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    Ppsh-41 addon

    nice, nice. but in the icon in the briefing, remove the strap that goes over the shoulder, cos if you look on the ak models and other weapons, the sptraps are not included. they clutter the image. i think the nagan revolver should be added too. some rifles too, like someone said, just cant remember their names right now. plus maybe a self-reloading sniper rifle instead of the SVD
  2. Brass

    Xp should i uninstall?

    update your drivers, for your modem etc (as xp updates its own generic drivers on your hardware, and a lot of users experienced problems with modems). never activate xp firewall cos it actually doesnt work. try running firewall tests on it, its like having no firewall, but it stops applications from working properly, even microsoft's own windows messenger. try disabling software running in the background one by one, like a virus scanner or other non-xp stuff, to try and whittle down the problem if possible then if that doesnt work, go back to win98se, win xp is bug-ridden and there is at least 1 unique problem to each user. oh, you can try and explain your problem to codemasters or microsoft, neither of which are prepared to listen... lol
  3. Brass

    Green and tranparent ground textures in 1.60

    what the heck is version 1.60? maybe you could explain
  4. what the heck is version 1.60? maybe you could explain
  5. Brass

    Does ram really help game play

    if you have a 32mb gfx card, you need to replace that first. cos the ram youll have (384) like me right now does a little bit extra, but a middle range 64mb gfx card will be a good investment, especially as you can buy one for the same price as ram from most places (only very few places sell ram for reasonable prices), like 35 pounds for 256mb.
  6. with most road vehicles, if 1 is parked in front of another non-geographical object (ie present in default map). eg park a car in front of truck. if you look through the windshield of the car, you see straight through the truck and see the background trees and hills, but the truck is still there! i dunno if this is a video card problem, but i doubt it. ive got the latest certified detonator drivers, and my card is riva tnt 2 32mb 64, 1ghz processor, 385mb ram. running in 32-bit mode too. any feedback?
  7. Brass

    Hey! uhhhhhh quickie here

    you misunderstand. i mean the programs that people generally use give a set resolution, and you either cant deviate from it or change it easily. in photoshop you can choose the format etc and quality, which is important if your screenshot program takes jpegs. i didnt say mine was the best way, just how i do it . plus i edit a lot of screenshots, so i really have to control my quality.
  8. hey. ive got the beta version of wrp edit... but i cant seem to use it. cant make terrain higher or lower. is there some tutorial for how to use it, do you have to edit the island outside the editor or is it just not finished yet? thanks.
  9. Brass

    Hey! uhhhhhh quickie here

    just use pause/break, alt-tab from screen and paste it in your faviourite image editing tool- which is photoshop (of course). this eliminates those annoying "this is a trial version" boxes on your prized screenshots, and u can control quality. but "no", i hear you cry, its long. yeah, its only good with a good amount of ram to run several applications at once and you must own photoshop. but thats my method.
  10. Brass

    Updated blueprint web site

    you gonna make all these? heheh. or is it just a site full of pictures. plus im sure ive seen these pictures before... you bin' asking permission to use the images? heheh
  11. sorry, i obviously aint as hardcore as you to know every scrap of news. oh well. no need to tell you where to get a similar map editor thats already released...
  12. its called WRPedit, find more info at http://ofpinternals.megaforums.ru/ youll be able to import real life maps, add all the parafinalia such as objects and forrests and preview the map without having to go into the game. if you cant find anything, go to gallery, wrp edit. v. interesting site.
  13. Brass

    Is red hammer really any good?

    yeah, i expected russian voices. at least in the cut-scenes with subtitles. but they probably got some drunk czech who resembled to speak in a cliched russian accent to keep people happy, who cant read radio command on the bottom of the screen. lst= aweful artillery/mortars=joke
  14. ok, i was wrong about them being out of service, but they were first released in 1971, and the last fighters were made by 1986. the mig-21 was made for very light armament. 4 aa rockets and a medium fuel tank. itd probably be able to carry 1 or 2 FAB 500s and 4 FAB 250s or smaller bombs. its main role was as a fighter/reconnaisance craft/close support. anyway, im not going to get into a debate about the plane. cos neither of us seem to have the actual facts. especially if an argument is reinforced with "ive heard that...". just saying better planes could have been made. the mig-21 was probably made cos its such an easy external design. id like to see a Tu-22M or Tu-160 or other bombers, for at least ground missions on runways to have a go at destroying. as theres a su-25. the Yak-38 "forger" should be made by someone. its quite like a mix between the su-25 and harrier, but less fat and ugly. it has VTOL capabilities too. which will be nice. bet you thought that the harrier was the only one in service to do it, didnt you?
  15. the f-4 is nice. but the mig is very below par. its hardly an accurate model, and the skin could be better, but youll improve that. why the mig-21? they were all almost out of service by that time. plus whats the point of putting a supersonic fighter in a game with small islands orientated round ground combat. id change my mind if you make it better, but currently its 10/10 for waste of time. the intruder is a fine machine, it would be nice in the game, but theyd have to be some kind of aircraft carrier for them to take off from, to be realistic. even better if the wings could be folded up, or even the 4-seater version... heheh