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  1. USMC AH-1Z Cobra helicopter escorts an UH-1Y Venom helicopter
  2. Sorry for not reading the complete thread, is there somewhere visible what changes the patches contain?
  3. So when this is true i have the following question: I have a 7200rpm Western Digital HD and just in case i would consider buying a 10,000rpm one, would it be more important to base the OS or ArmA2 on it? Or in the best case both?
  4. That Hokum looks so awesome, Oleg. I hope Sarmat will make good use of it. Thank you!
  5. Very nice work on the OT-65. Any word when the mod will come over to ArmA2?
  6. Typhoon is looking bloody fantastic, the pics on the top of the project page look almost real :)
  7. Blue_Flight

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    That is clearly the best ArmA video i ever saw, Corsair83. The moment the Flanker releases the missile - it´s epic :bounce3: I recommend everyone to watch this!
  8. Great work on the harriers there, Rock! You mentioned that the choppers are almost ready and would be released before the jets. So when you now say the harrier is probably gonna be released this year, that would mean the choppers would also come this year, right :p
  9. What´s up with that Gripen in your sig, rock? :) Keep up the great work!
  10. Hi there, i´m just in the process to buy a new rig and this is the hardware: CPU: Intel i7-975 Extreme Edition Board: Asus P6T RAM: 6 GB Corsair 1333 Graphics: Asus GTX-295 Now the question is which OS should i use? I need a 64 bit version becaue of the 6GB RAM. But which one? There is XP64, Vista 64, and Windows 7 64. There is an offer actually when buying Vista Home Premium or Ultimate 64 you get the possibility to upgrade it to seven. So what should i do? Thanks for your answers!
  11. Blue_Flight

    USEC Maule M7 - WIP

    Better read what Rocket said instead of still making accusations. Keep up the great work, Rocket!
  12. Great work Fromz. Is this cooperation with the PLA MOD or selfstanding?
  13. Fantastic sounds here, you can almost feel the vibrations! Also the presentation was very nicely done, keep up your good work, Tango :)
  14. Blue_Flight

    Footmunch/eddyD F-16 in ArmA 2

    Well done to all involved! I love it :)