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  1. Just throwing it out there. It'd be well nice, don't you think? And a sweet reward for us fans faithful to a one-of-a-kind series. Not to mention it'd allow us to actively help with the development process. Opinions? <3
  2. 7

    WarFX Particles

    It's been asked & answered multiple times in this thread. Use the search function.
  3. Read the CIT and you wouldn't be so clueless.
  4. @Rock How was this even a bug? Why did they make it like this?
  5. 7

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    This seems to be a problem with the Radeon 4800 series, but it's too early to draw any conclusions yet.. Edit: I have a 4870X2, should I test this new patch and see what happens?
  6. 7

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    M14 not mentioned in changelog... Please, how can this still not be fixed?! Going to hold this download 'til I read more player comments.
  7. Anyone else annoyed by this? I'm not a server owner so I can't help, but it seems to happen in every mission with playable slots after a certain amount/time of people joining and leaving. It's really frustrating as you can have a 30 slot server and only 25 slots playable because the rest are occupied by AI. :mad:
  8. That kind of reasoning is just retarded. The little details contribute to the bigger picture.
  9. Use Shift + F# (# being the number of a unit in the fireteam you want to select) (:
  10. 7

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    @Big Dawg KS and rundll.exe Thank you. I just learned something new!
  11. 7

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    Yes, how can this not have been fixed yet? This is top-priority as it essentially makes a weapon completely ineffective. :popup: Besides that you're doing an excellent job, BI. (:
  12. This was done for a reason and is, in fact, realistic.
  13. 7

    So many black soldiers?

    Keep your censorship to yourself. On topic: The OP has a point. It would look ridiculous if, say, FDF-mod squads consisted of 60% dark skinned people.
  14. Reporting all of you for spam and OT. Enjoy your bans! :pet13::pet13::pet13::pet13::pet13:
  15. Just stop whatever it is you're trying to do.
  16. 7

    Server list gone

    Hmm, well I have Telia so it doesn't seem to be ISP-related... Maybe they're doing some maintenance on the cable network which disables the ports necessary to ping Gamespy? This would affect all ISPs. Edit: Like you said, we need some raw server IP to rule out Gamespy being at fault. Edit 2: Yay, it works! But it seems like it was working for everyone else so whatever they were doing with our Internet was fixed.
  17. 7

    Server list gone

    I can't connect to the multiplayer lobby/refresh servers.
  18. Chris, I don't think anyone can connect to the multiplayer lobby right now.
  19. Then it's a problem with your joystick. Create a ticket at http://dev-heaven.net/projects/cis/issues/new (you have to sign up) and the BI devs will probably look into it. IIRC they've fixed joystick issues before.
  20. Does this happen with keyboard keys if you unplug your joystick?
  21. It's natural for the description to be vague if you don't remember much. Don't worry. As for why they aren't played anymore? The Berzerk(er) missions I played were for ArmA 1. I don't think anyone has ported them over/made new ones for OA yet. Edit: And if they did I bet servers running them would become popular. :)
  22. I'm a loyal BI fan and I'm buying this. Looks sweet!