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  1. Bob.Moore

    Arma gold edition

    i hope so
  2. Bob.Moore

    Arma gold edition

    Hey all i was wondering does anyone know what version Armed Assault Gold edition comes in?
  3. Bob.Moore


    Hey guys some of you might not know me, but i know i made a few new friends on here quite a while ago Im re-installing ArmA as i talk now. But those who can remmeber im have the same patch problems haha But anyway, its nice to be back
  4. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

  5. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

    my dad had a spare region 1 dvd and im from the UK, does that matter because it still isnt workin...i dont want to buy a dvd drive, just to get the same message
  6. Bob.Moore

    Does wind effect ballistics in ArmA?

    lol MP5 is a Close Combat weapon, just imagin trying to snipe with that thing
  7. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

    Lol, my dad is coming tomorrow to fix a new one in, why is the DVD needed anyway?
  8. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

    Lol i will just get my dad to have a look
  9. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

    yeah cherz ive got it open, but how do i get it to run and recognise the DVD??
  10. Bob.Moore

    cant open DVD drive

    Hi guys i went to start up ArmA and its said that the ArmA disc wasnt in so i tried opening the DVD rom and it wouldnt open...please help!!!
  11. Bob.Moore

    Protect & Serve

    nice one thanks
  12. Bob.Moore

    Protect & Serve

    Is there any in game screenies??
  13. it would be alot easier if you just downloaded ArmA Launcher or you just put the Pbo files into your main AddOns folder?
  14. Bob.Moore

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    im sure that, that one was an example of what needed to be done?
  15. Bob.Moore

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Great pics all! Franze i dont know what it is about those pics i just dont, like how its turned out