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  1. BBSmith

    F1-F12 Controls.

    I bought this keyboardfrom Saitek and it came with this "Command Pad" I want to use this thing as my controls to move men around on flash to speedin things up. If I cannot Change the controls, can I add controls so i can use this thing? Thx
  2. BBSmith

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    no no, there is no LIGHT fac in RTS. Shilka's Spawn at the tank fac even when the tank fac is distroyed!
  3. BBSmith

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Karr, heres another problem that I cant stand.. After playing a 350minute part in an Me Vs. Ai, I am starting to kick ass, and then im getin pounded by these shilkas, well, i distroy the Tank fac and the enemys keep spawing, even when the tank fac is distroyed. That really pissed me off when I noticed that. (It isnt just me, others have stated that 2). Time for 1.42!
  4. Veektor here, I aggree with korax on that one
  5. BBSmith

    GIF Amimations, need help

    Oh ok, ive been there. Well, I followed a tutorial found at this Pixel2life.com site. Found out how. Thanks
  6. BBSmith

    GIF Amimations, need help

    I dont know if your fully understanding what I mean. Yes, I know how to make a photoshop image, and save it for web by just "saving for web". But, I dont know how to get it ANIMATED, move, get the words to position themselves in a different spot, I need to see motion in the picture, not a motion blur, an actual moving image. I dont know how to get that 1 image exported to the web to MOVE. Thanks
  7. BBSmith

    GIF Amimations, need help

    Timeout, did I mention im noob? Ok yes, I can save it as web, but then what? I mean, I need to have the images be animated, and or put on top of eachother to make a satisfactory banner.
  8. BBSmith

    GIF Amimations, need help

    I want to know, is there any other way to create a GIF image without having to read the countless manuals and instructions? Is there an "Automatic" way to do it at all? If not, can yall give me the easiest/shortest tutorial out there, ive looked and theres like enormus amounts of information on this. Thanks PS: (Im just making a banner ad for my personal website, if that helps, and I have Adobe Premiere Pro 6.5, and Adobe Photoshop 7)
  9. Hey, i was just wondering, are you going to publish the losers missions as well? I mean, many of them might be good, but not good enough you know? Where are you planning on releasing the missions, as in website?
  10. Now, you see, I dont mind the delay if they posted some kind of PROGRESS instead of keeping it quiet for so long. They should keep us on our toes, but not off the ground! I mean, cmon, I dont expect it to be a quick BAM and release a quick copy of ofp2 and have it filled with everything we all dont want. What project is codemasters focusing on? I mean, with games like "Soldier" if they get any laggyer, Im going to have to retire from anything made my codemasters. Rushing production is wrong yes, look at Half Life 2, its been pushed back a YEAR because of a "Hacker". OFP2 should make the engine very flexible so for many years after the games release, breakthroughs like reflective water in ofp1 (Ty Kegety  ). Instead of just wishing for the possible, I just want an update on the games progress instead of 1 peice of news just regarding what the're getting done over there every 4-5 MONTHS. If they finished a wheel on a jeep, or even just modeled it, it'd be alot nicer than not knowing what they're doing over there
  11. Heres what you do, make Doom 3's Engine into a "Doom3.pho", Throw it in Flash, take FarCry's AI and make that into a "AI.pbo" Soon as Half Life 2 comes out, take that "Physics.pbo" Toss em together, and lets make our own damn OFP 2! Yea! Rock!
  12. BBSmith

    BIS Editing Competition

    Lets say when all of the editing contest is said and done, many missions will be sent in (To where?) and 99.99% will be discarded. But, not all because they suck right? Im sure the editing competition will be very close considering the years of experience most people have with mission making in flash. I was wondering will most of these missions have a place even if they didn't win? After the missions have been sent in for judging, will they be released as they were checked? Or will all missions be held in until all have been checked and released in a huge mission pack? Whattha hubub!
  13. BBSmith

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    So, how is the Uber's holding up? They still plan on making the new RTS buildings? Or has that been dicarded? I dont know if this is the place to ask, but when using the DxDll thing, I turn the postprocessing on, and its so blurry that I cant see what todo. Even if that off, I cannot get any reflections to work. Night vision works, and the FPS stat thing works, thats it.
  14. BBSmith

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    EDIT: I took the picture out to conserve space on one of my Image depot hosts.
  15. BBSmith

    Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 Questions

    Beh, the websites like the others. I dont know what they are talking about, its too complex for me. Point is, I know about adobe media encoder, and the trail and error process on finding the right file size. I can get the video from 950,000kb to 26mb without taking barly any quality away. But, you must understand, when I saved the file as a large one, the sound STILL SUCKED. I cranked all the audio thing nobs as high as they would go. I dont know what to do.