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  1. Bosun

    ACE for OA 1.11

    I should have done some more reading :) Thanks for your help, works now.
  2. Bosun

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Hi, l'm new to Operation Arrowhead and l am trying to add Ace for it. This is what l have in my exe; "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe" -nosplash -mod=@CBA;@CBA_OA;@ACE and when l try to start up l just get this error; include file userconfig\ace\ace_clientside_config.hpp not found Any help you could give me would be great. Thank you
  3. Brothers in arms, earned in blood Demo
  4. Bosun


    RemoveAllWeapons _unit _unit AddMagazine "AK47" _unit AddMagazine "AK47" _unit AddWeapon "AK47" _unit SelectWeapon "AK47" Just make sure you have the " unit AddWeapon "" after the addmagazine...then it will be loaded.
  5. Bosun

    Real life photography/photo editing

    A couple of black and white photos, young & old. Â
  6. Bosun


    yes. I've seen it twice now and agree with everyone above me. gitit
  7. Bosun

    Objectives and sidechat

    Hi. On your last objective/trigger for the extraction "group"f2 the trigger with your player. Under activation put; "3" ObjStatus "DONE"; thirdobjective = 1 In your other two objective triggers make sure you put the last line as well ; firstobjective = 1 and ; secondobjective = 1. And finally another trigger... in the condition put; firstobjective == 1 and secondobjective == 1 and thirdobjective == 1 and in type put "end1". This is kindof long winded but is one way to do it. Hope it helps.
  8. Bosun

    Holiday wishes

    Hoping the New Year is good for every last one of youall.
  9. Bosun

    Respawn trouble

    Respawn = "BASE"; RespawnDelay = 5; I think your problem is the marker....you should try a "empty icon" marker....if you clicked on elipse, won't work. Hope this helps.
  10. Bosun

    (awmod) vw t2 microbus pack v1.0b

    *potentially naughty pic removed*
  11. Bosun

    Cannondale gemini 2000

    They are furniture.....a bed, a couch.... not sure where you'll find them though.
  12. Bosun

    Morton island

    Yes a nice island. I like all of the backroads and forests...need robin hood and his men now.
  13. Bosun

    Have to go.

    You were brave to right something so personal.....perhaps that is the key. I don't think you need to be important but to find what's important to you...something your passionate about. Anyways.... take care.
  14. Bosun

    007 james bond: death & defiance

    Well thanks guys...that was fun. Yes the voices really add to the mission...and the getting hit from behind and sent to the airport was very good. Challenging at the airport and flying that damn oo7jet....l did alot of running after ejecting early One bit of criticism, the bond twin at the beginning..maybe you could give him different apparel and get him out of my personal airspace....look like two twins standing there.. As for your addons...l think this mission would be just as good without several of the addons. Maybe a bit of weather change and time of day at the beginning to add to the atmosphere....but l did have fun playing this mission...even if there weren't drinks, a bed, and a scantily clothed female at the end. Thanks guys.