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    [ALPHA] ARMA 3 Crate Filler

    How difficult would it be to add s section just for attachments? Like I'd like to have a box for just for just basic weapons, no attachments all ammo types, then a separate box for the attachments. Nvm i saw that you were gonna do that in the future....

    Mission Fourpack by nkenny

    Played all 4 with a few buds. Tons of fun! Is it possible to get some suppressors for Bad moon rising? was ableto sneak up to the one facility no prob eliminate a few baddies with my pistol which was silenced. But with a loud MG, made it a lil too interesting :p Cant wait for more missions!!!

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    Just downloaded your F-14 and I'm in love! Such a beautiful model! but with every good there is a little bad, found 2 bugs. the first you can walk thru the nose of the plane. http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/4480/arma2oa2012012416024363.png 752,69 KB picture and the second i apologize for the crappy quality of this video but my internet is the suck and would have taken me an hour to upload this at full res. The wing lights dont follow the wing when they are swept
  4. Awesome thank you very much!
  5. like with a script or something else entirely? I got the stuff in the init line to work just fine. so could i theoretically just add the cannon with ammo amount as well?
  6. I have just started playing around with arma scripts and i have been using your F16 and missile box + RAW addon. and I must say i cant get enough of it. I have Ikar's F14 and i really dont like the way the weapons handle/ feel. I was able to create a better load out using the missile box, but i have no more cannon. i used one of your example scripts from the F16 thread i think. i changed the ammo count to 675rnd instead of the 500. thats what th default f14 had i have no idea what the real value of the gun was.. But anyways here is the script i used. then in the init line i have this I know Ikar's F14 wasnt desgined to use your missiles, Even though i cant see them on the pylons only the AIM9's display correctly i dont care. If i can get the Aim9/7's and the 54's to work then 675 rounds for the cannon I'll be a happy camper.

    Co20 F-14 Tomcat Carrier Operations

    Any chance of getting this updated/fixed. The crew on the nimitz spawns dead. I usually wind up injured when i first spawn in.need to change the setpos to setposASL. after doing that the F14's towards the bow no longer explode and keep respawning. Some of the LHD crew members are still spawning in dead but meh.
  8. Is there any way to roll back to RC1 for TS? The Spam of the OK's/Error is rather annoying.
  9. I'm gettin the same thing, 5-10 mins into gameplay, I loose both displays. The game minimizes, i can still hear the game running int he background. It wont comeback after clicking on it or tryign to Alt-tab to it. I'm runnign 2 295's in sli with a 9800 GTX for phsyx which i know OA uses none of the phsyx stuff. I just got the latest drivers. version 260.99 WHQL http://www.filefront.com/17587386/DxDiag.txt
  10. That would be so sick! Its rough playin arma2 vanilla. I'm too used to the cool things in ACE. Keep up the good work!!!!!
  11. Ditch the Windows 7.... I had it installed with arma2 and had the worst possible time trying to make it run smoothly. Talked it over with some clan mates and convinced me to reinstall Vista 64. Now game runs smooth as silk. but i do get the ever occasional black screen and "Arma2 has stopped working." sys specs i7 965 @ 4ghz 12gb Corsair Dominator @ 1866 Dual 295's w/186.18 and Evga Sli enchance

    How to use M270 MLRS???

    you need to setup the module http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module
  13. What i'm trying to do is use the UAV with the module to spot and lase targets for either a F35 or AV8LGB to bomb. when in the UAV trailer and gunning for the UAV you wither have a laser marker or the 8 hellfires. but you press the trigger on the laser there is reticle or indication of the laser being activated. Was just wondering if there is a possibilty to mimic the properties of the actual laser desigantor that the troops use in the UAV?
  14. possible to get an english version? Tried playin with some freinds on beachhead. and couldnt understand our objectives lol.. Seemed really intense though which is awsome.