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  1. B-Stard

    Fog bug again!!!!

    Pls fix this bug
  2. B-Stard

    Evolution V3.0

    Playing this mission is useless, AI are just like zombies spawning all the time, last night i was having over 800 kills and we didnt even made first town :S
  3. B-Stard

    Anyone in XP without the "fog/haze"?

    1.07.5154 no fog problem 1.07.5157 fog problem 1.08 fog problem Why there was no fog problem in 1.07.5154?
  4. B-Stard

    Anyone in XP without the "fog/haze"?

    Same problem here
  5. B-Stard


    How we can use it in game? Anyone know?
  6. B-Stard

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Any new bugs in 1.08?
  7. B-Stard

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Old news? Where is 1.09?
  8. B-Stard

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    We want links 11.00 lol
  9. B-Stard

    8007000e Error in Vista

    Same problems here on XP
  10. B-Stard

    Custom maps download

    CO35 Urban Engagements (v1.3) CO35 Hill 135 (v1.4) Need those 2 , i dont find them there
  11. B-Stard

    Custom maps download

    I been lookin there and didnt find them
  12. B-Stard

    Custom maps download

    Where can i get these maps for download 1: Para regiment 2: Humvee Patrol 3: First Blood (beta 1.2a) 4: CO Ivan Is Back 5: CO Hold The Line 6: CO14 The Docks (v2.0) 7: CO16 Beach Assault (v1.0) - Does exactly what it says on the tin. 8: CO24 Operation Morning strike (v1.0) 9: CO24 Royal Rescue (v1.0) 10: CTF24 Rumble In Dolores (v1.1) - Infantry/light vehicle/boat orientated urban CTF map. 11: CO25 Aerial Hunter (v1.0) 12: CO28 Hold Airport (v1.0) 13: CO30 Air Cavalry (2.02 modified) 14: CO30 Air Cavalry + Opposition (v2.6) - COOP with a few players posing as SLA. 15: CO30 Save the Ice cream (0.1) 16: CO30 The Big Battle (v2.0) 17: CO30 Free Ortego (v1.1) 18: TDM30 Chocks Away Chaps (v0.5) - WW1 Fighter dogfight. 19: CO35 Civil Defence (v1.8 ) 20: CO35 Urban Engagements (v1.3) 21: CO35 Outmaneuvered (v1.2) 22: CO35 Hill 135 (v1.4) 23: CO40 Payback (v.1.6) - Two playable sides, open ended dynamic mission. 24: CO43 Attack on Arcadia (v2.0)
  13. B-Stard

    LSD Coopmappacket

    Thanks, now playing on our server
  14. B-Stard

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    Is this bug or soldiers are like zombies they just respawn all the time, so taking town is endless :s
  15. B-Stard

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    Its only a game not real life, so make choopers spawn again, couse some kids when they come to server they take choopers around and crash somewhere on other side od island, its useless to play then.