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    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Got it, I was to tell that nomex suit (also SAM-R or M39) is not that important IMHO, but I couldn't finish my thoughts because had to run to the local DM with spouse :D I don't want to tell you how to make your mod, just hoped I can help clear some minor details to attention. Can't wait to see the first public alpha. Cheers
  2. Banderas

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Heey guys! Nice you're making such a big USMC addition into the game. I've run through fast on these 8 pages, and please allow me to play a bit smartass around about USMC equipment :) -M1A2 is currently not available in USMC inventory, they use the A1 variant with equipment unique to the Marine Corps, some are equipped with elements of the TUSK kit. ACE2's M1A1 models are as realistic for each branch as it can get to this date (might consider Mateck's M1 Abrams pack for reference or even model usage? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3141 ; -Sniper/DMR weapons: in bolt action M40 variants available; there are a lot of semi-auto models in use; nowadays Mk12 Mod1, M110 SASS are used most; some years ago Mk11, M39 EMR were used widely, they are still in use, but being phased out by the M110; SAM-R is a unique weapon system, very few were built (maybe around 100 pieces), was used only by the II MEF, and aren't in use anymore since 2007-2008 (being replaced by the Mk12); (M14) DMR was used before 2009, being replaced wit heither Mk11 or M39 EMR; -Nomex suits: were used heavily by Force Recon/Battalion Recon units before 2007, some infantry units also used them until the wider introduction of FROG;
  3. That's a big Hoooray then :) I don't wish to give you any extra tasks, but I always felt that the Democratic Republic of Sahrani lacked one very pivotal asset: a concrete runway for one of her airbases. Is there any intention to make one of the SLA's two dirt strips into a paved runway?
  4. Thank you for your work! I'd like to ask if in the future some bigger buildings will also be enterable, like the many storied buildings in the bigger cities, or the unique buildings, like the big "palace" in paraiso, or the huge yellow barracks/ministry/whatever in Bagango? Anyway you might know it but your map right now works flawlessly with Arma 3 also
  5. Banderas

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Its Hammer Time again! Thanks a lot for the pack Mr Boss :)
  6. Oscar Mike Golf! Effin A-mazing! Keep up the good work because this is simply awesome!!! Thank You for this!
  7. Fantastic! Can't wait to see the enterable buildings, probably would almost double the size of the playground :)
  8. Banderas

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    These are some pretty f***ing excellent Blackhawks Yura, thanks for your work
  9. Banderas

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Two questions regarding M1 Abramses. -Isn't the vertical movement for the commander periscope/M2 view in M1A1s a bit too slow? -I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the Remote Thermal Sight for the M1A1 TUSKs working...
  10. There are plenty of them. Vanilla has a civilian Mi-8, OA has An-2 in two civilian variants, CWR mod has the Cessna 182, and there are a lot of community made ones, even maybe A-320... On that note I'd like to request the DC-3 from Queens Gambit...
  11. Banderas

    GSEP Miroslavl' Beta

    Did some more "drive-by" on this map, and I can only talk in superlatives about it. The city is so big, realistic in layout, I could go around in it for hours and still have new places to discover. I would say BI should consider apply you as a terrain designer for sure :), and I hope in time there'll be an opportunity to fully finish this map and other GSEP ones.
  12. Banderas

    GSEP Miroslavl' Beta

    I downloaded it yesterday, and the city is very plausible and nice big. I like this very much. The imagination is much better than in the pseudo "new" official maps Bystrica and Bukovina. I like this one very much, the only thing that's missed a bit is some forests in the area. Edit: hope I read it wrongly from the lines, but is GSEP in any danger of discontinue?
  13. Banderas

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Got the LITE version, so far my feelings are mixed at the best. To be honest before I've took a preview of the LITE, I wanted to get this DLC ASAP, but after the first impressions, I think I'll wait until I'll have some surplus pocket money. Positive sides are the new equipment, some unique (BREN 805, Scorpion EVO, CZ75), some nicely re-touched (L-159, modernised T-72). "Neutral" is that the expansion itself is in reality "just" an expansion of an already existing faction, and no real new faction is present, as I expected to be the case. The letdowns are the "new" maps, which turned out to be only some cut-outs from existing bigger maps - indeed a map is simply called "Takistan (cut-out)". The other two are nothing more but areas of Chernarus, with new summer trees and with some buildings replaced to have a more "country"-likelooks to it (Bystrica is Chernogorsk-Elektrozavodsk-Novy Sobor-Stary Sobor" area, Bukovina is the airport with Vybor). The road system, building layouts are 99% the same so far, even the settlements' names on the tables at the city limits still the old ones (Elektrozavodsk, Chernokorgsk, Pusta....) I won't condemn the makers, it seems that developing A3 is a much higher priority at BI studio right now than making another DLC for a (soon) run-out title. But I just really hoped we could get to now a new side of Chernarus, not just a recycled map. End of complaints.
  14. Kind of a radio-voice addon, in which the Player's avatar/AI would recognize not only individual units (or two individual units since A2), but also groups for the sake of evading radio report spamming. So instead of a contact report like this It would look like this, if there are many units present in line of sight:
  15. Banderas

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Superrat first off congrats on the release! Don't even bother reading youtube comments, most of the commentators have the intelligence level of a handful of dead moths (and I don't mean individually but rather universally almost all of them). You might now the proverb; don't start a discussion with stupid ones, you'll dive onto their level and they'll defeat you with their routine. Keeping a lookout for future updates
  16. Banderas

    CAA1 public release

    @Pd3 If my memory serves me right, you have to change the setting for shadows to "high" option or higher.
  17. I know it's kinda nitpicking, but be advised that USAF only exists since 1947, up until that they were USAAC (US Army Air Corps). Anyways hell of a nice Thunderbolt you have back there :)
  18. Second on that, moar "low-and-slow" type of airplanes, they would better fit in the current game capabilities than the ultrasonic F-29 Retaliators :)
  19. Banderas

    SOC-R Special Ops Boat

    At last arrived, thank you Hcpookie :)
  20. Banderas

    Sahrani Rearmed

    Humble suggestion for the Ka-50, since you have to use an addon either way, this one is better in quality than the simple port of the A1 sample Hokum http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10515
  21. Banderas

    The Code Blue Thread

    This looks interesting, made me want to go back to play a little good ol' CWC
  22. Banderas

    Project CDF

    Hell yes!!! This is something I was in the need for! Thank you a lot for this Gossamer! Me has question, will there be L-39 in CDF colours?
  23. Nice and thank you for this work of Yours