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    Capture & Hold Mission Template

    Trust me this rocks!!!

    NIRAQ by BAT

    Ah ya that was probably our site Maud Iraq isnt mine. Map will be more populated some what, left it open for high view distance for epic armor combat. Other areas will have the "foundations" but no buildings. IE the airport so mission makers can make it civi or military depending on mission.

    NIRAQ by BAT

    Wow!!! Where did you find my pre-Apha of Northern Iraq? Still in progress so please do not distribute. Thanks in advance. BAT ^''^

    Umm Qasr

    Thanks guys

    Umm Qasr

    Anyone else having problems dnloading this file? Regardless of where I dnload it from it tells me the file is corrupt. Anyone?

    LSR US Helicopter Pilots 1.00

    Yes they do, but they are also the ones who fly the Pavelows and Pavehawks.

    LSR US Helicopter Pilots 1.00

    Great work Laser, much needed addon. One question, any reason USAF heli pilots were not made? I know that they are very simalar to US Army, but still there are some diffrences. Just seems odd not to include them.

    CSLA 2 Update1

    Im not sure if this question was asked in the dev thread but is there going to be a rip version like with your previous release? 97%

    AN12 Antonov

    Anyone want to help me skin this plane? I have the config worked pretty well (taxis alot better). This was the one released as a public beta by BMD. Great plane. Cockpit needs some work, not that important but it would be nice. External skin(s) is what is really needed. I think using footmunches roundels system would be best (if I have his permission?) Footmunch if you see this thread Class? Anyone?
  10. BATPBC

    Bushranger BETA release

    Great work One question, is the UH-1H not supposed to have any US army markings? If so can you make one with? Or may we edit the config to add it? Adn if so can you give me a rough idea where that is located. Thank you in advance P.S. did I see that you gave permission to make a AA (Air America) varient? And if so who was up for the callenge
  11. BATPBC


    none of that info provided is accurate.
  12. BATPBC


    Well after looking at the latest beta, and having it kill my 2.8 Ghz with 1.5 Gig of RAM on a GF6800GT box. We need a diffrent one. Going to do some research on the terrian in the area and make a more playable island. Will NOT be based of RL map, in other words the terrian, trees, bushes, hills ect will be made from the area discription. But the layout will be from my imagination. Im not a big fan of islands that mimic RL areas because we dont have that kind of versitilty in the map editor or game to pull it off right. I think it looks like a "chunk" has been cut out. Which is fine if you stay away from the edges of the island. But then that hamstrings the mission makers. So my rant there was just to stave off the "thats not based on a real area" comments before I even start I will start a new thread on this once I get started (be a couple weeks because Im finishing up my other island) Peace
  13. BATPBC


    So whats the date on the pbo? I wonder if mine is the same or if it needs to be updated to the current one before I revamp it. Also is it CWC textures still?
  14. BATPBC


    OK .. you guys have me WAY confused. Is it a final? If so cool .. want the file .. If not I will go back to plan A and finish the Island. *System Stack Overflow*
  15. BATPBC


    Can someone post a mirror? or send me the file and I will