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    Real life photography/photo editing

    Got some pics here, been meaning to post for a while. Scenery in Scotland: Underneath a bridge near where I grew up (or not:P) On top of a bridge near where I grew up. I know someone who rode a moped over the arches. Mentalist. The ruined cathedral/ monastry thing in St Andrews. The day after a serious drinking session. After falling on your face because you are too drunk to stand, raise face OFF ground before trying to run again. And watch out for doors. My old shooting team rifle. very reliable, for an A1, and considering how battered it was before I got it.
  2. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Brother in Arms

    From the blurb on site etc: "One of a kind: Brothers In Arms is the only first-person tactical shooter set in WWII." Re-he-he-heallly???
  3. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Different Nations?

    I'd really love to see something other than americans. There is an oversaturation of american-based games.
  4. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    SWIMING and encumbrance

    In fact, both of these suggestions have been brought up many, many times, as a little use of the search button would have told you.
  5. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    bullet penetration

    Yes, but. 1) WGL is not standard 2) its by no means perfect nor completely accurate 3) it'd be better if it was built in to the next engine to an extent, or at least an option.
  6. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Weapon accuracy

    ... The barrel is attached very firmly to the rest of the weapon on everything except some sniper rifles. If the barrel is swaying, the rest of the weapon is. I may be misunderstanding what you mean here, but recoil is not what that is called. Recoil does affect where the weapon is pointing - but not before you fire the first time. Utter nonsense. Sorry. You do see the weapon swaying, especially through the sight.
  7. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    bullet penetration

    Minor nitpick - Small arms rounds do not impart enough energy to 'knock someone down.' People who are shot fall down because of shock/ trauma, not because a tiny bit of metal has exerted ~450 newtons of force on them. But broadly, I agree.
  8. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Realistic Mission Making Resource Thread

    British forces: Warning order is fairly similar to what Hellfish posted. Two types of orders - formal orders and quick battle orders. Formal orders typically planned far in advance and passed down. May get round to detailing them later. Quick Battle Orders. (for a platoon) Task Org. (what various parts of the platoon are to be doing) 1 sect : task (eg Assault section) 2 sect: task (eg Fire support) 3 Sect: task (eg reserve) Pl Comd Gp: task Pl Sgt Gp: task Ground. (what the important points of terrain are) Objectives. Obstacles. Forming Up Point. Route to FUP. Position of Fire Support. (this is a very basic rundown of the ground, formal orders would have much more detail) Situation: (what the human factors involved are) Enemy Forces : Locations. Strengths. Weapons. Friendly forces : Outline of the company (1 up the command chain from yourself) plan. Outline Fire support plan. mission (what you have to do) (typically) To sieze/ Destroy ....................... in order to ......... (The 'in order to' part is vital) Execution (how it is going to happen) Concept of Operations. (eg Platoon frontal/ left/ right flanking attacks, Fire support, where reserve goes, everything. ) Preliminary Instructions. Order of Move to FUP Route to FUP Action in FUP Actions on (eg flank attack, enemy seen, whatever) Location of Line of Departure (usually the edge of the Forming Up Point) Formation on crossing Line of Departure (ie when the mission starts, what formation to be in) Order of Move (as sections) Tasks. 1 Section-Mission...............(eg assault hill 63- NB this giving 1 SECTIONs mission, which may be different to the PLATOON mission mentioned earlier) Additional Tasks ....(eg provide fire support on next objective, hill 40) Limit of Exploitation ....(how far to fight through (past) their objective) . Reorg ... (Where to go and what to do when Reorg is called . ) 2 Section- Mission (same headings, different missions etc) 3 Section- Mission (same) Pl Sgt - (same idea) 51 mm (organic fire support mortar for a platoon - its mission) Attatchments (eg a Mortar Fire Controller may be attached to the platoon - what their mission, etc is) Actions on Effective Enemy Fire (signals on when to break into team fire manouvre, pairs fire manouvre, etc. Which team goes first etc. Not usually mentioned - usually left down to section commanders in their orders) Fire Plan. (runthrough of the fire plan, which would be, say, on starting the mission a 5 minute barrage on the enemy position by 81mm mortars, which would then switch to attacking further enemy positions for 10 minutes. In military language, obviously) H Hour (when all this stuff will start kicking off, starting.) Summary (run through everything in plain english if time permitting, psyching up the men.) Questions. (Anything anyone wants to query/ ask (eg checking grid references) That is for a platoon quick battle orders, which would be delivered very quickly, not written down as formal orders. Its more of a run through of the main things to ensure the commander is bearing everything in mind rather than a dogmatic 'you will say this then this.' - not everything may be relevant. Although they would just be given as verbal orders, in OFP it'd be fair enough to write them down as a briefing, depending on the situation, as everyone at an orders group would take notes. Hopefully that is clear enough. I tried to explain everything that could be confusing with the bracketed comments. Feel free to ask anything.
  9. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Game physics

    "Being able to fire AT weapons while in prone stance." - if possible, I'd imagine. Recoilless weapons cannot be fired when prone or with something behind them without incinerating the operator.
  10. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Weapon accuracy

    A lot of people get the idea of how shooting works from movies.. .which are invariably nonsensical. IRL there are several factors affecting how accurate fire is. 1) The accuracy of the weapon itself. Imagine a rifle held in a mechanical vice. This varies from weapon to weapon, but the most important consideration is barrel length. Pistols are usually completely inaccurate at distances above 25 metres (+ - depending on model). And so on. For comparison, the basic infantry rifle of the British Army can, in the hands of a hallf- decent shot, reliably hit man-sized targets out past 500m - on short exposures. 2) The skill of the shooter. I have trained with some of the best competition shots in the world. Their aim still sways when they aim. They are just better at predicting it and correcting for it. Stock OFP does NOT have enough sway by a long way. FDF mod is a lot closer to reality. Swaying of the aim is influenced by how steady a position the firer is in. Standing is not very steady, more so if the weapon is heavier/ badly balanced (cough LSW). Kneeling is slightly more steady, but not nearly as steady as prone. Sitting is very steady, and prone is *almost* rock steady. - although if, say, you turned round a fair amount, there would be significant disturbance until you were steady again. Any of these positions SUPPORTED, however, are very very steady - standing supported is almost as steady as prone. Supported positions would be firing with a fixed object - a windowsill, a sandbag wall, whatever, supporting the hands also. Hold. The hold of the weapon is also very important, but I think it'd be fair enough to just have all the soldiers in OFP2 having decent hold, because its not something you can simulate, really, and because basic training *should* teach soldiers how to hold the weapon properly. 3) Movement. Movement of the shooter or the target. Either of these will greatly reduce accuracy, but with practice it can be adjusted for. Someone gave an example of US soldiers blazing away at an iraqi and missing everything - TBH, sounds like they just were bad shots. A good friend of mine, or possibly me, was shooting the moving target competition recently. Thats a man sized running silhouette, moving at running speed, across a 5 metre frontage, obscured until it starts moving. The main scoring area is a rectangle on the chest roughly 6 inches x 13 inches. He put 7 rounds into that area and the other 3 right beside it on the chest. And he didnt even win the competition. As distance increased, the difficulty rises - but its not *that* difficult to hit moving targets, especially if they are going in a straight line, and especially if you can see them for a while. 4) Environmental factors. Wind does not affect rounds below 100m except in very exceptional circumstances. Beyond that it is important. Humidity etc are really only considerations for extremely long range shots.
  11. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ammo Bar in OFP2?

    But combined with a sound message it would be great! *last shot* "Hmmm I think my magazine is empty" 20 seconds later "Hmmm I think my magazine is empty" or someting like that I don't think it would be good to have the player say that his magazine is empty, because i don't think in reality a trained soldier would say aloud to himself that he is out of ammo. But I do agree that you should hear the click of the firing mechanism. They do - even when they know they are out of ammunition. Brits shout 'magazine' when reloading - so that the guy they are fire manouvering with knows that they are down and not firing, and doesn't move/ gets down asap. Same when they get a stoppage (which happens a lot with over zealous cleaning) - shout 'stoppage.'
  12. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Game physics

    I agree totally. Fixing existing OFP problems/inconsistencies is what should be done before one even approaches trying to improve upon already properly working, albeit not fancy features. I concur 100%
  13. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    OFP2 - Rainbow Six

    To keep with the realism, i don't know any scopes that just clip on. But of course every soldier has their issued screw driver in their back pocket. Then you have to sight it in . In fact I hope OPF2 has nothing Tom Clancy like in it at all. I rate Ghost Recon 2 and flashpoint 10. Just to disagree, I have to point out that the SUSAT (sight Unit Small Arms Trilux/ Common Weapon Sight / iron sights used by the british army can all be removed using only hands, and are designed to be removed and replaced when necessary, holding the zero.... pretty much. As long as its the same sight put on again, they are fairly good. (The CWS is a night vision sight - its put on instead of the SUSAT at night.) Also. Every soldier has a combitool in their cleaning kit (which is then usually kept in a jacket pocket) which has screwdriver heads on it. However I agree that ghost recon is not nearly as good as OFP, that Tom Clancy is overrated, etc.
  14. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Team America- World Police

    New film From the creators of South Park (and Baseketball and Cannibal the Musical) Looks very funny.
  15. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Help me understand.

    Why do people hate the US? They've (the US gov, not the people) caused more suffering and performed more terrorist acts than the terrorists they claim to be chasing.
  16. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Muzzle Flash

    1) It isn't 2) the constraints of the game (and any game) mean that the minimum time something can be displayed is one frame, whereas IRL the time a muzzle flash is seen for is less than that.
  17. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    The Iraq thread 4

    But in a professional military the NCOs and officers (mainly the officers) should curb and control as far as possible these tendancies. Which the US Army does not seem to be doing, at all.
  18. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Us presidential election 2004

    Well, when do you feel that your life began? When did you cease to be a choice and become a human? Life began a couple of billion years ago and has been a continuous process since then. This 'life began at conception' stuff is ridiculous.
  19. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Infantry Damage Model

    My goodness, what a unique and hitherto never heard of suggestion. I certainly have not seen several threads nor posts in the main stickied threads saying this exact thing. :P
  20. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Where Are You From

    Early 20s, living in Dundee, from Speyside. Possibly/ probably going to Iraq in April with my Regiment. Working on a small kids game at the moment as lead Artist. I have a wonderful long term girlfriend who I love very much. Hobbies: shooting (military target competition), Shooting (hunting), sports (no specific ones, I like pretty playing pretty much all of them) reading, eating meat (for every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat 3) and gaming. I hate: Stupidity, wilful ignorance and hypocrisy. Not the people who have these attributes, the attributes themselves. I also dislike Neds and their burberry hats (someone else was talking about them) Politics: I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to be a politician should be prevented from doing so. Seriously, though, I think politics is usually about choosing the least bad candidate than the best one. I am a registered Reverend of the Church of Irn Bru, and am licenced to perform marriages etc. I've been to: America (Florida), France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ethiopia, England, Wales and Malawi (some more than others.) Where I'm from: A tiny hamlet in Tcheuchterville: Speyside: Whisky country: Doric Spikkin' grun.' Great weather (for the UK,) fairly prosperous area, wonderful scenery and good food and drink.
  21. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    The problem with it is that it turns it into a game of memorizing the scripting, and makes it EXACTLY the same the next time you play the level, or load a saved game Its a problem because instead of making decent, intelligent AI (like OFP did in its time) they just script everything. There were several instances in the game where you could do something unexpected (read- intelligent) and totally break the script, so that the AI just stood there getting shot.
  22. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    Ummm. Apparently it is over your head, because the whole point of it being so stereotypical was that it was tongue in cheek...... Whether you resent that or not, you just shot yourself in the foot. I know CoD is extremely cliched and not nearly as original as GTA - something you laughed off your chair at, apparently... which makes you.... what? You're right, it's not the first time you've said something very silly. Nothing to do with personal preference. Cod is simply nowhere near as good a game as GTA. Anyone might prefer CoD, but their preference doesn't make an at-best mediocre game better. end of line.
  23. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Ai thread

    Yeah, it has to be flexible, kneeling if you can't see is usual here too.
  24. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    Getting a group of friends together and shooting the crap out of each other in HALO is actually much more fun than it may seem. Thats fun in pretty much any game though, no matter how much it actually sucks; its fun because of your mates, not the game.
  25. Baron Hurlothrumbo IIX

    Top 100 games PCGamer Sept 04

    GTA is still worth playing (theres still demos available on the rockstar website, probably) if you like pure gameplay and not flashy graphics.