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  1. That's awesome news, I think I added the respawn part/fix when I built the new SQF script (added extra lines to the config after re-re-reading XEH readme), ran across it and added it to my cheat sheet then, so I would be sure to use it when the time came... Solved my XEH not working or initiating properly with this thread Here Thnx UNN, worked flawless.. Thanks again for the help Q, and others..Now if I could only come up with a decent "temperate" uniform for these RACs, I can get this wrapped up...
  2. Thanks General i have everything working 100% now, hiddenSelectionsTexture, nice hadn't seen that one yet. I used method explained above. hiddenSelections[], sections[]. Then I wrote a sqf with the setObjectTexture in it. Incorporated XEH Init and now everything is working as it should. Desert units are Desert and Temperate Units are temperate, all using one set of models. All worked much first time I tried it following directions and links above. I did run into a problem or two though with Extended Eventhandlers but found the fix in another thread and Q pointed out I needed SQF and not SQS. Also had to read up on SQF's, but these were fine 1st time I ran also too.... Thanks to everyone for the tutorials, and the linkage to said tutorials Still haven't been able to find out if I will be running into problems with this in MP, JIP, and Respawn scenarios. Might all be a wasted effort, but I do have the concept I was after working errorlessly. So I did learn quite a bit if this pans out not to work in one of those instances, now I'm super experimenting with hiddenselections, proves to be quite useful...
  3. Thanks UNN, you just helped me and didn't even know it!! WooHoo! To original poster: Been working on this on/off for a couple weeks, EventHandlers worked but when I tried to incorporate xeh, wasnt working at all wasn't reading scripts, or error'd out. Totally redid as UNN explained above with both XEH and standard EH, just like his example, works flawlessly...
  4. Ahh ok, Ill have to read up on it. Thanks again Q.
  5. Ok I'm back. Thanks again for the hints fellas. I have everything working, the way I intended it with standard eventhandler. Now I have another problem on the horizon. Which is probably an easy fix. I know for this to be properly implemented and to work properly in MP, etc I'm going to have to/ want to use EEH. Every time I try to incorporate it, it totally hates my script(s) the Handlers call, errors upon mission start.  With Standard EH, works like a charm. With EEH, not  so good. So I'm guessing it's my extreme novice scripting. dcu.sqs   <---- called by EventHandler, works great. EEH, doesn't. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _unit = _this select 0 ;making sure script is running, debug _unit sidechat "is this running, this is a test?" ; Assign uniform default _unit setObjectTexture [0,"\asp_resSFv1\data\asp_soldier2dcu_co.paa"] Exit There is an identical script for the Temperate uniforms as well. I have had the EEH sorta working, upon entering game the section (body) is totally transparent. Heres the weird thing, as soon as I put anything into the units init line in editor with the word "this" (example: "This addWeapon "M136"), uni/body appears and is working as it should. I however do not ever get the sidechat line I put in to make sure script was running. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also does anyone see a foreseeable problem that I'm not seeing by doing things this way? Foreseeable problems in MP? JIP? Respawn?, etc.
  6. BilOlson

    Road Bike speed?

    Muchos gracias Gnat
  7. BilOlson

    Road Bike speed?

    Doing this via config? script? How are you determining that it isn't working? I have messed with speeds of quite a few vehicles(config), just tinkering around, sometimes its really hard to tell but they are going faster. When I was tinkering with RHIB's I ended up using a stopwatch to make my determination, just so I could be sure. Â
  8. Ok, thanks for the sidenote. It'll take a few days to get my head wrapped around this so I'm sure Ill be back with questions.
  9. Awesome, Thank you Q, much appreciated
  10. Can textures be assigned via config for Soldier models as well as in p3d? Explanation (just in case): soldierA.p3d (using soldierA_co.paa and a face/hands hhl.paa, soldierA_co.paa is one merged 2048x2048 texture, model properly working, UV's all set, etc. These are Desert units) Now can I; via config, swap out this soldierA_co.paa with soldierAwoodland_co.paa? If so can I get an example? Ive been working on some RAC SF units for months, painstaking at times trying to optimize them, merging textures, transferring UV's, etc. Would really hate to have two P3d's for each unit (one Desert and one Temperate), I will if I have too, but if there is a way around that I'd appreciate any help anyone can lend.
  11. update: @Messiah, sorry didn't read all the way through post..Didn't mean to repeat what you said... He's using  BiModels\BiSoldier\data\... path according to his screen shot.... which would cause it to show up with correct path in O2. I have a feeling its the way he's packing it to "test" it in game, which is essentially throwing paths off.
  12. here is an Example: You can PBO it up and itll work config.cpp <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">#define true 1 #define false 0 #define private 0 #define protected 1 #define public 2 class CfgPatches { class MyAddOn { units[] = {MyAddOn_WeaponBox}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.00; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class MyAddOn_box { displayName = "MyAddOn Weapons Crate"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { // Base Classes class WeaponBoxWest; // External class reference // WeaponBox class MyAddOn_WeaponBox: WeaponBoxWest { vehicleClass = "MyAddOn_box"; model = "\MyAddOn_ammoBox\ABox.p3d"; displayName = "MyAddOn WeaponsCrate"; // Magazines/Ammo are below this line ////////////////////////// class TransportMagazines { class _xx_30Rnd_556x45_Stanag {magazine = "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";count = 50;}; class _xx_30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD {magazine = "30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD";count = 50;}; class _xx_200Rnd_556x45_M249 {magazine = "200Rnd_556x45_M249";count = 20;}; class _xx_100Rnd_762x51_M240 {magazine = "100Rnd_762x51_M240";count = 20;}; class _xx_5Rnd_762x51_M24 {magazine = "5Rnd_762x51_M24";count = 20;}; class _xx_30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD {magazine = "30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD";count = 50;}; class _xx_10Rnd_127x99_M107 {magazine = "10Rnd_127x99_M107";count = 20;}; class _xx_PipeBomb {magazine = "PipeBomb";count = 10;}; class _xx_M136 {magazine = M136;count = 10;}; class _xx_1rnd_HE_M203 {magazine = "1rnd_HE_M203";count = 20;}; class _xx_FlareWhite_M203 {magazine = "FlareWhite_M203";count = 10;}; class _xx_FlareRed_M203 {magazine = "FlareRed_M203";count = 10;}; class _xx_FlareGreen_M203 {magazine = "FlareGreen_M203";count = 10;}; class _xx_FlareYellow_M203 {magazine = "FlareYellow_M203";count = 10;}; class _xx_Stinger {magazine = "Stinger";count = 2;}; class _xx_Javelin {magazine = "Javelin";count = 2;}; class _xx_Laserbatteries {magazine = "Laserbatteries";count = 5;}; }; // Weapons are below this line ///////////////////////////////////////// class TransportWeapons { class _xx_M4A1SD {weapon = M4A1SD;count = 1;}; class _xx_M4A1 {weapon = M4A1;count = 1;}; class _xx_M107 {weapon = M107;count = 1;}; class _xx_M16A2 {weapon = M16A2;count = 1;}; class _xx_Laserdesignator {weapon = Laserdesignator;count = 5;}; class _xx_Javelin {weapon = Javelin;count = 1;}; class _xx_M136 {weapon = M136;count = 2;}; class _xx_NVGoggles {weapon = NVGoggles;count = 5;}; class _xx_Binocular {weapon = Binocular;count = 5;}; class _xx_Stinger {weapon = Stinger;count = 1;}; }; }; }; Pretty self-explanatory, if you have questions and Ill answer them..
  13. BilOlson

    editing the Warfare logo...

    Looks like it's looking for it on your HDD hence the "C:documents and settings/...../" . Not 100% sure but I would try putting it in the mission folder , and pointing to it there, then PBO it up..it needs to be packed with the mission so when others play it its not looking in their "C:documents and settings/...../" . its getting it from the pbo instead.
  14. BilOlson

    Buldozer help

    I actually added a 2nd monitor..messed with my setting a little... Will check into this, Thanks for reply Gnat
  15. BilOlson


    Ive had some success doing this for units in the config.cpp <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class sfEngineer: SoldierWSaboteurPipe { displayName="SF Engineer"; vehicleClass="ASP"; model = "\ca\characters\us_soldier_sabot.p3d"; // place the path to your model here scope = 2; enableGPS = 1; picture = "\Ca\characters\data\Ico\i_SF_CA.paa"; // picture of the unit as it appears in the commandbar Icon = "\Ca\characters\data\map_ico\i_komandos_CA.paa"; nameSound = "blackOp"; supplyRadius = 2.0; TransportRepair = 200000000; //repair ability canHideBodies = 1; canDeactivateMines = 1; nightVision = 1; weapons[]={"M4A1SD","M9SD","NVGoggles", "Binocular", "Throw","Put"}; magazines[]={"30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","HandGrenade","HandGrenade","SmokeShell","SmokeShell","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD"}; class Wounds { tex[] = {}; mat[] = {"ca\characters\data\us_rukavy_sab_hhl.rvmat","ca\characters\data\us_rukavy_sab_hhl_wound1.rvmat","ca\characters\data\us_rukavy_sab_hhl_wound2.rvmat","ca\characters\data\us_soldier_sabot_body.rvmat","ca\characters\data\us_soldier_sabot_body_wound1.rvmat","ca\characters\data\us_soldier_sabot_body_wound2.rvmat"}; }; }; Code to check out in above code block is: supplyRadius = 2.0; transportRepair = 200000000; //repair ability from my ASP_SFunitsV2 link to SFunitsV2, so you can test it to see how it works.. Note:Works pretty well, does not allow you to repair while riding in a vehicle (Ex. BattleField2, etc). Unit has to exit vehicle and rendezvous with object that needs repairing, in order to repair it. Which is what I was after, a little more realistic imho.