hard to explain. It's not like battlefield or other gun 2D games. So like, it's really hard positioning your weapon. sigh, sooo hard to explain. Does anyone understand what i meen? PLEASE help