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  1. Bunkers

    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    Tried this a little today. This could be alot of fun if the players started actually playing by the rules and not deathmatching. I hope admins are on from time to time to govern a little.
  2. Bunkers

    User mission requests!

    Is there a Domination version that is both AI and Ranked? If so, where can I download it?
  3. Looks really awesome, cant wait for this.. Any updates/news regarding City Life II would be interesting.
  4. Any news on City Life 2?
  5. It's preset on ACE Mod (Vanilla), I thought maybe I should pick beta.EDIT: I just hit Execute and it seems to be rollin' - thx
  6. Which preset config are we supposed to select for this latest update?
  7. ...the reason I ask is I thought I had the right/latest one but in the browser I see most servers are not available to me. But they all seem to be running 1.05 which is the version I'm running. I'm sure it's obvious I just didnt find out. How embarrasing. I'll go hide now lol.
  8. Since it seems the language option will not be enabled I have now bought a new copy of ArmA2, this time in english. My question is if I can install this (probably on a separate disc) and run it without uninstalling my original german version? Or will that cause trouble? EDIT: typo in thread title should be *of
  9. As the title asks.. for me and every1 who bought a non english version early on, will the language option be opened so we can get a proper english game? Or is buying a new copy the only solution? I got several user missions with german interface because of my german version of ArmA2.
  10. Bunkers

    Advance & Secure week: 8/11-8/17

    Awesome missions CoolBox my favourite game mode atm. CEAL server (CET timezone) has been running this lately attracting quite good numbers.
  11. Bunkers

    Patch 1.04 suggestions

    I want the language selection option to be opened. My early-bought german game is only mod'ed to english and this is causing problems at some servers.
  12. Bunkers

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    Wow thx alot :D I'll check this out tonight.EDIT: The key file is corrupt :(
  13. Bunkers

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    Ok, my game is only mod'ed to english. Original language is german. Hopefully BIS will enable the language selection option.. some day.
  14. Bunkers

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    Is the mission interface in english or just german?
  15. Bunkers

    Serious MP scoring bug

    Yes I've noticed I often get 2 kills for 1 lately. I've heard others on the servers stating the same.