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    "moldable" landscape

    Bit of a dodgy way to do it, but if I want ai out of a vehicle fast, I drive slowly and tell them to eject. Below ~20 they dont get hurt. So maybe if the trenches could have eject enabled at all times? Doesnt the INV44 mod have trenches and shell scrapes?
  2. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX


    Yeah, maybe scuba or combat divers or something of that kidney. Sub insertions? You'd be the first game to do it! NEWS! REVIEWS!
  3. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Better comms

    It would be VERY good to be able to use 'side' radio (even if you have to have a radio in your inv or something) to talk to different squads in MP. A lot of MP (coop) games you can't identify targets near the end because all the people left are on different teams. Failing that, to be able to join a team with an action for human players?
  4. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Screenshot ripped out of the ofp2 flash file

    You cannot hit a man size target over about 300m from standing with any military rifle. You'd sway too much. From prone, sure.
  5. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    M1 machine gun

    all mounted machine guns and turreted vehicles, from the M2 MG to the shilka to the m2a2 to the M60 (tank) do this in MP from time to time.
  6. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Any plans of making opf more friendly to mp?

    There is no game online right now as complicated (in a good way) as OFP. None. And I'm in the planetside beta test, so don't bring that up- its nice, but its soooooo simplified its not worth it most of the time. And the quality of players... yech. @ 'nothing is impossible' - Put your left hand on your left elbow.
  7. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    M1 machine gun

    Its not that 2 Mgs are close to each other. Its something to do with MP code, because having a dodgy connection exacerbates the problem, or having someone who is lagging out as the driver in a tank. Happens on mounted MGs and tanks/ IFVs/ AFVs
  8. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Getting leader of mp group

    I didnt bother assigning them because they aren't AI, we dont use AI on the server this is for. Thanks for the script though! Great
  9. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Getting leader of mp group

    Hi! Long time reader, first time poster hehe. I have a problem - I want to have a script to put the leader of a squad in a boat as driver, in a MP game. I know what to put in - (whoever) moveindriver aBoat - but because this is a MP mission, the squad leader might not be the officer- he might have died. Half the squad might have died- but I still want the person in command of the squad to be the driver. Is there a way to get the leader? I know there should be, since you can group a trigger to only activate to the leader, but I dont know how. thanks!
  10. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    "killed" event

    Jacobaby, I used that script to build on and modified it a wee bit (cos I dont need respawn) but the detecting driver of vehicle thing doesnt work- it detects whoover was hit by the vehicle as the driver (don't ask me how) Could you check yours and make sure it does detect the driver of the vehicle? (also maybe the gunner.....?)
  11. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Resistance buliding names?

    As much as I like unofficial addons, there is a problem that if you use them in a MP mission most servers won't have them, so your mission wont work.
  12. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Is there a no formation option?

    Not sure about the spinning around thing. Maybe you could get them all to watch (whatever) o clock. Try looking for a way to do that. But to get them to attack, you'll need to set up a trigger to put them on domove again when you want them to, the same way you have already for dostop.
  13. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Getting leader of mp group

    D'oh! Thanks Red, I should have thought of that. Umm... What about the second in command? (8 man squad, 6 cargo boat, 1 driver 1 gunner... ) - maybe I'll just make it a 7 man squad.
  14. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    How do i make enemy not

    In your players init field, put 'this setcaptive true' Now the enemies won't shoot at you. How do you mean 'see my weapon'? Is it a pistol, so they can't see it while its holstered? I'm not sure about having weapon in hand, but to detect if your player has fired you should have use eventhandler 'fired' I *think* it would be this addeventhandler ["fired", F1 = true] then a trigger to set setcaptive to false on F1.
  15. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Engagement times.....

    Yes, target means look at. If the AI is on hold fire they will aim at enemy but not fire.