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    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    On launch (either from within steam or directly) I get the following message No entry 'bin\config.nbin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow'. then black screen, crash to desktop and the following message Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0 Am running steam as administrator, AOA is a vanilla version, no addons installed, steam and game are installed in default path. Worked PERFECTLY before the update. Win7 64 GTX680 6 gigs ram i7 920 halp!
  2. Banano


    How do you use this? The instructions are awful.
  3. Bullet proof leaves! zH5dKwPatbU
  4. What I would like to have is a careless patrol get ambushed by spetsnatz and the spetsnatz to continue on their way after killing them. I've checked various tutorials but I'm at a loss as to how to do this. Currently I've got my spetsnatz team at a waypoint which i've synchronised to a waypoint for the patrol where I want the patrol to be ambushed. I've tried using sentry and guard for the spetsnatz waypoint but they won't even open fire (i've tried all the different fire orders at the WP for spetz) Any ideas?
  5. Banano

    British SF Desert Dynamic Campaign

    When I boot the game i get the following message: 'Addon MAP_Air_Weap' requires Addon 'Map_Misc' The game then loads but when I go to the campaign screen there's an error message about the brit campaign missing a description and it doesn't show as a selectable campaign. Hope you can fix this 'cos it sounds like fun.
  6. Anyone know how to do this? Since 1.05 refuses to install I'm going to have to try reinstalling and I can't bear doing all that shit again. Any ideas?
  7. Says I've got a corrupt installation - I've removed all third party content and a mission I made myself but still..... Before I uninstall - is there a way to back up my campaign progress and my key bindings? I think I'll cry If I have to slog through all that again.
  8. same here, got german 1.02 with english patch - how do i revert? there is a patchwise.log file and a patchwise.bak folder, but no program! Help!
  9. Thx for the reply - next question is, how do I uninstall sickboy's patch? There's no mention of it in any of the arma folders, and I can't find a link to the original so I can reinstall it and then uninstall....
  10. Ok I have the german version 1.02 from www.morphicon.de patched to english (thx sickboy) I'm assuming that applying the international patch would be bad, however on morphicon's site the link to the german patch gives a 404. Anyone know where I can get the right patch?
  11. Banano


    restarted the mission a couple of times and no SVD - I took a PK instead and made my way down to tiberia. Raised some hell there and fought my way back to arcadia - been in all the marked buildings, but the mission doesn't want to end.... Shame, cos it seems like a pretty good campaign otherwise. update: ok, managed to get mission to finish but still no SVD. ah well.
  12. Banano


    Problem with the second mission - he tells you to take an SVD, but it's the one weapon NOT in the crates....
  13. Banano

    "Direct Hit" How do I?

    just don't bother with this mission. It's ridiculously boring.
  14. Banano

    End mission?