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    See Jungle go Crazy. D@mn!, there is no jungle in the UK!!...
  1. BoonieRat

    How to connect 2 streets

    He meant a '90Degree Bend' I think...
  2. BoonieRat

    New animated models

    Rather than a hundred requests aimed at one or to animators I'd like to see a decent ENGLISH(as oppossed to chex) tutorial so people can learn to make their own. A real 'laymans' tute, not a 'understanding of scripting assumed' one. That way we will get some real diversity into the game engine... Failing that: I'd like a clothes line that sways in the wind :| ...
  3. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    In comparison to hunting power (12lbs limit~UK) air~rifles they are slow, but for what they are intended they are fine, you would not want to get hit by an air~rifle pellet!!... If you intend to practice airsoft combat, then yes. If all you want to do is shoot targets then I'd say no, they're not accurate enough in their grouping(plastic BB's have a tendency to 'curl' [in my limited experience] they're too inconsistant in weight/density~balance. Though 'Crossman' may make a 'superior' lead BB for target practice maybe?): get an air rifle for targets...You can get some nice looking 'military looking' air~rifles (if not replicas: I think there's an AK model out now. I hav'nt looked for a while) if you're into the look of the gun as well. 'Skan' (UK firm I think) did a loverly looking precharged air gun that had a 'slide' pistol~grip action, that ever so slightly resembled a ThomsonSMG. It was quite expensive though and meant for ratting more than targets ...
  4. BoonieRat

    Please help

    Take a copy and unPBO it, then put it in buldozer... Use PBO_Decrypter 15. Some other PBOtool's give a 'prenlod error'...
  5. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    I think they're all more expensive than the Å100 mark . I've seen some crappy Uzis around for Å70+, but that was 5 years or more ago! And the point being they are no good as a main weapon (Assault/Sniper~rifle), OK for a back up if they're not the 'mini/toy' kind, but a 1911 would be better IMO ...
  6. BoonieRat

    How to connect 2 streets

    I think you may be able to do it by (right?) clicking on one section of road and using the 'edit terminator' function, adding a 'terminator' (crossroad or Tee junction, you'll have to add them to the terminator section for that particular road though), but you'll have to build the other road off of the original. Not join two seperate roads together, you can only do that by moving them manualy until the textures meet as best you can (they never meet well for me!)... Dunno if that helps?...
  7. BoonieRat

    What was the very 1st 3ps? 

    3rd person aiming is just too suck~sucky! It's good to have 3rd person as an option, but sucks to have it alone... I believe 'PacMan' was the first 3rd person game, if the 'cursors' in ZX81 tennis games are'nt defined as peoples ...
  8. BoonieRat

    Warning about i-tunes and america's army

    Apple is the original sin!! ... Why anyone would want to use such an obscure 'Gamer unfriendly' rig I don't know! Games are what computers were invented for, are'nt they? are'nt they?!...
  9. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    It's nothing to do with you Jagg, it was aimed at me. I can't say I understand the reasoning behind it's (or the anger and paranoia) accusation . It seems you're 'irresponsible' nowadays if you believe certain laws are acceptable if not abused! 'Specialy if a mod thinks otherwise (if two thinks so you might as well change your surname to Bundy!! ). Please don't mistake a 'difference of opinion' debate for a flamefest! Even if it does get a tad childish at times, it's only a debate ...Also, I hope that this kind of peer pressure does'nt really put you off of using you BB in your own garden(or make you have to walk on tiptoes elsewhere in the forums! It's sad when it breaks down to poorly veiled threats ). Inside usage can be quite dangerous with the ricohets, even with a pellet trap big enough to encompass the misses as well as the hits!
  10. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    For One: A car is NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY when on a public highway. Two: You know nothing about my reasoning. I don't think it's wrong to shoot BB's in your garden in a competant (if a child supervised until they are competant) manner. How is that condoning the 'car example'? Just cause I don't think the 'Bobby' 'example' is a good enough reason to totaly whitewash home usage?... Again you seem to like thinking for other people, but seem unable to think for yourself? You just parrot the same stuff over again without even reading my replies! Are you a 'buddy back up' bot? Even bots' make relevant replies based on the previous post sometimes!! but you keep on with stuff like this: Again! Please read my veiws!: I don't understand what you see as bad, if you are behaving responsably and they are forewarned what's the problem. Or are you steriotyping the entire population as paranoid housewives as well? . There are certain situations where it COULD be a problem, but if they tell you they don't like it, you don't shoot then. It's that simple if you're a responsible considering adult. You people telling me it's moraly wrong based on some imaginary worse case scenario is utterly laughable. I'm sorry, but you should stop, step back, and take a good look at yourselves and what you're saying ... What has this got to do with the issue? Home usage and irresponsibility are'nt siamese twins, you know?! . You and ExRonin are trying to make it look like only irresponsible idiots use BB's at home. Why? It's simply not true!! People have been using them responsably (and irresponsably) since day one, and they hav'nt banned home usage yet. Why is that you think?...
  11. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    I'd hardly call a nightclub your own 'private property' ... He was an idiot for doing it and should of been charged IMO, he was acting irresponsably. Saying nobody should use BB's in their own space because there are irresponsible idiots in the world is to far a stretch for me though ...
  12. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    I'd learn to think for yourself before you even start thinking for other people! I'm sorry to have to quote myself yet again! What bit don't you understand?. Seeing an 'anonymous' gun sticking out of a car is a bit different than "officer there's a child running around in my neighbors garden with an assault rifle!"..._--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_ Well there is: especialy condecending seeing's you had'nt yourself read them before telling him black was white, but personaly I think the 'do EVERYONE' was enough. Don't you?... Well if this is you being polite I'd hate to see you being really obnoxious ... Which witch hunt is that? [P_A_R_A_N_O_I_D!] Disagree with a mod and you're a fuckin mod witch hunter now! ...I'll spell it out: You made a mistake in saying it was illeagal to use BB's in your garden. Instead of just admitting it, you made a (IMO laughable) 'bobbys nieghbor' post to try and make it look idiotic for anyone to think otherwise (which I also found laughable because of:). "You the ACF weapon's handling test passer DKMJaguar should'nt competantly use a BB gun in your garden because of bobbys syndrome!". It's like saying "nobody should cross roads cause a blindman might get knocked over"!!. I find this laughable and disagree! And instead of reading my opinion you put your own upon me! "If he does'nt agree BB's in gardens should be banned, he's pro giving them to babies in the street!"... In what way is this a moderator witch hunt? If you're not prepared to post out a difference of opinion without falling back on your moderator status when you get peeved, you should'nt post as anything but a moderator...
  13. Visitor 'used' to be easier, but now the WRPEdit has a road tool and copy&paste abilities I don't think there's anything in it. WRP is probably easier because it has English writing, not Chex...
  14. BoonieRat

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Who said I'm for it? I've stated my veiws on the subject already if you'd cared to read them. ExRonin statrted this ridiculous 'bobbys fat neighbor example' that you blew into a global race riot!. I can understand it from you living in Chicargo, but England's a totaly different kettle of fish. No hand guns. No semi auto rifles. No 'every other neighbor' urban gun enthusiasts...I was just pointing out that it is in fact not against the law to shoot in your back garden, and no amount of 'bobby' posts or pr'threats will change that... _ Yes I do live in a mid terrace house but I'm not in the habit of watching myself or anyone else thank's  . I've had the police round because my fat neighbors kid leaned out of his window and shot one of our animals with an air pistol, (his mother lied for him [even though he's 20] and even hid the gun out of the house for him).  I could'nt prove he'd shot it even though we had a chicken with a (very obviously) broken leg, and had witnessed it from inside my back door. The police said (for future reference)as long as the shots don't fall out of the garden no law is broken..._ So as well as being condecending and obnoxious to DKM-jaguar (you obviously don't see giving wrong info as a faux pas or you would'nt be going to such lengths with your 'bobby' BS), you're now threatening me with your moderators status!!, unbelievable!. What kind of a person are you? If you feel the need to threaten me or any other off topic 'thing', please do it via PM and spare yourself the embarisment next time...
  15. BoonieRat

    Maya is now for free

    And me. The best gaming/graphics OS ever made and it's not even supported! Oh well, maybe I'll find a Win2K Copy laying around somewhere. I'd go Linux before I used XP though...PS: Can you import Maya into Oxygen by using 'Deep eExploration' to change the format to 3DS without errors?...