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  1. Just got Arma2 at last. so should be fun.
  2. Bobcatt666

    Ex-mil players?

    I'm about to leave the army but play ARMA sometimes, still play OFP more cause I made lotso f crap for it, I don't got the balls to figure out how to put in ARMA..
  3. Bobcatt666

    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    the planes have not been altered to take advantage of the SLX features. Most of Slx's features require editing of the model and config. lots of addons inherit the proporties of the suck Biz units thus can be compatable with the mod, which use modified biz models, with scripts and animations.
  4. Bobcatt666


    highly unlikely, that and there wasa mod of the humvee in ARMA with Frag5 and uparmor floating around already...
  5. Bobcatt666

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Kinda wondered why Ah64 crews man the blackhawks. The should be the guys wearing the helmets without the moving eye monical. Laser made some along with AH64 crewmen. The eye peice is slaved to the Ah64 gunsight system for the eye piece hud. The wear the SH-54 helmet usually in blackhawks. Should try and get more radio chatter for the vehicles its, literly radio chatter from the Vietnam war. Kinda funny when there are frefrance to _charlie_ on the comset when we called the russains Crazy Ivan or the Reds.. Kinda diffcult to get chatter that fits seeing that there was no actual exchange with Russain or US forces other than durring the Kosivo disaster. Kinda noticed a issue one of the cut sceen for I think everon the 2 PT-76s and UAZ are operated by US troops instead of russains.. Think all the weapon bugs have been reported, The russain shotguns also lack ammo in a lot of missions.
  6. Bobcatt666

    Ka-50 Blackshark

    Wasn't the geo I think it was in ccp for the flight settings sensitivey and nose pitch and all the fun crap. Too bad you can't make it fly like the real thing,
  7. Bobcatt666

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Most Army National guard units get issued M4 carbines in 5.56mm, with PQ2s, Aimpoints/Eotechs combos. I still see M16A2 ans A4s but usualy carried by rear end units most front line units get fully equiped due to complaints about being not getting the propor gear to combat the enemy. Even replaced all our old M1114A1s with M1151 humvess. New nomex protection systems the the next gen IBA body armor.
  8. Bobcatt666

    Ka-50 Blackshark

    fixed issues with the flight model for wolfbite and sent it back to him for updates, and texture application. Waiting for it to come back for completeion and install the rest of the animations and load out scripts. but not heard much having been on RL combat ops for the last few months lately.
  9. Bobcatt666

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    yes you can drag wounded into a vehicle at least with the original SLX mod you get the injured guy to the vehicle and let got of them you must make sure both the option to drag the guy and board the vehicle are showing in the menu boarding the vehicle, also must be another seat aviable for both you and the wounded guy being dragged around or it not work. More detailed instruction in the read me files, but thats pretty much the gist of what to do.
  10. Bobcatt666

    Afghanistan map using satellite data

    Seeing alotof te russain armed vehicles got upgrades make a bit diffcult to identify some of them. This one was wearing an uparmored kit in Gardez hiding most ot he easy to spot details. That and the russains kept sending military hardwear into Afghanistan after the pull out. ANA have T72M1s just do not field them often due to no threats needing armor to take care of.
  11. Bobcatt666

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Odd I recall seeing burned tank crews in the original game They used to turn black after playing death animation if turned out when the tank is destroyed.
  12. Bobcatt666

    Afghanistan map using satellite data

    most of our stuff literly gets recovered and taken to Bagram to be rebuilt or parts salvaged. Have noticed the ANA replaced the old russain trucks with with M35A2s then international 7 ton trucks, and ford ranger pickups. They now got Humves, funny seeinga humvees with PKMs and DSHKs mounted on em. Been looking at a lotof old russain hardwear for possable modernizing and updating for use by police units. They also got the same equipment Ford rangers, international 7 tons, nissan pick ups, UAZ469s
  13. Bobcatt666

    Afghanistan map using satellite data

    I took lots of referance pics of some, one of the few times it was safe to go near em, usulay constantly firing on something daily, seen a battery of the take the top off a mountain a few times as well as get rid of bad guys once of twice for us. Along with the 82nds 105mms. That and some other arty peices left behind by the russains, there is a huge graveyard here full of Soviet hardwear from T64s to MB21s and about every arty peice know in the invintory.
  14. Bobcatt666

    OFP BOF mod

    Pillum you should also post your res prefrances page, that make a lot of differances in operation of the game even more so the geo related stuff.
  15. Bobcatt666

    Afghanistan map using satellite data

    I'm an addonmaker current;y deployed to the Afgan AO, this intrests me, and there is Remy who createda lot of afgan and taliban units for another mod that should be still around. I have updated some of the units and in the proccess of making ANA, and ANP units while getting a little downtime.