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    All mods have the same problem!

    So, Am I the only one experiencing these problems or not?
  2. BBSmith

    All mods have the same problem!

    1. Where is another installer for FDF Mod, & Invasion MOD. (other than then offical ones) 2. So are you saying are they both the Invasion 1944 setup wisard.. No they arnt. 3. I dont care about other installers, there probably isn't 1, and 2ndly, how can i fix this.
  3. BBSmith

    All mods have the same problem!

    + I have: ----------------------------- Windows XP Home Ed 40.1 HD Space 1024 Corsair DDR Ram Radeon 9000 Moble Video card 3.07Ghz Laptop ----------------------------- please dont blame it on the laptop, so please dun think about it, . TY For your support
  4. BBSmith

    New bas thread

    Wheres the other projects that the other teams were workin on? Like the Commanche and that.. I cant find that list that used to be underneth the current projects.
  5. BBSmith

    Kicking admins?

    I am in Karrilions server now, and there is an AFK admin, he is sitting here, I would, and the other 8 people would like to remove his admin rights and put a new admin there. How can we do this? This server is hosted now, not being used by the ""owner""
  6. BBSmith

    Triggers, need xtra help.

    ty, once again! Is there such a thing is a shorter version of learning camera scripting? I mostly just open other peoples missions and then take bits and peices out, (Cameras, triggers, etc...) mind u i dont steal there missions lol... Anyother answers to my questions will be appreaciated. Also, Ive seen these things that open the campaign, how can i find the missions inside the Resistance Campaign? I can open the missions with (that mission opener from pbo) but how can u open the campaign file? to see all the missions? Ty
  7. BBSmith

    Triggers, need xtra help.

    Thank you! Now, I am having 1 more issue. I wanted my mission to end when all units were dead, so far so good. The mission ends when the East is distroyed, but what i want is, in the intro i want it to Fade out black, then 10 seconds after the fade effect has been put into play, i want the intro to CUT and start the mission. I have the End#1 and the mission ends, but does not fade out. I have the min max min all set to 10 hoping to see black for 10 seconds then the mission whould end, but it just ends without fading.
  8. BBSmith

    I cant move but game responds!

    Dun know.. I dont have it with me.. its no big deal.. The comp was a peice of sheet anyways..
  9. BBSmith

    Fdf mod error problem

    Ok, thats done... But is the only way to fix menu lag done by updating my card? I did, but I still have the lag in the main menu.... As i said, the game it self never lags
  10. BBSmith

    Laptop to surround sound?

    I'd Like to have a larger speak system on my laptop for flashpoint.. The only thing I can think of is my surround sound thats in my living room, my laptops in there also.. Is there of cord, connection, wire.. that i can use to connect this laptop to the Surround Sound?
  11. BBSmith

    Config bug - bis please read

    They will probably just work on what they said that they'll work on.. And if enough people complain about it, maybe, just maybe they'll pay attension.. but if just 1 person has a problem with it, it wont be as attentive as some other issues (i.e: o.pbo, memory map errors)..
  12. BBSmith

    I cant move but game responds!

    Nope,but ty anyways. Ill just get a new comp.
  13. BBSmith

    Fdf mod error problem

  14. BBSmith

    Fdf mod error problem

    Ok, I follow, but lets say i just got my computer and all updates have been installed... This is only solution to menu lag?
  15. BBSmith

    Fdf mod error problem

    Of Course, well as you know, its the radeon 9000m, and its a laptop.. specs are on top of posts.. What else can i help you with? The drivers? Dont know where i can go to check that. ATI.com? nope, all updates are for desktops, ive looked for everything regarding my card.
  16. BBSmith

    Fdf mod error problem

    Whats wrong with an updated Radeon 9000m 128Meg memory? Last month this the very best thing for a laptop.\ Well, anyway the download was going very slow, expecially for 3mb cable... It was stuck at 22kbs. and never moved.. maybe it was a corrupted download.' -------------------------------------------- ANYWAYS, moving on.. How about that mouse cursor deal... Why dose it lag only on the main menu, Campaign menu, MPmissions menu, and Missions menu? And not in Mission Editor, the Campaign, on Single Missions, or on multiplayer? I just updated mycard.. still got a problem.. But with my specs, i mean i never get lag, even on a 60-60 Tank fight in the desert at close range.. never lags.. but whats up with the menu lagging?
  17. BBSmith

    I cant move but game responds!

    Yes, 3x, the patches have been reinstalled in order each time it was uninstalled, then reinstalled
  18. BBSmith

    I cant move but game responds!

    Guess, the geniouses have been stumped... I sit here, everyday waiting to see if anyone knows how to fix my problem......
  19. BBSmith


    All this talk about "carriers".. They say: "yes we are almost done." "Comming Soon". "Any day now and it will be complete".. Is all rubush.. Its been a few MONTHS since i heard that a carrier was "almost done".. Well is it almost done eh? Has there ever been an addon that you can freely walk on while its moving? I just know that theres addons that u can sit in that are like most vehicals. You sit there and do nothing while you wait for your transport to finish. The reason I berought up the free walking is Because at ofgamezone.cz or w/e an addon maker said that the ship was done but all that needed to be done was the internal structure textures. That discription has stated that you can walk into the captians quarters and the cafeteria and so forth... Its been 2-3 months since that was posted... Well, if that carrier was done, I think itd be a good idea to show the world your work so we can appreaciate you..And your addon. Is there a Fan site/site/FTP link that sum1 could give me if i have been mistakin? k, w/e FHAF[MAJ]Victior
  20. BBSmith

    Outlook express issues

    I have been tryin to set up my Outlook express by just hitiing the little mail icon on the top of the screen and when i am setting up the account it asks me: Outgoing Server __ ---------- expamples of the choices givin: STMP, HTTP, POP3 --------------------------------- Um, Ive tryed POP3 on both, no use, ive tryed afew combination of the 3.. And when I try sending mail (With the Green bar moving accross that shows how far along the sending process is going, it gives me an error, about the POP3 cannot deliver, blah blah blah) -------- HOW CAN I FIND MY incoming mail server/outgoing mail server. ty!
  21. BBSmith


    You would be qualified as a [Jerk] I dont do the work.. and nore do you.. Point is, if people start the Addon and post it online, and tell people that they will be done soon with with addon.. that keeps many people on there toes and then after they say there almost done.... 3 months roll by, not a damn word on the progress thats updated.. So, if people didn't advertise there addon unless they know they can finish it.
  22. BBSmith

    Lock on: modern air combat

    Another game... Rushed into competiting with others.. I tell yall this.. If Companys 1. A: ATI B: Nvidia 2. A: Air combat Game Companies B: Air combat Game Companies again =========================== If people sat down and learned from what other games, video cards offered.. They could 1. Drive the price down. 2. Not Feel rushed to get there game/Video Card done before the other one does.. if you dont aggree with me and think that people should comlete. may it be that people may work harder under pressure, the fact is... the majority of people rather work in stable conditions with almost no pressure. For example, Air Combat looks good from the screen shots & all but, the units could have been tweaked a little more... ALL games could just use a little more teakin. I have a list of like 20 things that are a must have for a big patch for flash, or flash2... But 1's optionion dosnt amount to a high respected person and or 100's of peoples opinions. ==========================
  23. BBSmith


    NEXT! aver a year and a half, not one carrier still 100% finished.. By the time flash2 is out, they'll all go 'We've fininished the carrier but now have to convert it to flash2" when it really means that they are not even close to done? what takes so long? If BIS, or sum1 could change to game so people could walk on units while in motion, or inside of units while in motion.. well nvm it'll take years
  24. BBSmith

    Rts-3 released

    Well, it would have to be a very long time for it to dissapear.. Salvage workers would have to have time to: 1. Drive all the way acrros the map and then salvage b4 it dissapears. 2. At the end of the time limit, if sum1 hit repair 2 seconds b4 the vehical dissapears, it will have to restrain from dissapearing then get repaired... otherwise it would dissapear and you would have lost yur repair money. 3. A better computer wont lag you at all, (mine never lags, no matter how much shit u got layin all around) ..What was wrong with the "Kill yur unit command", If you had a man all the way accross the map, and u needed 1 more man for your attack group, u would have to drive all the way across the island (possibly into enemy territory-radar, and die in the process of recovering a man). Thats why i would like a "Kill your unit" command, so if u kill the stranded guy, u can make a new and freash 1 off the press by training another 1. ----------- What about that new F18.. that nuke is actually reasonable for rts.. unlike marines f15 tactical nuke.. No point in explainin since u prob seen it. nvm, l8erz
  25. BBSmith

    Unexpected shutdowns

    When im playin flash.. the game just.. shuts off There I am at desktop.. sittin there and waiting... thinking its loading again, nope.. the game fully shut off within .00001 Seconds Its been happening alot resently.. Specs: Aleinware 3.07Ghz Pent 4 1024 DDR RAm Direct X9 Radeon 9000m --------------