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    Wikileaks diplomatic files.

    Oh, I would agree that the Assange guy is screwed. And the people who offered him his closest help (the people who gave him the leaked documents) are most likely screwed as well. I can't see how this guy can have a normal life ever again. I am in no way saying whether it was right or wrong for him to do what he did. I just think he's massively screwed. ---------- Post added at 00:51 ---------- Previous post was at 00:46 ---------- I recall Putin said something that Russia is a democratic country but that they take their history and geopolitics and peculiarities, or something to that effect, into notice when they form their own democracy. So he has in fact formed a new definition of democracy - it is the one that he is using. It's not the kind of democracy I would want to have. I couldn't find a quote now but he said something to the effect that they are having a democracy but they define it by themselves. It is a pretty worthless thing to say as he was effectually saying that they can change what democracy means as it suits Russia (or probably more precisely, as it suits Putin himself).
  2. baddo

    Wikileaks diplomatic files.

    The bits about Russia being a corrupted "mafia" country did make me laugh out loud I have to admit. This is not surprising information at all. And just today I heard in the news that Russia is again harassing Finnish food producers with dubious claims about the quality of our food products. It's bullshit, but this is what you have to deal with when you deal with the Russians. They make some dubious claims and block our products from their market. This is actually normal for us. They seriously harmed our timber import from Russia (some of our pulp & paper factories had to shut down completely because of this), they have blocked our food export to Russia more than once this year, they block our people crossing the border, like border guards just seem to go missing for a day or something like that, or rules change all of a sudden so you need to pay more. Oh, and how coincidental was it that just as our President was meeting their President, our food production facilities were being inspected at the same time. Honestly, I don't believe it was a coincidence at all. They do this sort of bullshit to apply political pressure on us and to protect their own companies. In my opinion we should do the same to them, if they block our products, we should block theirs, and not wait an hour to do it. If the fees they impose on us at the border control go up, our fees that we impose on them go up as well, and so forth. I demand a harsher attitude from our politicians towards the bullying tactics and corruption which are both in wide-spread use in the Russian politics. Mrs. President, whilst you seem to be quite happy to lick their boots, please do not assume it is the way the majority of us want it done. And many of us know your background and it isn't doing you a favour let's put it that way - you were lucky to get elected for the first and second term as a lot of people voted without researching what you have actually done in your life. What the Russians do is bullshit and everyone knows it but it continues like that. It's such a corrupted joke of a country run by crooks and thugs that I feel very sorry for the genuinely honest people who try to make a living and live over there. Such a great country and culture has been ruined and is being ruined even more as we speak. And they made new school books presenting a different history than the previous books did (some teachers actually refused to use the new books, it seems like not everyone can be controlled like puppets in Russia). I have got this advice for the Russian youth: read more than one source to get your information on historical events from, that way you can weed out the most likely bullshit. And Putin is trying to sell an image of Russia as a democratic country to us. Vladimir Putin, you can go to hell as far as I am concerned. We who are not brainwashed by Soviet and Russian propaganda can see what is going on very well, you are not fooling us at all. It's in fact almost embarrassing to watch you do your theatre. Oh and sorry if I interrupted you choking a tiger - carry on! :j:
  3. baddo

    source code

    Hey, just an idea... the original BIS guys ("O.G.") made some games pre-OFP, how about releasing that source code? Just for fun, you know. Or maybe it's too embarrassing... ;) ugly hacks and all that, you know, programmers sometimes try to hide their code from others purely out of embarrassment. I'm a hobbyist programmer so I know how this goes ;) But what do you say, Marek and Ondřej? Have you published any of your really old projects as open-source? It could be a good way to "back up" your old projects.
  4. baddo

    Russian Military Blows Up Its Own Weaponry

    Another thing you may find amusing is how the Finnish military played some music to prevent some Red Army radio mines going off. So they were playing the music non-stop and the mines wouldn't function. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Säkkijärven_polkka The particular music, "Säkkijärven polkka", is extremely well-known and liked. I would imagine this isn't possible any more with more modern bombs. Although I would be glad to hear of other similar examples, old or new.
  5. baddo

    Russian Military Blows Up Its Own Weaponry

    It's a very good idea and nothing to laugh at... they are the ones laughing in the end if you think it's a joke :)
  6. baddo

    Grounded British Sub

    Surely it's embarrassing to them. But when travelling by ship in the Finnish Archipelago in South-West Finland I've been amazed at how there are not more accidents than there are... because the place is littered with small islands and at places it's really tight to get a ship through. It's amazing they don't crash more often. And usually it's some foreign ship which has problems here. So, all-in-all, I think they are actually doing a pretty good job. I wouldn't think of this particular accident as a very big deal. And it's better they have such accidents in testing than when on more important missions.
  7. baddo

    Why is the Daily Mail so anti Veteran?

    Thanks. I have already read some of them many times but I will read more. I've been recommended the Daily Mail by a relative who has lived in the UK for decades. That same person also told me not to read the Daily Mirror. I am of course an individual and will make up my own mind about it though. In general I would steer clear of the 'tabloids' though - I don't read the Finnish tabloids because I think they are garbage. I would like to avoid their British counterparts.
  8. baddo

    do other countries get offended?

    I think the game producers are a bit too American-centric. When it's Americans making the games then I can't really blame them for liking their own country, but others should not blindly follow them into that. I argue there is enough profit to be made elsewhere than in America that everyone do not have to kiss American ass to be a profitable game company. And they are being too "politically correct", too. I hate political correctness. And no I am not a 'punk', or an anarchist, far from it. I've just noticed that "political correctness" is used as an excuse for a lot of things I don't like. Hypocrisy. It's very much an American thing. Sure, others are hypocritical, too, but I see there is a massive concentration of hypocrisy in America. It's not welcome. Fortunately not all of them are so hypocritical.
  9. baddo

    Why is the Daily Mail so anti Veteran?

    So what is a good English newspaper?
  10. baddo

    Fire control in fire teams

    I think it may have been intentional by the developers that the AI soldiers are not always completely obeying 'hold fire' commands. I recall some developer talked about it in some forum thread. I think the developers have implemented a "threat" system into the artificial intelligence to make it possible for the AI soldiers to ignore your 'hold fire' command in case they feel threatened-enough. Fine-tuning that system surely is not an easy task. When does an AI soldier have a warranted feeling of being threatened-enough so he can ignore your 'hold fire' command? It may be pretty difficult to implement it in source code so that it appears as 'correct behaviour' to human players.
  11. baddo

    Fire control in fire teams

    I think 500 meters is too far away. I've found controlling a team of AI soldiers strictly pretty effective when you know exactly where the enemy is and can approach them so that you are not spotted and can have a good line to shoot at them. I just line them up, tell them to go prone, crawl closer, then make sure each and every one of them have targets. Then I tell them to open fire. The enemies are usually all dead in just a few seconds. Setting this all up takes time, but is very effective. It requires patience on your part to set it up. Have you used an assault rifle in real life? 500 meters is too much. I mean if you expect them to hit their targets from that distance (not entirely sure if this is what you mean so please excuse me if I got it wrong). Your AI soldiers are not smart-enough to tell you they should get closer before opening fire. So they just follow your order to fire even though they are not effectively hitting the targets. A real life soldier would tell you it's not very smart. I've used the RK-62 assault rifle in real life in combat training and I can tell you I would struggle to hit human-sized targets from 500 meters. Even more so if the targets are in prone position, of course. 300 meters is doable but 500 meters is not practical - it would mostly be about giving suppressive fire instead of trying to seriously bring someone down. In Armed Assault I would advice you to get to something like 200-250 meters. If it's a dangerously open area then you can run close to something like 400 meters and then crawl the rest of the way to keep your squad alive and to keep the surprise element for yourself. I'm speaking of original Armed Assault without any mods being used.
  12. baddo

    Copy Protection enabled?

    OK. I recall there has been discussion about this sort of a problem here at this forum before. So the next thing to do would be to... search! :bounce3: Sorry if this seems very obvious and if you already did it, but I have no way of knowing if you searched for old discussions about the same problem as you didn't tell me. I am 99 % sure it has been discussed before at this forum so a search should turn up something. I'm going to watch TV now so can't do the search for you :)
  13. baddo

    Copy Protection enabled?

    Before doing anything else we need to make sure you have updated your game to the latest version. Which version of the game do you have? You can check the version from the main menu screen. It should be automatically displayed somewhere there. You can find help to update the game from here: http://www.armedassault.com/dwnl_update.html You may have to install several updates to get it up to date. The latest 'stable' version at the moment is 1.14.5256. There is a also a 'beta' version 1.17.something. I recommend you don't bother yourself with the beta at this time. You can later try it once the problem you described has been solved. So make sure you have updated the game to the 1.14 version and do some playing and report back here did anything change regarding the problem.
  14. Thanks for the patch. I will definitely test it. I've not abandoned ArmA I at all. Just like I have never abandoned OFP! Still have it installed... why would I uninstall it when it's simply the best game I've ever had. Can't say the same about ArmA I but it definitely deserves much more playing and editing until I can say I am (probably) done with it.
  15. baddo

    Direct Chat distance

    I don't know about ArmA 2, but in Arma & OFP the chat channels work for all who are in the same channel. It is not dependant on the distance. You should use the 'tightest' one possible in your specific situation. When in vehicle, use vehicle channel. When not in vehicle, use group channel. It is not recommended to use the side channel or the global channel unless there is really something you need to communicate to someone in another group or side. Notice that if you use the global channel, your enemies will also see your messages. At least in OFP it was true also when placing markers on the map. I would guess it is the same in ArmA2 (I only played the demo and in single player). So, really, it is recommended to avoid the global channel as much as possible, because if you use it regularly, then you can accidentally reveal information to the enemy that you don't really want to give to them, like your position, or that you have spotted them, etc.