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  1. Barely-injured

    ArmA 3 missing from the BI store?

    +1, facebook page suggest using Steam directly. I can wait if they plan to bring the regular edition back up, but if there is no plan to do that then no point waiting, just need some confirmation one way or another.
  2. Barely-injured

    Bistore closed

    So does anyone know if there is a plan to put the normal edition back on BIS store or are we supposed to just buy it from Steam?
  3. Barely-injured

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Hi all, Please try to maintain the level of maturity that we have come to expect from the ArmA community. It is no use labeling those who dislike steam as enemies of progress, backward steam-haters or otherwise uninformed. I personally have had technical issues with steam before, but that is NOT the problem. I just have issues with the way steam and steamworks conducts its business. That is why I have a right to voice my objection about the decision to go steam only. Restricting customer choice regardless of the reasons, in not a good thing. That is not to say that I don't respect BIS decision or understand it. I do, and I support them if that is the path they want to take. I just hope that they would at least consider the possibility of an alternative even at a later release date.
  4. Barely-injured

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Hi, I, like many here I assume, am a massive fan of BIS. I have been playing since the OFP demo. I add my voice to those saddened by this news today. Despite any supposed advantages, I believe that restricting costumer choice is never a good thing. I admit I will probably end up purchasing ArmA III anyways despite my dislike for steam and I never had any problem boycotting steam exclusives from major publishers before today. I understand the reasons stated but I am concerned about the attitude of: We either release on steam or we don't release in 2013. This seems to indicate to me that there are other problems with this game that goes beyond steamworks or lack there of. In any case, I support the developers even though I think their judgment has failed them this time around. I really wish that they would consider the possibility of a future non-steam version even if it is in 2014, or at the very least adopt a system like Sword of the Stars II i.e you can download the game, install it and patch it from steam, but you don't need steam running to lunch it at all not even offline mode. Thanks
  5. Barely-injured

    How to start ArmA:CO WITHOUT mods ?

    Thank you problem solved...the dummy thing didnt work for me but sending modfolders to the recycle bin then restoring them did the trick. Thanks
  6. Hi there, I recently tried to update to the latest patch and update some mods. It seems that I am having trouble with one of my mods as the game keeps crashing just a few seconds after getting to the main menu (and getting there alone is taking an awfully long time). Running vanilla ArmA 2 (without OA) and running the latest beta seems fine. So obviously I need to run ArmA 2:OA without mods to see which one is causing the problem, but how can I do that ? I mean before OA we had to add command lines to the shortcut to enable mods but now everything is disabled and enabled from the main menu but I cant get there without crashing. Is there some other way to tell the game not to load any mods externally ? I tried playing with the user profile but that didn't seem to help. I feel I am missing something very basic here :o
  7. Barely-injured

    Special day for Placebo

    teh Best Moderator Eva........... Happy Birthday !!
  8. Unfortunately I cant afford a 5850 right now nor the extra PSU that it will require :o . And after the Heating issues with my 4850 i am not super excited about the idea either.
  9. Hey guys i have an HD4850 And performance wise I have no complaints about it whatsoever. However It tends to heat up really bad causing the fans to spin really fast making lots of noise. Recently I have decided I have had enough with the noise as its starting to impede on my enjoyment of the few high demanding games that i have including ArmA 2 (I even had a few restarts due to overheating incidents). Its time to get a new card. My requirements are #1 a card that doesn't heat up badly or if it does that it's fan/s don't make a lot of noise cooling. #2 I wish to avoid having to upgrade my PSU if at all possible, I have 400W PSU that seems to handle the 4850 quite well. #3 Obviously i still want it to be better in performance than my 4850 as its still an upgrade after all. From my research I think a GTX460 seems like a good candidate. So I want to ask is 400W enough for it ?. and I also would appreciate any alternative cards that you guys can suggest for me for those requirements that are more or less in the same price line as the 460. Thanks
  10. Barely-injured

    From the creators of Birds of Prey: Apache Air Assault.

    Thanks all....yeah I understand that for most modern western crafts most of the avionics and electronic equipments are initialized automatically, but for some reason I thought the the engine start up at least would be a bit more involved (obviously i am not talking about system checks here). But any ways it is pointless i guess to comment on the combat helo video because like you said it is wip. Thanks for the videos NodUnit
  11. Barely-injured

    It looks like a warfilm!! (Video of CMSF game)

    The NATO Module is up for pre-ordering now as well for CMSF.....for those of you who are interested. CM: Afghanistan seems very interesting i will have to try out the demo and see for myself. But i appreciate any reviews from people who own both games and can say how they differ from each other.
  12. Barely-injured

    From the creators of Birds of Prey: Apache Air Assault.

    @ OP just avoid using the word "simulator" or at least give some warning that it is an arcade game......and there would be less heart attacks upon viewing that video :p ...........might be a nice game though. Combat helo....now that looks nice......but is the start up sequence in the Apache really that short ? I dont know i guess i am used to switching on large amounts of random buttons in my beloved black shark :rolleyes:
  13. Barely-injured

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Back when I wanted to buy original ArmA 2 and it wasn't available in Canada, I ordered it from these guys: NWS. They gave me a good price back then, although delivery is perhaps a bit slower than big stores. They seem to have OA standalone package. IIRC they charge about $6 US for delivery to Canada. I might try them again soon.
  14. Barely-injured

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Hello everyone, I ''somehow'' managed to delay buying operation arrowhead until now. Is there a package out there that include OA and the newly released British forces DLC ? or do I have to buy them separately ?
  15. Barely-injured

    Royal navy buys Hornets not JSF...

    Yup its pretty much settled. I dont understand the logic of how either Canada or the UK can hope to opt out of the F-35 program at this point in time. Both countries are heavily invested in the F-35 program, and they probably want a return on their investment. Regardless of whether or not there are better options out there !!