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  1. BloodOmen

    DC3 Whats it like?

    The DC-3 In my opinion mainly a animated prop lol. It has bugs like the landing and for me i cant seem to disembark it ..... aswell as other small things, like the texture on the door is horrible. Its is good for cutscenes as a prop though
  2. BloodOmen

    OFP Vs Arma QC SP Campaign

    I just finished both QG Campaigns, heres my small review in Point form: - OFP Leads In All Aspects Except For Graphics But i will say the following: - QG has a better Story Development & Plotline than ArmA - QG has better Characther Development than ArmA - QG has better mission design than ArmA - Slightly Better Voices than ArmA. Im glad to see that they have followed the peoples needs of a more developed chars. And the missions ( especially the cutscenes & the mid-cutscence choices ) were extremely well done. The voices are slightly better than ArmA, but it still sounds like its not connecting, like it was done in differnt places, not in a Sound recording room where all were present ( helps build atmosphere) Overall i still prefer OFP ( Probely always will ) But however QG has made me appriceate ArmA alot more in the SP Side.
  3. BloodOmen

    Sahraniville ROLEPLAY Server

    You have to download it for the addons, but not the mission itself it can be easily downloaded through a game
  4. BloodOmen

    OFP Vs Arma QC SP Campaign

    So clearly OFP has taken victory again Still it sounds like a improvement over ArmA's Campaign. Hopefully theyll continue to advance in there Story Writing section for ArmA 2. Its its anything like OFP, well ill bow to them
  5. BloodOmen

    Arma is a let down for most ofp players

    You know, when you look at that thread a bit more, im not surprised BI moved straight to ArmA 2, we didnt exactly fill em with confidence for ArmA did we Its like in a sum up. Me: " I can wite over 30 pages of shit about this game that isnt good wtf are you gonna do " BI : " Well build a new one " Me: " Suits me "
  6. The Battle Carrys On Sadly i have not had a chance to play the campaign. But im sure many have and well the last topic i created " OFP Vs Arma SP Campaign " was quite sucessful. So who do you thinks this battle ? QC or OFP ? Please do post Good And Bad Points. This times theres a poll NO Flames for other peoples opinions as i dont want this topic locked
  7. BloodOmen

    Sahraniville ROLEPLAY Server

    Looks like its growing eh chris
  8. BloodOmen

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    Cheers. Getting closer to british troops each time
  9. BloodOmen

    The surroundings of Bis.

    The logins been around for quite a while. The password was never leaked on the forums. Though clues were posted in a topic on the forum cant find it now ( cant be botherd to search ) Would be nice to see some ArmA Behind the scenes pictures in the fun page. But yes nice to layout, amazing they actually updated it
  10. BloodOmen

    Goodbye Public ArmA Servers...

  11. BloodOmen

    Saharni Television

  12. BloodOmen

    Saharni Television

    Sounds like a brilliant idea Im sure people would be willing to contribute
  13. Well some people will have seen i retextured the erm Sedan to look like a cop car. But i have no idea what it looks like in game only in photoshop. So can someone tell me how i replace the current texture with my one and then make it into a .PBO so it can be distributed as a seperate addon. Cheers
  14. BloodOmen

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    Once they see its the same idea as Crime city, nogville, civil rpg etc etc. Im sure it will kick off big time, especially with the evo players