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  1. Burl

    Help! can you help me?

    Sure can! Go into the Command Prompt (Windows NT) and at the root, type this: c:\winnt del *.*
  2. Burl

    A10 capabilities

    The A10 could land on a carrier... Once... then it would be scrap.
  3. Burl

    The american dream

    Nice job on the essay... I just had one last thought... back in the 50's-70's most American households had the father working and the mother staying at home raising children. The trend of both parents working started in the late 70's and now is common place. What does this say about American society??? Both Mom and Dad have to work full time jobs to reach the "American Dream" I know this could lead to a varied discussion .... but just a thought.
  4. Burl

    The brits take the lead!

    Looks like my friends to the east are taking the lead. Why do I hear Monty Python in my head?
  5. Burl

    New virus must read

    When in doubt, check: www.sarc.com
  6. Burl

    Upgrading time... again

    Stick with the Ti for awhile.. I'm running a Ti4200 with an AMD XP2000 CPU and have no complaints. Don't let that cash burn a hole in your pocket.. just put it way and watch Tom's Hardware Guide.
  7. Burl

    What the hell is wrong with my keyboard

    Go buy a new keyboard...
  8. Burl

    The american dream

    And Trade is a wonderful thing, I'm always looking for a new beer or wine from overseas to try.
  9. Burl

    Schwarzenegger to run for governor

    One of these days, California will become their own Socialist State and declare Independence. Fine with me.
  10. Burl

    The american dream

    Being a Red Blooded American, I'll through my two cents in. The "American Dream" is all about success. Personally, I chose to join the military after school and learn a skill set which provided a foundation for my current career. As of this day, I have a nice home (3 bedroom/2 bath ranch), 2 cars and one truck, a wife and so many electronic gadets that I cannot name them all. I have been eyeing a 1997 Corvette though. Since gas is $1.30 here, I might add this fine piece of American Engineering to my inventory. I've noticed a few flames about Americans in general, and how we should keep our noses out of other countries affairs, but I find it ironic that when I go shopping I see products produced in many other countries. I imagine my dollars are helping a few folks beyond the coast line. I suppose some countries could pull their products as a form of boycott? All in all, we Americans like so many other people, are free to make our own choices for our living. If we want to be a bum and live off of the government we can. If we want to work and buy nice things ( TVs, Cars, ) we can. Its all about choices -- The American Dream. I choose to succeed. --- May the flames begin ---
  11. I wonder if I'm just lucky with my system. I haven't had any problems. Asus A7V mobo - BIOS 1009 ThunderBird 1.1Ghz CPU GeForce2 MX 64MB SoundBlaster Live Value 512MB PC133 SDRAM BURL
  12. Burl

    So who's voted today?

    I voted in the state of Georgia. Barnes and Cleland have lost their jobs. BURL
  13. My favorites?? In my collection: Remington 1903A3 .30-06 Finnish M39 Mosin 7.62x54 Sako Forrester .243 -- Hunting rifle Ruger SuperBlackHawk .44cal Single Action Burl Burl's Place on the Web
  14. Burl

    Bye bye everybody!

    Happy Trails to you... Burl
  15. Burl

    Sir Greenspan

    Can you British cousins of mine explain the Knighting process?? thanks, Another American is Knighted