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    I hate thieves: a true story

    A simple test in modern strategy. Ready? Here goes. Theres this cat in my neighborhood beating people up, specifically my friends. Just the black ones though, and he's white. He raps and everything so he's a snake. I'm at the mall one day and come across this enyce jogging suit. I think it'd suit me as a fighting suit. So I buy it at the ninety dollar price tag. I think it was. I had the money so I did it. Then I went hunting. No sign. Came home my brother is giving me flack on some imaginary psychotic ....stuff. I'm like go away, shut up, we got a kitchen and a living room for him to go away to but he wants to bug me in the computer room about conspiracies towards his life n all this crap. I told him the keys to figuring that crap out, im not his fighter. So he gets frustrated and I stand up and say go away I'm sick of hearing you. He sits at the kitchen table i walk away. He continues again, I'm like returning like leave me alone. Its night time and i had no money left, no friends house to go. I really was into the research I was doing too. I had to repetitively return and tell him shut up, from the other room, so i began to walk over and shake his head as an intimidation move. He said "don't do that again." I wasn't intimidated. After a few rounds of daring and shaking he shot up from his seat and lunged at me and i gave him a blow to the chest. He stood shocked for a few seconds and I stood angry. Then he walked off like a little baby to go run to the neighbor. This is my older brother , long story short the cops come get me and im in a mental institution with my fighting suit on. Some guy gets all weird on me, then im sent to another. They very trickily suggest to me to remove my suit, like, "you don't want to wear that here, so we have scrubs for you" which were optional but they didn't present it that way. I leave the hospital days later and they can't come up with the suit. The city was Mesa Arizona, the hospital was Desert Vista. What's my next move for all you tacticians out there?
  2. BoweryBaker

    The youth of today

    Speaking as a 23 year old, I ignore them. They ain't helping me out yet.
  3. BoweryBaker

    What do you guys think

    Im glad you got the bullet issue sorted out. Did you?
  4. BoweryBaker

    War against terror

    I liked the Iranian President's statement. Â Liberal democracy is bad and we should focus on the super powers. Â I thought that news reel helped out alot. Â It pointed out two key phrases "liberal democracy" or left wing thinking, which I find to be bad, and "super powers" because they are the ones going in there with the tanks and choppers. Â We should keep our eyes on these two phrases. Â Both should be observed when recognized like, "thats liberal democracy" or take the super powers into account as well. Â There are two sides to every story, really and its often the super powers who get overlooked or not judged at all as possibly being wrong.
  5. BoweryBaker

    The Iraq thread 4

    Why they always gotta fight over there, man? Why can't they just chill? Do they really have to fight?
  6. BoweryBaker

    War against terror

    If it was a communication breakdown, then they should have had that figured out before they stepped into combat, or whoever put them there should have made sure. Â I guess they don't choose that finely. Â They probably just go first battallion is going in, and then you end up getting a monkey wrench in the machine and the machine falls breaks down. Â Like some guy always talking over everyone else with stupid information. Â There's always one guy who has dominance over the argument of what to do, when he talks everyone else doesn't interrupt because they know he's got something important to say because he's built up a reputation to where thats his style, thats the only time he talks. Â Maybe that guy was impaired somehow at the time, or away, or dead, and then the rest of the crew felt unconfidant without him. Â They should do a character profile of each soldier in this investigation, then try to retrace the events, and see what lead to the breakdown not to punish anyone , but to iron out the kinks. If they don't already do, they should do pre war character profiles and have a psychiatrist or psychologist form the units so that they get a supportive team. Maybe have each soldier have a psychiatrist so he can talk and say "man i don't like remy over there in my squad, he puts me down to the point where i don't feel confidant or even couragous anymore on the field, and sometimees i feel really confused after he talks all smartass to me but i feel powerless to say anything back." they need someone who can listen to stuff like that and be like, well sir, this guy needs put into a squad with character profiles b and c and immediately before he's qualified for combat. We'll test him out and if all goes fine when he's together with them, then our psychiatric information is correct.
  7. BoweryBaker

    What do you guys think

    Seriously though, will you make high explosive rounds for the pistol too , please? That way I could do a special agent story.
  8. BoweryBaker

    War against terror

    I hate all the marxist news headlines. Â They say "U.S." for one, and two they don't even prove what they say, they just talk about the possibility so they're lying. Â Besides, Â I live in the u.s. and there is no special policy to alienate muslims or anything close. Â Muslims live amongst people different than them or close to them depending on whatt they prefer here in the states. Any news report that tries to piss you off about America you shouldn't just believe off the bat, you should think about the motive behind the news report in the first place. How will this news help me, you should ask yourself.
  9. BoweryBaker

    villian ideas for the upcoming villian pack

    Sorry for "spamming", but where can I find these face packs. ofp.info don't have any.
  10. Ofp NEEDS MORE VILLIANS. Â So far we got osama, guba, the trouble makers mc malden. Â We need a new russian villian who is like Guba, runs his own military faction but is more modern......with an eyepatch. Â Maybe we could have a facepack addon or something for our villians and just keep the regular old ofp bodies. Basically we need kingpins to run these generic opfor terrorists. We don't need an entire addon though, just a nice villian face pack.
  11. BoweryBaker

    What do you guys think

    You could call it the spy weapons pack. Make the grenade timed, make the pistol fire special exploding rounds too, and make it jam compatible. This could work nicely. Ever seen Cowboy Bebop? How he has all those special weapons?
  12. BoweryBaker

    Attack of the Wanzers

    well...id say make sure its beta tested thoroughly before you send it in. I'd love to double check to see if its a good story, this could make for a good sequel or even a series. I've been wanting to do a series on the wanzers for some time. Why don't you message me personally about how the misssion goes and the story behind it.
  13. BoweryBaker

    Desert Or Jungle camo

    Youd want to wear the camo of the trees if its a jungle. Â Green. Â You can always look like a log. You'd stick out like a sore thumb standing up wearing desert camo in a jungle. Its dark in a jungle, go with dark colors. Just like on night missions in movies, spec ops wear black, not camo green.
  14. Over on Gamespot he says there are things you can express in a game you can't in a movie and that it'd have to be a totally different story.  I think its a smart move that he not sell the rights, and if he feels that way that he never sells the rights.  Thats like making a "monopoly" movie based off the game.  I've seen things like that happen, "Jumanji", go wrong.  I say smart move.
  15. BoweryBaker

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    I wish ofpec would rate campaigns. Whether single or multiplayer, there have been a lack of campaigns.