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  1. BlueSteel

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 84223

    You have to load the beta folder as a mod, otherwise it will not be used. Something like -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion
  2. Suma, can you quickly comment on the current state of the separation of simulation and renderer? According to the changelog the interpolation went live a few betas ago, but so far I have not noticed any of the significant framerate improvements that this seperation should bring with it.
  3. BlueSteel

    ArmA2: OA Beta Patch 82901

    I'm still only getting around 8-10fps in Benchmark 2, no noticable change from previous builds. Does "[82654] Optimized: Visual state interpolation fully enabled." only mean that the interpolation part is enabled, but not yet the separation of renderer and simulation? With a full separation of the simulation process I would expect significantly higher frame rates.
  4. BlueSteel

    ArmA 2 : OA Beta Build 82128

    I have just compared screenshots taken from 82128 and the last patch (79384). There is absolutely no difference in object draw distance between these versions. Tested on Chernarus, standing on the Green Mountain tower. But if I remember correctly, there was an object draw distance increase a while back in one of the previous patches; even if I can't find any mention of that in the changelogs.
  5. BlueSteel

    ArmA 2 : OA Beta Build 82128

    This version does not yet seem to have the simulation completely "disconnected" from the renderer, which seems to be the plan if I read Suma's blog post correctly. I still get only ~12ps in the "Benchmark 2" mission, which appears to be extremely limited by the simulation being coupled to the renderer. GPU usage is around 15% in that test. If everything goes to plan, I'd expect to see way higher framerates in that particular test. Maybe Suma can give us an overview which features are de-coupled from the renderer now and what to expect in the future. Last beta he mentioned that distant units were decoupled, I wonder how the status is in this version.
  6. BlueSteel

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    You are missing the actual beta data folders in your mod line. It should look like this: -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_SM;@TRFW;@TRRW;@TRTV;@TRWV;@Tracers;@JayArmA2Lib;@ACRE
  7. BlueSteel

    Will there ever be a manual?

    Who said there was no manual for ArmA 2? http://store.steampowered.com/manual/33900/ I have a similar version as PDF directly in my ArmA 2 folder. I bought the German download-version when it was first released, the manual-file came with the installation.
  8. BlueSteel

    Steam Arma 2 Update?

    You can install the official 1.05 patch over the Steam version aswell, according to the download page: "This update IS compatible with ALL previous ARMA 2 versions as well as with the STEAM version. " http://www.arma2.com/support/updates/folder.html?lang=en
  9. Thanks for the quick fix (and for the campaign itself in the first place!) One thing I noticed - the included "EW_hotfix_readme.txt" file is empty (0kB) in the archive.
  10. Still can't confirm the water problem. I changed object and terrain detail to max, and while the water looked a bit more "wavy", the framerate was still not affected - except being generally lower because of the higher detail settings. An exact repro and system specs would be helpful to track this down...
  11. I tried to repro this, but failed. Can you provide us with a bit more information? Where exactly (island/coordinates) did this occur? Which graphics settings do you use, do you see a difference if you change some settings around? And most importantly, what are your system specs? I think most interesting would be OS, graphics card and installed graphics drivers. Also try updating your graphics drivers, this sounds like something that could have been fixed on that front. I tested this on both Utes and Chernarus, looking at the shoreline in different places did not affect my fps in any meaningful way. I'm using Win7 x64, Nvidia GTX 260 with drivers 195.81.
  12. Actually, if you add both these lines, there is no need to set the file to read-only: postFX=3; HDRPrecision=32;
  13. BlueSteel

    Hotfix KB940105

    Vista got its bad reputation for two things, bad driver support when it was released and some pretty ugly bugs/performance problems in the release version. Vista SP1 performs much better, and while you're at it, install SP2 directly aswell. Nowadays Vista is much better than it's reputation, but that only works if you also update it to the latest version. The unpatched release-version is still as bad as they all say ;) If you don't get SP2 offered over Windows Update, try going here.
  14. BlueSteel

    ARMA2_Build_60000 (window mode)

    I think the average user expects this choice to be remembered by the game, since this is how most other games work. If I set a game to windowed and click save/apply, I usually expect it to stay windowed until I change the setting again, no matter if I restart the game or not.
  15. BlueSteel

    Arma 2 graphic rendering problems

    The 8 gigs are what's causing this if I remember correctly, try adding "-winxp" to your commandline/shortcut. If you rightclick your ArmA 2-shortcut, make sure it looks like this: "[...]\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -winxp The [...] is a placeholder for the relative path on your system. Important is that the "-winxp" exists outside the quotation marks.