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  1. BiGFooT_y2k

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    Bigfoot? Damn here I am!
  2. BiGFooT_y2k

    New Sci-Fi Mod

    About the mech design-the AT-43 board game has some pretty cool designs and I think you could get some inspiration from it :P IMO I would like to see those more "real looking" than that anime-like walkers.
  3. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Unsung mod, Modul anims
  4. BiGFooT_y2k

    Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk

    Cool easter egg at the labs, Sumrak, hehe. @SaS TrooP: just keep searching. As far as I remember, it's situated at the southern part of island (but maybe I'm wrong)
  5. BiGFooT_y2k

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Dead Bird really rocks! I have to find the vault now :D Outstanding job, but ehhh a music as a enviromental sound effect? EDIT: haha found the vault :D Awesome
  6. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com Klurs
  7. BiGFooT_y2k

    Pilfius + arma = <3

    The commands library don't work for me I can load it, but Pilfius don't react on voice commands. So I did my own lib which is working. Shame the Pilfius is quite unstable and is crashing everytime
  8. BiGFooT_y2k

    How big is your ArmA Directory?

    Just 11645 megs
  9. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Hah, the hand moving that UAZ don't draw any shadow on the land
  10. BiGFooT_y2k

    Resistance and Liberation - Realism WW2 mod

    Hi, I have DLed mod yesterday. I had some problems with connection ("Disconected-server uses different class tables" or something like this) so I hope that patch to A3v2 will help me. By the way-whats usual gaming time? I wanted to play at 13.00 GMT+1 but all servers were empty Anyways, thank you for showing such a nice mod
  11. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/2f0599a9bf.jpg"]One piece Addons: Nightstalkers mod
  12. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    I have tried the ECS fog from the link that Ingram gave me and I can't make it working (it's already set as On at ECS options). I'll try ACE tomorrow Thanks for tips
  13. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Hi, does anybody knows where to get this awesome looking fog? http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/8018/a1rk2.jpg
  14. BiGFooT_y2k

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    A: TCP Zombies No ideas for screens :/