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  1. Hey all, I've been playing OFP/Arma since 2001. I'm 25 this year and based in Singapore. Looking to finally join a proper squad or group around the region (South East Asia, even Australia). I tend to drift to playing support roles e.g. engineer/medic/transport but have no issues getting down and dirty on the front lines. :) Hit me up here or add me on STEAM: Randyys (SG)
  2. Lovely to see Singapore players here! Our ARMA community is small enough as it is. It's great to see another SAF mod for ARMA here too. I remember back then we had an official SAF mod for the original Operation Flashpoint, commissioned by the Army, if I'm not mistaken. It was terrible. It's gonna be a tricky climb with the mod, OP, and please don't hesitate to ask others in the mod forums for help or even collaborate with! I'm already liking the textures on the uniform (a little bright, IMHO) and the default TAR 21 is, in reality, a modification of our own SAR 21. Keep up the good work! :)
  3. Arma feedback thread - based on 1.11

    Hey a new patch. And I just had the itch to get back to playing the game! I guess i'm fated to be stuck with Arma... twice has it happened that I logged into the forums to see a new patch just added. Testing out this thing in a while.
  4. Hey William. I cant wait to get this addon going but i too am having the same error. Would it be too much to ask to upload the file onto another site? I believe I am not the only one here cranky with rapidshare and their errors. Thanks.
  5. Instant viewdistance

    Ah, didnt see that one. Should solve the problem. Thanks!
  6. Instant viewdistance

    I like this addon. Putting the VD to 500m practically stops any LOD issue I have.... for a bit longer. However i was playing Evo again today and after dying and respawning the menu simply disappeared. Could this be a conflict of some sort on Evo maps?
  7. Wow... i should stop thinking that everyone wants to talk to me. Anyways I got out and bought a 10inch by seven inch lens from the bookstore... though too small for the 19 inch lcd, I did realise what you were coming to. And i think i'm sold. Going over to 3dlens now...
  8. Why so few 1.09 servers?

    What Daikan said is probably one of the reasons. I think the server admins could help a bit by setting up major announcements like new patches, expansions or death of a mod etc etc whenever they join the server. I know Call911's server does this. BIS could actually have an auto-updater or update announcement system but i guess it isnt that crucial. Divided by QG, fragmented by 1.09, and then CWR when it's released.
  9. Thanks GAU-8. I actually do have a TrackIR already and having a blast with it. I was contemplating whether or not o get either one (the glasses or TrackIR) in 2002... well... 5 years later I finally got my hands on TrackIR. Im gonna go test out the fresnel lens things tomorrow and see how it's like. The feedback from the IL2 Sturmovik thread got me excited. I did try the mirror thing on COD3 demo a year or so ago and while it was pretty cool without all the color problems... it simply wasnt practical playing with a glass between your eyes for hours. And expensive too.
  10. I bought the 3d glasses from eDimensional around the time OFP sites started advertising it. Apart from the lack of driver support on both nVidia and ATI and the fact that I burnt up my gfx cards much faster than usual, the 3d perception is pretty spot on... when it works. It's kinda a novelty at the moment... its cool to show off to friends and i played the entire game of FEAR with it and even spent a few weeks playing MP on it. When you get the settings right, there's no need for the crosshair. But then again, smaller objects, especially in games like Arma and Battlefield, you can barely see them and it's difficult to spot and shoot since the crosshair's all messed up at such large virtual distances. FEAR takes place in small tight corridors so there really isnt this much of a problem. The eDimensional glasses has this irritating blue hue to it and it makes the games significantly darker and there is no way I was able to readjust the RGB colors and gamma to make it look like the usual. And like many others have said... the constant flickering.. sometimes more prominent when things are happening... takes a toll on your eyes. Thanks to those glasses, I have learnt how to do a one-sided cross-eye. I wouldnt suggest "investing" in this electronic technology yet... unless you'd like to help in moving the industry forward (I was for the latter). Not yet. However the fresnell lens thing looks very interesting. I might even try it out! Btw, have any of you tried the two-monitor-mirror set up yet?
  11. Any updates on the LOD issue? Im getting slow texture loading and lod problems much faster in this patch.
  12. Arma questions

    But then again, on public servers you do get to meet a lot of regulars that may or may not be in a squad. I rarely find myself alone on a server...
  13. try turning off eax. I had that issue and that fixed it. So we turn off EAX for CWR, and turn off Hardware Acceleration for 1.09beta patch? What's up with the game's sound engineer?
  14. 0.0 What a time to release the mod... the OFP Christmas Tree Easter Egg takes into effect! Im having a good time with the mod... thanks CWR Team! Did have a CTD on Ambush right after the sergeant tells me to get off the road. But otherwise been playing in the editor for an hour. The pavement textures have some funky reflection off it... its like it's made of glass. Head over to the fuel station in La Passagne to see what I mean. It could just be me... but the grass is really ugly. Isnt it a bit too yellow? Otherwise... great work and thanks for the flashbacks! I love this much more than the desert-themed Sahrani... enough of sand, okay?!
  15. 1.09's working pretty cool for me. But it seems that without the maxmem command I get the LOD issue very quickly along with texture loss. Very smooth with maxmem=512 though. However back to the same problem as above after a period of time, mostly when I've been doing a lot of teleporting and parachuting. Gonna try with -vm108 to see if there's anything there. EDIT: Nope.. ran slower.