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  1. Baff1

    Windows 8 : Will you buy it ?

    Possibly, if I buy a pad. But not for a PC. I'm planning on buying Windows 7 for my next desktop.
  2. A return to the Cold War for me please. I'd quite enjoy a good Star Wars game however. A new Battlefront or the like of.
  3. Not really all that intrested in the hot air alone. I was just after the science mate, you know, the results of the study you were referring to. I think it's for the best that I take your long winded failure to know of any, as reinforcing evidence of it's imaginary nature.
  4. Awesome game this one. A couple of things missing I'd like to see. One is triple screen/Eyefinity support. it's screwy. Disappearing stuff, I can't see what I am doing or where I am driving. Mountains/scenary/objects/buildings disappear and re-appear constantly and unplayably. Because of this I've been playing the game on a friends computer instead of any of my own. But it's not ideal living in his house. The other one I most missed wa sa programmable mouse button. Everytime I try and zoom in, in the heat of combat I instinctively right click as every other PC game with a zoom has conditioned my reflexs to do, and... the command map comes up. Frustrating. Long term I'd like to see some sort of a Co-opable game mode. This is a game I hope some of my friends will want to play with me.
  5. They conducted a 90 year study! Wow. I didn't realise Monsanto had been around for that long. So what were the results please. What happened to the people who had eaten GM for their whole lives vs those who had eaten none?
  6. Also age. Your first cancer doesn't kill you anymore. Oldies are riddled with cancers. My dad is onto his third. 20 years ago he wouldn't have survived the first.
  7. I'm surprised to hear that Round Up can kill anything, it certainly doesn't kill my weeds. The days wyhen we could buy weed killer that actually killed anything are gone. This moronic politcal obsession with organic and GM has destroyed my ability to maintain my gardens. If I ever meet someone from the EU I will beat the living crap out of them. There are few things sadder to see in life than city idiot enviromentalists. Stick to what you know.
  8. Baff1

    Expendables 2/Military Tech question

    Get an IR laser illuminator mate. That will boost your range immensly.
  9. As I understand it, they found paying work. So they did that instead. Sounds like they are between jobs again.
  10. SC2 was an improved interface over SC1 but it had lost it's USP of scale and unit numbers. (Consolised). I'm not typically impressed by anything Kickstarter. There are a butt load of investors out there, obviously viable projects have no need of this sort of tool. I associate Kickstarter with aspiring mod teams or failed companies. Which is a shame as I could use a new RTS and these chaps know how to make them.
  11. Baff1

    Steam discussion

    It's not useless and pointless. it's greedy and money grabbing. There are many games that I would pay for to play on my LAN. But I would not pay for them twice to play on my LAN. In the old days a company that was worried about piracy, say Red Storm/Ubisoft or Blizzard would restrict their games with a DRM so that you still needed a disc on the network/server to play. One disc between as many computers you own was all you needed. In this way they could DRM their games against Piracy whilst still allowing legitemate purchasers to use their games (uncracked) for their own purposes. But modern greedy games companies want a disc in every drive to play. And modern DRMs provide greedy companies with the means to do this. So a cheap game that plays co-op on my LAN would be worth my buying, but a cheap game that requires me to buy another 1-5 copies to play on co-op on my LAN is not a cheap game at all. It's prohibitively expensive. The death of LAN gaming. So pretty much any game that requires Steam is a rip off game. Not because Steam forces them to operate in this way, but because that is the rip off model Steam considers to be fair and normal for it's DRM. Because even if I crack a Steam game, I still can't play a LAN game with it, even if it is advertised as such I can't. And with LAN gaming as my primary intrest.... there is no more intrest. I simply have no reason to buy or even pirate such games. The harsh reality of life is this. My business isn't wanted any longer. I used to be the type of gamer companies wished to sell products too, and now I am not. Now I'm the spreadsheet error. The kind of gamer who if ignored, more sales can be made elsewhere. Either to those who will pay for multiple copies of the same game, or to would be pirates for whom a sucessful DRM is the reason they bought the game. So the more and more successful online gaming DRM's/distributors have become, the less and less intresting video gaming has become. To the point now where it is barely intresting to me at all. Where I am more likely to surf the net or watch a movie than I am to launch a game.
  12. Baff1

    Steam discussion

    It's a future that is welcome to leave me behind. There are certian games that lend themselves well to online distribution. Those games that offer a service that cannot be provided by the player domestically. A Planetside or a World of Warcraft server for example. But if all your game is, is a copy of a console game, which needs a disc to run.... then a disc is the best format for it. Or if all the hardware resources it requires are resources I already own for myself... Mail order discs are fine with me. I have no desire to physically visit a shopping centre. (Although if I am in a shopping centre I do sometimes look out for an impulse buy). If I have to adopt Steam or buy a console to play that kind of game, if those are my only choices, then I am going to either buy a console or stop playing those types of game. As I get older the heady desire to "must have" the very latest PC title everytime is not what it was. Most games out there are not must buy titles for me but instead mediocre ums and arrs buys. They always have been in truth, but these days it seems even more so. If any of these games are Steam dependant, I typically don't buy it. Why would I? Experience already tells me that I don't use any of my existing Steam games because of Steam. So for my money Steam and Origin are the death of PC gaming. The point where it stopped being fun and started to become a hassle. Ultimately, the games just aren't that good and operating them that way makes them a worse experience than they could be.
  13. Baff1

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    With any luck this zombie stuff will get a melee option into ArmA. Gief bayonet.
  14. Baff1

    European Politics Thread.

    Everyone in his right mind should be arguing against scientific research of that nature. Hands up who thinks that's a smart thing for them to be researching? So either that research is going to be a total waste of money, or it's not. Either way the researchers and the persons who commisioned the research need to be punished.
  15. LMAO Linux plus Steam! Together. Could computers actually become any less user friendly? It's hard to imagine how.