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    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    GTA, and GTA 3 and VC, all have some extremely original parts; far more than CoD. The stereotyping is called 'tongue in cheek humour' - sorry if it went over your head. If you seriously think CoD isn't far more cliched than GTA (one of the most original games of all time) - there is something wrong with you.
  2. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Close Combat: First to Fight

    You should try Combat Mission
  3. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ubisoft to Buy Codemasters...........

    NO, the DEVELOPERS can, but the PUBLISHERS CANNOT. The publishers PUBLISH the game, not CREATE it. Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six are definately nowhere near arcade games. In your opinion maybe... they are pretty arcadish in some respects. Especially splinter cell.
  4. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ai thread

    No, its not anything like it. It should be fast, aggressive and fluid. Humans can do it in MP, but AI can't be told to do it fast enough - the delay in the radio giving orders and then the AI responding to them is too slow for this, and you'd have to give 2 or 3 orders for each bound.
  5. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX


    So why should anyone take the time to read what you say? Read the thread.
  6. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ai thread

    It's called fire (team) manouvre, or moving in bounds, or pepper potting. It would be a great thing to see, yes. Typical distance between bounds is much, much shorter than 20m in British Army, though- 5 steps maximum or 3 seconds between being prone and being prone again.
  7. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    A Theory

    I have noticed a similar trend when playing other games- a lot of people had played CWC and thought OFP was very buggy, although most were aware of resistance.
  8. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    Armstrong: CoD is a terrible game. Heavily scripted, repetitive, terrible AI, cliched and simplistic. Terrible SP and multiplayer is worse.
  9. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    That would be you; GTA and deus ex are definitely better than that steaming pile of shite known as COD.
  10. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    Sorry, but in my opinion, thats what makes it better than most lists. If the list went by sales figures or popularity polls, do you know what would be the best game ever? THE. SIMS. Just because a bunch of idiots but 'pop' games does not make them good. Just because lots of neds and other tools like pop music, does not make it technically good.
  11. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    COOP, "where are you" reply by player

    Look at your map, mark it on the map and type your location to others. I'm glad this isn't available by radio in multiplayer. If you want to order AI to where you are, select them and tell them to move to the area near you. Simple enough.
  12. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Far Cry military modding

    Far cry has better object physics (barrels etc) - but they are still very simple. The soldier and vehicle physics are not very good. It's all very simplified. Mods for the engine are still limited by the engine. Red Orchestra is very good, and about as realistic as the UT engine can get... but the UT engine is not the Far Cry engine.
  13. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Far Cry military modding

    So basically you are a Far Cry fanboy and can't stand that some people don't like it? The engine does not have as good physics as OFP, or many other games. It's just not that good.
  14. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Far Cry military modding

    No, thats just terrain. The player and to a lesser extent vehicle models aren't rendered at that distance.
  15. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The best war movie ever

    Braveheart :P Best one in more modern times is the Band of Brothers Mini-series I think.
  16. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ask a mod

    This forum already has this 'feature'... haven't you ever noticed it? I get it a lot because I have multiple tabs open
  17. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Far Cry military modding

    You could say its realistic, but then you'd be totally wrong. Its not realistic at all. Its like quake on a beach. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing; its just not realistic/ suited for making a realistic mod. The physics are too simple, the weapon code is too simple, etc.
  18. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Far Cry military modding

    The far cry engine isn't really suited to a realistic/ military mod. Its not good enough.
  19. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Virtual Fireams Training

    Looks like a SAT range with some extra screens. SAT ranges are OK, better than nothing. You do get recoil with them.
  20. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    So according to BBC news 24, North Korea has probably been testing WMDs and chemicals on their own citizens (political prisoners.) Are they going to be ignored, because they might put up more of a fight than the Iraqis? Or will the US prove they really do care about human rights abuses..... No links found as yet. Will update when I find some.
  21. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    Hi Icefire I think anyone who cannot think for themselves and who requires to be told what to believe and blindly follow - like a sheep - is both stupid and dangerous. I think those who follow several thousand year old myths about war gods demanding sacrifices for them are likely to do bad things. I think all theistic religions are inherently bad for humanity, as they discourage rational thought and encourage intolerance, violence and hatred.
  22. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    Walker, please don't encourage him. And I take exception to describing Darwinism as something that can be 'accepted' - its a fact, not a religious tenant.
  23. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    I could give you numerous examples of christianity, and christians (even 'Jesus') condoning murder (torture, slavery, intolerance etc too) - but that isn't what this thread is about. If you can't be bothered reading your own book, don't complain about what you don't know is in there. Your ignorance of your own religion is very amusing. If you want to discuss what is, or what you think isn't, in the book, do it on another forum or another thread here, or PM someone (me probably.) This is not the thread for it.
  24. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    This is almost the single most misguided thing I have ever read. Christianity has as many, if not more, passages condoning violence, hatred, ignorance and intolerance than Islam. That is all that needs said on the subject. If you want to debate that, Find another forum or thread to do it in. (or PM me.) Or, heavens forbid, read the bible.
  25. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Korea... next?

    You just don't get it, do you? car·i·ca·ture n. 1. 1. A representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect. 2. The art of creating such representations. 2. A grotesque imitation or misrepresentation: The trial was a caricature of justice. tr.v. car·i·ca·tured, car·i·ca·tur·ing, car·i·ca·tures To represent or imitate in an exaggerated, distorted manner.