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  1. hey Baz, hows the new house? When are you coming back to CF?

  2. Need new Tank-Game

    The name of the game you forgot is probably Steel Beasts. Yes it is costly compared with a regular game(I think $125 for the version the public can buy)but it sounds like you don't want a regular game you want a sim? It's not cutting edge graphics, but if it's the tank gameplay your more interested in check out their fan site http://www.steelbeasts.com/
  3. 1.03 server.exe

    I would certainly agree that sometimes better communication can head off a lot of anger, disappointment or whatever you want to call it. And it's something that doesn't cost much. But as you said, you can probably be sure it's either your working so hard you forget to let people know or you so annoyed at how the people in these forums (I have to say it's mainly the newer members) twist and flame everything that is written.
  4. 1.03 server.exe

    Well hopefully you can find something to keep complaining about until it is released. I know that a lot of you guys are used to different, but many of us here have been playing BIS games for years and know that they are a small dev company doing the best they can. It may not meet the timescales of a bigger company, it may have some bugs that other companies allegidly would not have released a product with, but after all that it has the game play I was looking for and the so called 'better' companies would not take the risk of attempting. Because of that I've learnt to cut BIS some slack and relax a bit. It will be released as soon as it is ready to be released ---------- Post added at 12:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:58 PM ---------- Never type a reply so long that BIS release the patch before you finish posting. You just end up looking silly :D
  5. 1.03 server.exe

    Spend just a short time looking and you can find your answers http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1394483&postcount=311
  6. Help wheres the servers???

    It would be nice but unfortunately I doubt it would stop the panic.
  7. 1.03 server.exe

    LOL chill out. You had hundreds of people clamering for the patch all over the forums and they worked to get that out. For a lot of people the game is also about single player and coop (although I myself only really play online PvP) and they can play this without a seperate server.exe Now that the client patch is released they will be focussing on finishing up the server.exe have a cup of tea, play a coop, play the fixed campaign but relax and before you know it you'll have you server patch
  8. Any news of the upcoming patch?

    beg to differ but 'few' doesn't mean 5 or 6 so it's a small number and if we define 'small' of which I would say go with option 4. insignificant; unimportant So 1.03 will be ready in an insignificant/unimportant amount of days, or when it's ready :D
  9. Ubfortunately, with a game that is so flexible there comes complication. You can't get away from the fact that this series of games does require you to invest some time in learning how to do things if you wish to get the maximum out of it. You could write an installer for the mod, but until it is complete, the Yoma syncroniser gives people the chance to do the install/setup once then stay up to date with any changes/improvements/fixes at the click of a button. Stick with it and post here for help and once you've got it working you can apply that knowledge to any other mod you want to install.
  10. From memory (which is always hit and miss with me) there is something like a default servers tab which lists a few servers CAA and OAC, I right clicked on each server and added it as a favourate. Then from your favourates server tab double click on one of the servers to open it's section, in here you'll find and addons tab and when you have selected that, you should see the option to check for addons, and then download addons.
  11. You could try but I don't think they have any cash left to honor payouts
  12. fps?

    Also if you took 2 minutes to look at the thread titles in the Troubleshooting section you probably would have avoided the need to post at all. Yes people are not getting the performance they expect. Yes BIS are aware of it. Yes there are things you can do, some work for some but not others so it is up to you if you want to try any of them. Yes there is a patch due out soon although there is no certainty it will fix the issues as the content of the patch are not yet finalised. Look around and read the existing posts.
  13. Clan or tournament is the most relyable way to find it.
  14. Moveable Target Range

    was excellent in Arma1, glad it's now in Arma2. Thanks for doing more great work Kronzky