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  1. Benze

    Us spies on un security council

    The "Independant" is objective? About as much as...something...that's not objective...
  2. Benze

    Special forces uniform

    So how does that work? You put it on so people facing your direction would see it as correct, but people facing toward you see it backwards?
  3. Benze

    Thinking of military service

    Let's say I was to enlist in the USMC. How could or go from an NCO to an O once I was in? Or do you have to start as an officer?
  4. Benze

    Anyone know the answer to this?

    Blah, Tex, that was easy, I got it the second time reading it over.
  5. Benze

    Anyone know the answer to this?

    I think I got a good shot at it. They both have cataracts. When you have cataracts, little halos or circles appear around lights a little bit. So one man shined a tiny little light. This light had a circle around it, so three blinking circles showed the exact location of the man. The Germans either didn't see the tiny light, or couldn't find the source. The man could, because it made a circle around the light.
  6. Benze

    Everyone will want one...

    Errrr...that's quite a simplification. It has a better cannon (actually, now it has one in the first place) can travel at unbelievable speeds in water for an IFV carrying 18 people, and that's another thing, it costs twice as much, but carries three times the people. As for the armor, well, at MINIMUM it can withstand 14.5mm. With extra armor likely added on land missions, well? Who knows.
  7. Benze

    What is better (most used) nightvision?

    Rehmaf, could you give any links? That would be very helpful. Which lasts longer? Doesn't the thermal imaging one have to be chilled very cold to work? What are the drawbacks of both?
  8. Benze

    Favorite military mottos

    "Remember, when everyone else is shooting, shoot in the same direction."
  9. When I think of nightvision, I think of two types: thermal (lots of colors depending on heat, or just greyscale) and the light enhancing cathoide type, the one that creates a "green" look. Which is better? Which is the one that modern armies use? Which would you rather use in the field? What are the pros and cons for both of these types? I need some clearing up on my nightvision knowledge, any help would be appreciated.
  10. Benze

    What happened to m16 cyclic rate?

    Yeah, kinda irks me too. If anyone has actually seen a real m16 fire you know right away it fires way faster than that.
  11. Benze

    Film/documentary: bowling for columbine

    I'd piss my pants if officers in the US were not armed, like in some parts of the UK. Fact is, they are different places, folks. America is a violent place.
  12. Benze

    The final inspection

    Yes, that's a keeper. *saves and prints out*
  13. Benze

    Would you be willing to die for your country?

    Anytime, anywhere, any reason. <----- angry determination face.
  14. Benze

    2 unfinished arguments,knives and body armour

    Can someone give me a site comparing the PAGST vest with the new interceptor? I've heard a story about a person grieving in Afghanistan when a motar round landed right next to 4 guys, but they still got up and ran away with only bruises and scratches thanks to the new body armor. Seems like the USMC/Army is getting better equipment everyday. 3 Years from now...
  15. Benze

    Us-north korean war

    The US could not declare war against NK in the forseeable future.