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  1. Bordoy

    Music Recommendations

    Couple of bands I'm listening to at the moment. Enter Shikari The Blackout Bring Me The Horizon The Devil Wears Prada Senses Fail All are very good. I've seen Senses Fail and Enter Shikari live. ES are proper awesome live, was the best gig I've been to. Got my tickets to see Bring Me and Blackout, day after each other aswell which is well good.
  2. Bordoy

    Which Mod Would You Eat If You Were Stranded?

    Which one has the most meat on them?
  3. Bordoy

    European Politics Thread.

    Errm, the text in italics means what? Is it the conclusion the discourse have to lead to? Then where is the point of arranging a conference? There the bits to debate. Europe should be a federal state.........good?, bad? Why?
  4. Bordoy

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    I bet you would'nt have gotten too many "yeah, let's invade iraq"-answers out of americans before their administration started beating the war drum. Do not underestimate any goverment's ability to create motivation for a war if needed. Especially a goverment like the one in PRC. Bet you would of.
  5. Bordoy

    Bird flu...a bad thing?

    You sound so sure!!
  6. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    Patience Well I think thats how to spell it.
  7. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    American components, Russian components, all made in Taiwan.
  8. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    No doubt someone was born today, what should we do about the baby? It could grow up to be the next Hitler, Saddam etc. Under what you are saying, it should be killed. Thats one baby, your talking about invading a country in which thousands will die (men, women and children).
  9. Bordoy

    European Politics Thread.

    [iraqi information minister mode]bah you will commit suicide at the gates of Bern![/iraqi information minister mode] nah seriously, why invade, just put an economic blockade on us and we're faster in the EU than you can say "chuchichäschtli". Well thats gonna take me forever to say so I imagine your not joining anytime soon
  10. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    Why would I want to WATCH them being executed? Do I have to witness that and lower myself to their level? Why can't I sit at home while they hang the person who kills my family sumwhere far away?
  11. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    Even all that happened to my family. I wouldn't want to watch an execution now would I. Or doesn't much turn you on any more? There's lots of porn out there for you. And we're supposed to be a civilised society. How can most of you make arguements up against Sharia Law and Muslims etc if you go round watching execution videos?
  12. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    You sick little fucker.
  13. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    Saw Blair being interviewed earlier today: Journalist - "Are you in favour or against the death penalty?" Blair - "I hold the firm belief that the death penalty is morally wrong." Journalist - "So are the Iraqis wrong to sentance Saddam Hussain to death." Blair - "Saddam Hussain killed coutless people over a period of many years etc etc etc" Journalist - "I'm sorry, you must have missed my question, do you think its right or wrong for Iraq to hang Saddam Hussain?" Blair - "I'm not going to comment any further". Why doesn't the bloke just stand up and say what he thinks. Another thing was the American reporter asking about the 75% of people in the UK who believe it was wrong to invade Iraq. Blair responded stating that it was up to politicians to take decisions that aren't always fully supported by the country. Excuse me you ****, isn't this supposed to be a democracy where the people vote and the politicians do as the people want. Or am I mistaken? Is this not infact a democracy, but a country ruled by business? Aaaaargh, I hate that fucker.
  14. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    The Iraqi people? You mean the Shia's. The Iraqi judge? Yer, about the 5th one, the Iraqi government managed to to find someone who's family was killed by Saddam's forces. All the other judges before hand were Iraqi too. It's a shambles. Does he deserve the punishment? Using the most basic "eye for an eye" reasoning, yes. ......BUT..........was a farcical show trial which even the on duty American legal adjudicator has dismissed as a "mockery of justice" the right way to get to the verdict for the people of Iraq? Undoubtedly not.
  15. Bordoy

    The Iraq thread 4

    same thing as Hitler, smart politician just got a wee bit genocidal and all that Didn't bring down society though did it.