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    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    Quit with the I'm sick of getting killed by helicopter BS and up the view distance already so we can kill them! Â You take away the helicopters VERY expensive advantage and you have nothing more than a moving target. However it's imposible for ground units to destroy helicopters and planes at the distances they are targeting ground units. Perahps an option for limited air at lower view distances and advanced air at higher ones? Any other thoughts on this?
  2. Blazen

    Warfare Updated! v1.5

    I thought the towns in northern Sahrani could have been done better. For instance there's a few towns up there that could have more than 3 waypoints. Almost every town in the south has 4 waypoints not just 3 like has been added to north. Overall good job but I don't like the extra distance on fast travel. Although I'm not real keen on the whole fast travel thing anyway. I mean if you can just warp yourself anywhere on the map it would take away from the whole squad base combat and players using thier AI at all. I would like to see a way to spawn at bases without the use of the MHQ, alot of people would like to see this I'm sure. Also the abillity of the commander to transfer units to players would be nice as well. Giving the commander the abillity to buy units for players or even AI he controlls would be nice and is OFP style MFCTI. One other request I hear alot of from the community is an option to set view distance at the begining of the game. I mean 1200m vd is ok..... However 3,000 would be so much nicer. It's almost impossible for tankers to do thier job at 1,200 vd when Cobras and KA50's are up there shooting you from these ranges using radar. Overall great job and keep up the good work!
  3. Blazen

    Warfare v1.0

    1. I experienced the Arty Bug when playing this mission which really sucks when you join a server and the team you joined up to is getting artillery nonstop on thier base lol! Solution: Turn of the Arty for now when game starts 2. The supply lines I thought was a cool addition to CTI since the ole OFP versions, however the AI pathing in ArmA still has much to be worked on, and trucks seem to get stuck in large traffic jams in towns. 3. I also found that if you move the MHQ late in the game it WILL end the game automatically. These are the buggs I found last night. Only complaint I had with the mission was that the commander cannot assign officers troops or vehicals. It would be nice to see this in later versions. Also, and I don't know if this is a bug, the ressistance don't carry M136's. Basically means if you take a town occupied by a ressistance with a tank they can't kill you unless they have a tank themselves!
  4. Blazen

    L!nkCTI Coming Soon...

    Binkster and I worked on the first MFCTI conversions along with BBQ BoB. The mission was coming along well until sombody supposedly got word from MF that a conversion was in the works. There were alot of bugs when we left the mission but it was coming along well. Then about 8months later I started testing the Doolittle CTI which also started to come along very well until new word supposedly came from MF that it would be out by the end of march into april. lol end of april now and still nothing so..... These two CTI's were really good but like I said the both had thier buggs. However you may want to check them out because I'm sure there's alot of good scripts you may want to use for yours. Also if you need testers or sombody to do some minor script editing I would be glad to help out. Just don't be like all those other guys and quit because some Ahole out there wants to impersonate Mike Melvin and let down the entire community and stall projects that were doing great without him.
  5. Blazen

    Gamepad controller for flying

    I use the Gemini Recoil PC game pad. It's pretty nice when flying helicopters. I never really got into flying planes, even in OFP. However this works great. I use the duel analog sticks to steer pivot and increase/decrease elevation. I have two target buttons two buttons used to scroll up and down the scroll wheel options, an action button, a fire button, and a mini map button. best thing is that the regular controller on the left (highhat) works like track IR enabling the player to turn your head while flying. Of course it's much touchier than Track IR, but it's nice to be able to look right left up or down quickly while flying without touching the keyboard. The downside to this controller is that the highhat is a little to touchy in my opinion and the controllers wire is very cheaply made.
  6. Blazen

    MFCTI Capture the island

    lol If BI manages to fix anything wrong with ArmA without F@#$! up 2 other things for every 1 fix I'll be impressed.
  7. Blazen

    Doolittle CTI

    You gotta build a respawn from a repair truck to respawn at other locations. I agree with Brit on the time table. IMO it should be 4 hour days. I've been in plenty of CTI's that lasted over 3 hours but when the 4 hour mark hits people ussually start to drop out and quit anyway. Maybe there should be an option to set the time before starting the game?
  8. Blazen

    Doolittle CTI

    I agree the commander should be able to give the AI officers some sort of direction. Me and a friend had a conversation about this last night. First the commander could have the option to move the Helipad. Perhaps this could be done if the commander pays for it. Or maybe there could be rules to moving the Helipad like it can't be built out of radio tower range. Secondly, the commander should have the option to set waypoints he would like the AI officers to go to. In OFP I think this was done by press and holding shift and left clicking on the map. Dunno if this works for ArmA but it would be nice if the commander could tell the AI's where he needs them to go, and where he needs them to respawn at.
  9. Blazen

    Doolittle CTI

    See first post for download link.
  10. Blazen

    Doolittle CTI

    Playing the last few versions there have been ALOT of changes and it looks like DLCTI is coming along VERY NICE! I was most impressed with the AI changes. It seemed there was alot more ressistance in and out of towns which not only made it very hard to hold a town but also to capture the others. The fixed AI scripts really made a difference serverside, and playerside as well which made the game a 10 to play for lag factor. There were also many enemy air sightings, although we thought not enough. I think it would be a very fun game this way playing two teams. The biggest complaint was that the Enemy bases always spawn in the same spot allowing players to simply camp that spot to prevent AI from taking towns. I hate to even think about asking for an AI commander that actually builds a base, but we actually had a player come into the game and go staight to the enemy base and spawn kill them for like 45mins /rolf. In MFCTI I believe each AI officer spawned a different unit depending on if that building was available to build it. If the enemy commander could build a barracks, garage, tank factory, and airport at the beginning of the game; the AI Officers could then build whatever they need to spawn thier squads until that building is destroyed. In addition the AI commander would fortify the base with his own troops. There would be no players hunting for the enemy base until they could either destroy it or put a hurting on it. Â Also is this still capture all towns, or destroy enemy base? I was under the impression you could win either way. What we did was build a base and watch how the AI react and take towns, build reinforcments ect.... We then satcheled our entire base and destroyed the Ural. We found that the game didn't end... we were just stuck without any buildings and no way to rebuild lol. We were thinking it should have been end of game? However taking all the towns did result in a win. One other thing of concern was the unmanned vehicals lying around the battlefield. After awile there were quite a few vehicals lying all over the place. At one point into the game I think I counted 3 M1A1's, 2 M113's, and a couple 4x4's. The problem is that when an AI dies in a vehical, other AI's won't enter that vehical. There should be a time limit on vehicals that are not locked by players to despawn. This would not only free up lag (not that we experienced any), but also keep battlefields from becoming too cluttered like that. When a player buys a vehical it needs to be unlocked. If you could lock the vehical before leaving it stationary to prevent it from despawning this would also be cool. There's plenty of money in the game once players get a few towns, so vehicals shouldn't be an issue. If players plan to repair a vehical they should have at least a reasonable amount of time before the vehical despawns due to abandonment. Also it would be very cool if a player/commander had the option to buy other players vehicals from the factories. This would be equally as cool as the transfer money scripts Lastly, towns taken by players should not spawn reinforcments. This should be supplied by the player and makes it to easy for players to take other towns and keep the ones they have already liberated. It's nice that when Enemy AI takes a town they get reinforcments because they cannot buy things on thier own, however a player should have to use his AI in order to occupy towns and build front lines. Here's a list of bugs we found during the game: 1. Â Can unlock vehicals but cannot lock them (Urals and Bough Vehicals). 2. Â Weapons crates that can be dropped from the radio tower have no NVG's, Binoculars, or Laser Designators in them. 3. Â When you order an ammo crate from the radio tower it drops to far from the player. 4. Â Prices still need some tweaking, players felt that things still need to be more expensive. 5. Â Enemy AI despawn to quickly after being killed. Players do not have enough time to rearm off dead bodies inbetween fire fights. This is what I found from testing V27 - V29, Keep Up the Good Work Man! Â Â
  11. Blazen

    Doolittle CTI

    Very nice I'll try to get some folks together and test tonight!
  12. Blazen

    Mission idea

    Evolution did the reinforcement thing. It's the whole point of destroying the radio tower so that reinforcements are not sent into the city. You can actually see convoy's coming into the cities and they come from different directions each game. Of course what really happens is when the AI die they respawn in the form of convoy's and squads around the city. It would be nice to see real reinforcements coming from thier actuall posts in other cities, however it would be a lag fest when your talking 15+ towns.
  13. Because ArmA is not VBS2? lol
  14. Because ArmA is not VBS2? lol
  15. Blazen

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    The officer mission has been buggy since I can remember lol. Somtimes you can somtimes you can't type of deal. It also really really sucks when you kill the officer, but depending on the way you kill him somtimes you don't lose points. I ussually satchel charge him or have an AI target and kill.