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  1. breeze

    Start Up parameter

    but then I am not using the arma 3 launcher right??
  2. I read to enable this on KillZone KIds blog -showScriptErrors and I am just beginning to learn scripting so I want to. However, I also have been using the Arma Launcher that comes with the game and Can I add that to the launchers shortcut? I don't think so but I am not sure. Is there a really good Arma 3 launcher out there that allows for separate mod folders and such. I do not like steam running my content they always screw it up. Thanks in advance Breeze
  3. I wanted to ask a question about the original question the search count +1 I am not seeing where the +1 has to equal three before the task updates or says it worked Yes I see the hint but I am not seeing in the code where search count has to equal 3??
  4. Well I will keep reading this and try applying this a few ways just for my learning experience. I want to thank you guys for the patience. I had done the tutorials by DevPaxton on youtube thought they were great the way he explains things. So you guys took me right past the variables into complex arrays. Its this syntax stuff drives me nuts, But thanks again I will keep at it.
  5. OK I think I follow all that you have said its just this is zipping right past variables into arrays. These are multidimensional arrays right?? And the one part I am not following Is the spot where your writing [chopper1] call _animateOpen Also where theend3r defined _chopper1 = this select 0; /// This is so it can be used on any aircraft as he said so [this] spawn fnc_ramps; ////in any aircrafts init line would work if the _chopper1 is defined as _chopper1 this select 0; in the array? and you are naming the script fnc_ramps.sqf ??
  6. OK well I appreciate all of the feedback I really do, But sometimes I am not understanding and I want to. So anyway I got an undefined variable when I used this _myChopper = Chopper1; while {alive _myChopper} do { if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) > 3) then {_myChopper animate ["ramp_top",0]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",0];}; if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) < 3) then {_myChopper animate ["ramp_top",1]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",1];}; } I like being able to call it from any vehichle with a ramp like the osprey or a C130 for jumps but this didnt work. I used the _nul = [chopperName] execVM "ramp.sqf"; in the choppers init line... And just one more question because you used setpos you needed to index with select, 2 But if we use the setPosAsl thats just one value of height right so it would not require a select index number??? Lastly where should I put the sleep thing for efficiency??
  7. OK I have a couple of questions.?? First I need to define the Variables with the first paragraph correct? _myChopper = Chopper1 _animateClose = _myChopper animate ["ramp_top",0]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",0] ; _animateOpen = _mychopper animate ["ramp_top",1]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",1]; Then once the _animateOpen and _animateClose are defined _myChopper = _this select 0; ///Where you have _this select 0; What index is this referring to? while {alive _myChopper} do { if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) > 3) then {_myChopper animate ["ramp_top",0]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",0];}; if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) < 3) then {_myChopper animate ["ramp_top",1]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",1];}; } while {alive _myChopper} do { if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) > 3) then {_myChopper _animateClose}; if (( getPos _myChopper select 2) < 3) then {_myChopper _animateOpen}; } I mean I am new I am trying to follow something that I can make sence of.. When you used the index I was thrown because I saw nothing defined to be using it? Then once each parameter is defined? I can just call it by name without the quotes because its no longer a string? When _nul = _myChopper execVM "animate_ramp.sqf" This is in the units init line.. Is the nul acting like a switch here I read that nil and nul shut off a script after it runs??
  8. So Like this? I named it animate_ramp.sqf and tried to execute it with execVm in the init.sqf not working. //Animate Door script _myChopper = Chopper1 _animateClose = _myChopper animate ["ramp_top",0]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",0]; _animateOpen = _mychopper animate ["ramp_top",1]; _myChopper animate ["ramp_bottom",1]; Params ["_myChopper"] while {alive _myChopper} do { If (( getPosAsl _myChopper select 0) >3)then _animateClose}; If (( getPosAsl _myChopper select 0) <3)then _animateOpen);
  9. And what about the If Statement in other words, When the heli lands the door should open as it lifts off the door should close. is the if statement correct? Also I shouldn't have to call it if the script should continually run right? I should initialize it in the init.sqf??
  10. Just finished a few tutorials and wanted to automate the animations of the hatch going up and down on some test mission I was doing, I thought that it was a perfect little script to begin on. So in the init box on the Chopper at this time, I had the following. this animate ["ramp_top" 1]; this animate ["ramp_bottom" 1]; this keeps it open at spawn In a trigger set with a heli-pad I have this and when the chopper lands it opens this animate ["ramp_top" 0]; this animate ["ramp_bottom" 0]; These work But for learning purposes I wanted to make a small script and initiate it in the Init.sqf file //Animate Door Scripting _myChopper = Chopper1 _animateClose = _myChopper animate ["ramp_top",0]["ramp_bottom",0]; ///I don't think this is joined right but not sure how to _animateOpen = _mychopper animate ["ramp_top",1] ["ramp_bottom",1]; _myChopper getPosAsl; if getPosAsl > 3 _animateClose; if getPosAsl < 3 _animateOpen; I think the if statement is right but not sure either. Any help?? Also I loved the tutorials by devPaxton on you tube if you guys know any others like his please drop a link.
  11. I have only been back a short while so I have been very selective and slow on adding my mods, I have all of the CUPS material terrains, weapons and such. I think they did a great job too. But I think this stupid error interacts with their stuff too.
  12. breeze

    Osprey Hatch

    I can not believe the amount of google searches this is taking and posts for a simple little thing, Frustrating
  13. breeze

    Osprey Hatch

    Is this the small door or the big hatch in back?? Also getting errors with the above waypoint addition it wont take this is supposed to go in pilots activation line on waypoint right?
  14. breeze

    Osprey Hatch

    I put this line blackfish animate Door ['door_1_source', 1]; // open In the ospreys Init line and it didn't work. I also named the osprey blackfish?? Does that have to be tied to a trigger as well? I mean I love the idea of using a trigger for it for the Halo Jump which is What I wanted but I was trying to have the hatch open on the spawn in.
  15. breeze

    Osprey Hatch

    Thank You, Also when I am laying down my way-points the plane doesn't take off after I load, I have two groups one pilots then 2nd group soldiers, I set the pilots way-points to get in and then to load, after that to move, After the plane loads it just sits there, so I tried to create a trigger with radio command to the move way-point and still nothing, I want the plane to go through a set of way-points after the group gets in. Any idea what I am doing wrong?