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  1. Blink Dog

    What Victor really did

  2. Blink Dog

    What Victor really did

    I made a video of what Victor would do to waste tax payers money while at work. We never really knew what he did, just that he was some sort of government employee with a secretary. Edit I just uploaded so it may be on and off for availability
  3. Blink Dog

    Beta of my armed civies available

    I have an updated version available that has two vehicle classes available. One is with Arma weapons and the other class uses Vilas weapons. If you want to try the file out send a message with your Email and I'll send you a copy. It weighs in around 25K so it's a small file.
  4. Blink Dog


    I found this little diddy: I'll ask them if I can hijack the audio so there will be a sound track for the mod.
  5. Blink Dog


    Can I wrpedit for you guyz! Don't forget the E-light navy seals.
  6. Blink Dog

    Vilas' addons

    I think the recoil errors everyone has been getting may be from another addon the ofp pistols pack GranQ did mention the bug when using his addon that it causes other weapons to have no more recoil. The addon is called RC_ofp_handguns. It too is an excellent addon but it has the bug. I am very impressed with this pack vilas. If you don't mind I am going to make my civvie pack compatable with yours, I love the FAL and SKS especially.
  7. Blink Dog

    Tank factory addon

    It could be something related to the model characteristics. I remember when I made some buildings for ofp you can change the destruct type in one of the model LODs, ie house, fence, etc. It could be that the new engine doesn't recognize the config entry over the model entry.
  8. Blink Dog

    Goodbye Placebo

    Good luck on your next endevour.
  9. I made a music pbo for everyone who needs music tracks for missions and such. I would appreciate if it get mirrored. The file weighs in around 60mb. Readme: PKS_Muzak by Blink_Dog and Phr33k Kommando Studios. Origional config file by retro flashpoint mod. Music Credits: -Analogue Worms attack, "e" and Monophobic shit by Mr Oizo -Ruins from Full Metal Jacket soundtrack -Fallout 1-3 from the game Fallout tactics -Armenia by Einsturzende Neubauten and is featured in the movie Heat -M1911a1 by Death and Horror Inc off of the chemical land ep -BHD1-6 by Han Zimmer and is on Black Hawk Down sound track -Jesus Walks by Kayne West and is featured in the movie Jarhead -Prophecy and Heat by Brian Eno and featured in movies Dune and Heat respectively -Hezbollah by Ministry off of the Land of Rape and Honey album -ETS- Bottomless by Exit the Sun, http://www.myspace.com/exitthesun -Constant sorrow by Soggy Bottom boys and is featured in the movie Oh Brother where art thou -Gospel Tram featured in the movie Gangs of New York -Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant Installation: This addon is simply put in your arma addons folder and shows when a trigger is placed in the tracks section, under effects. Uses: For missions and cutscenes, in the config I turned up the volume a bit so adjust your music volume accordingly. Bugs: None known, please write me at blinkdog78@hotmail.com , I also have a myspace page http://www.myspace.com/blinkdog add me if you have one. Enjoy.
  10. Blink Dog

    Beta of my armed civies available

    I got the wounds to work, I don't know how or why it does but I decided to copy your entries and it seems to work now. So I'm finally getting some missions worked on and should have a final edition available soon. Thanx for the help Mongoose and the compliment morgwin.
  11. Blink Dog

    Beta of my armed civies available

    I have totally given up on this wound texture thing. I'm not going to bother with it, instead I am going to work on missions and extras for this addon.
  12. Blink Dog

    Beta of my armed civies available

    Maybe I'll give it another whirl tonite. I'm prob just doing something stupid as usual .
  13. Blink Dog

    Beta of my armed civies available

    What would always happen is the copy/pasted lines would end the file at the first entry. So for example on my config the west-> gangs-> "gang (civ1) M9" would be the only unit available in the game. I tried for a few hours moving the }; around and doing other things and have had no results. If anyone wants to decompress the pbo and look inside please do. My experience with config work is limited.
  14. http://download.yousendit.com/4863C0347C1A5F6A This is a beta version of my armed civies addon. I haven't been able to get the damage texture to work properly and would appreciate any advice. When I release the final or proper edition I will include some single and multiplayer missions.
  15. Blink Dog

    Armed civie/gang units for Arma

    http://download.yousendit.com/4863C0347C1A5F6A Here is a beta of the addon. I still haven't been able to get the damage textures to work so if anyone would like to look at it and maybe tell me what to do it would be appreciated. I am currently working on a few missions both single and multiplayer for the proper release.