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  1. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    Actually, you only protest when you dont agree with the beliefs of the people who arent talking about the subject.
  2. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    The whole issue of Iraq is inextricably linked with religion, like it or not. I notice you only protest when one particular viewpoint is raised, however. It IS on topic.
  3. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    Sir, I find your ideas interesting and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Please find enclosed a 'Church of Bru' induction kit consisting of 1 (one) outsized hat and a case (24 bottles) of Glass Bru bottles. Sincerely
  4. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    Made popular culture by the film Swordfish
  5. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Depleted Uranium (DU)

    Non Depleted radium puts out lots of Alpha and Gamma radiation. Those as you remember from school physics clases are the radiation that pentrates clothing and in the case gamma even layers of lead. In Depleted The type of radiation has changed it is beta radiation. Walker, I certainly am not saying that depleted uranium is safe, nor especially that DU dust is safe. It isn't. Its dangerous and toxic. But it IS true that depleted uranium = depleted of radioactivity to a large degree DU is uranium with significantly reduced proportions of the radioactive isotopes of Uranium. By DEFINITION that is what it is. It is NOT significantly radioactive. If radioactive substances are ingested, they are dangerous. If toxic materials and heavy metals are ingested they are dangerous. But DU is not radioactive in any amount enough to damage anyone if they dont have it inside their body. All I wanted to point out was that most uneducated people have a severe phobia of radiation. Stories in newspapers go on about radiation as if it were unnatural or a major health risk. Its not, if it is not ingested.
  6. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Game physics

    Good post. I think there are similar tables out there for tanks and so on as well; combat mission uses some extremely complex maths to calculate such things which they calibrated with real data.
  7. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Depleted Uranium (DU)

    Depleted uranium = depleted of radioactivity (to a large degree.) Its not radiation that does damage, its that its one of the heavy, toxic metals (like mercury or lead - they are just bad for you, especially when inhaled.) *EDIT* Before anyone takes a hissy fit, I'm not saying you are wrong MLF, the radiation in the nearby area probably does increase. But DU is not significantly radioactive, its that it is a heavy metal that does damage. People who live on granite/ in granite houses get more radiation than that by a long way.
  8. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Gran Turismo 4

    real simulators dont have damage or any realistic crash effect Look up simulator in the dictionary "a device that enables the operator to reproduce or represent under test conditions phenomena likely to occur in actual performance" Real simulators do model crashes and collisions. Thats a load of nonsense. Plane simulators don't model 900 mph crashes into the earth because there is no point, but they do model equipment breakdowns etc.
  9. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Gran Turismo 4

    Is it actually a simulation yet or is it a pretty car gallery with rubber walls around the track? As in, what happens when you collide with a wall or another car, is it still that arcadey nonsense?
  10. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    OFP2 - Rainbow Six

    He agrees with you
  11. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX


    Well yes, but if you do find a server with more people who WILL cooperate like that, it is better! Try the Zeus server!
  12. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    While you bring up some good points I cannot go into them atm as I will be banned (and noone else) if I mention the R word again.
  13. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    Speaking as a member I find Avon's, and the rest of the overtly religious posters posts EXTREMELY offensive and would have simply applied a fair and balanced ban on discussing religious topics. At all. What I object to is ...well, what I object to. Overtly religious posts and posts claiming, as fact, that religion is universally good, with nothing to back it up. Opinions are fine when they are stated as opinions - noone can disagree with them. "No one cares if you disagree or not - but you don't just stick to agreeing/disagreeing; you decide that your point of view is universally correct, and that everyone else is a nutcase. That's your line of argument in a nutshell. " I'm sorry if you feel that way but that is NOT what I have ever done. Its not my point of view that is always correct - I have been wrong in the past and have admitted as much. What IS crazy is insane things like believing wine turns into blood which tastes like wine but is actually literally turning into the blood of a mythical character. That is just crazy, no two ways about it. Or believing that the earth is flat and that the sun orbits it. Thats not that everyone who disagrees with my point of view is a nutcase - thats that anyone who believes in such lunacy is .. a nutcase. Look in the mirror.
  14. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    That's right, I was the one who brought it up... oh wait!! No I wasn't! Yet somehow you ignored that. So its ok for others to INSULT people without religious belief? Feel free to point out anywhere where I've been rude or deliberately insulted people (bearing in mind that 'mind-virus' is a perfectly reasonable way to describe the way ideas such as religion promulgate through society.) If anyone finds the simple truth insulting, is that my fault?
  15. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    War against terror

    Your's is more of the same "the Iraqi War is a religious war" BS. It isn't. Its not primarily a religious war, no - and nowhere did I say it was. That doesnt change anything - blind faith is always a bad thing. Religion is a form of mental illenss, IMO.