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  1. You're on the frontpage! Armedassault.info cheers and thanks
  2. BenceRAP

    ZU-23 AA Guns

    nice job Törni! I really wanted to have this in my ArmA addons folder not only in ofp addons folder!
  3. BenceRAP

    Mopar Madness!

    Hell yeah man! I love Sigma's addons. But, the number of posts does not mean we are noobs or anything. No offense really, but I can call myself active on the BIS boards, however my post number tells the opposite thing. Peace
  4. BenceRAP

    Mopar Madness!

    Sigma, can you please tell us the release date! I really hope you will release it this summer!
  5. BenceRAP

    Mopar Madness!

    I've been waiting for some muscle cars! And here they are. Bloody nice job man.
  6. BenceRAP

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Nice job man! They really look "cool"!
  7. BenceRAP

    ArmA Custom Faces For Free

    Tioner, try your documents/Arma folder, if not there, then characters.pbo!
  8. BenceRAP

    Sahrani map!8

    Nice indeed!
  9. BenceRAP

    Tonal Redux

    Congratulations! Nice job!
  10. BenceRAP

    Letters, Numbers & Symbols

    Hehe funny thing! But I like it and it's cool. Looking forward to the release!
  11. BenceRAP

    BATTLEFIELD 1939-1945 CORE

    Not a suprice for me. Another great mod from a great team. Hell of a good job you did. Wish you the best.
  12. Very good job! Love it. Continue your excenelt work...
  13. BenceRAP


    Nice very nice. I like the ships and everything. Keep up the good owrk. Cheers
  14. BenceRAP

    Conspiracies: The Experience

    Wow, very nice pictures. Looking forward to that 2nd campaign. I know u heard it many times, but this mod rocks.
  15. BenceRAP

    Conspiracies: The Experience

    First, nice site! All my respets are belong to you. This is perfect! I just love it.