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  1. Badgerboy

    Blue Angel Down

    Odd, the Red Arrows use G Suits as part of their standard equipment, and they are rated as good or if not better than the Blue Angels. I've pulled sustained 5 G turns without a G Suit, and its bloody easy to black out, particulary when coming out of a split S at a rate of knots. Mis judge your entry speed and your dead.
  2. Badgerboy

    Texture Issue in Multi - Vista

    Thanks, I'll give that a go now.
  3. Hi all, This problem only manifests intself in multiplayer. I'll log into a server and start playing, and all the 3D shapees revert to basic models. (Trucks have square wheels etc) After a period time, these revert to decent models again, but usually stripped of textures. To top it off, I then randomly lose the action menus and cross hair! Alt Tabbing merely brings up a black window, which I can still control, and type in, but renders no graphics! Any ideas? Intel Core Duo 2400 Twin 7950 OC's in SLI 2 GB RAM Abit Fatality SLI NForce 650 MB Vista 32bit Latest drivers.
  4. Badgerboy

    Goodbye Placebo

    Ta ta chap. May you crush all who fall before you.
  5. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Actually its 16, the same age of consent for hetero sex.
  6. Badgerboy

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I know US troops are dying over there, that's why the saying "Freedom isn't Free" is a true statement. But judging on the record of US forces, we certainly can throw a punch! Take example: The Battle of Sacramento (Mexican-American War). US Strength: 924 Soldiers Mexican Strength: 1,500 infantry, 1,200 calvary and 119 artillery (2,819 total). Result: US Victory US Casualties: 9 (1 KIA, 8 WIA) Mexican Casualties: 600 (300 KIA, 300 WIA) There are more than one instances of "lopsided" results like this. and not just in the Mexican War either, it shows up through US history. All relative.... Most militaries have stories/deeds like this in their past. Dwelling on particular moments doesn't enhance a militaries current capabilities. (Look at Rorkes drift for example) If we were to do that, reference the Battle of Kasserine Pass. An example of when US forces got completely stuffed in one of their first combat actions involving the Germans. Should we therefore therefore decide that the US Army is not capable of conducting successful engagement? Seriously though, do you stuff bald eagles in the blender every morning for a patriotic beverage? You do make me laugh!
  7. Badgerboy

    Flying on a RC plane with motion sensing goggles.

    Well if someone could combine the equipment into a kit, I imagine it would sell very well. That video is bookmarked, I'll have to look into this.
  8. Badgerboy

    Richard Hammond, co-leader of Top Gear, in crash

    Well the new series is being delayed until Hammond is well again. On the plus side, I saw some previews of it. Reliant Robin Space Shuttle Launch! Its bloody huge, has a main tank, and secondary boosters, and 12 tons of thrust. It'll end in tears!
  9. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Well, I'd imagine there would be a few more BMW's on the road. By now, BMW would have run out of Jewish forced slave laborers to work on their manufacturing lines. Thats why the introduction of the Fuhrer 2000 assembly robots was rushed into production. These robots are armed for reasons unknown....
  10. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Well, I'd imagine there would be a few more BMW's on the road.
  11. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Would that be the same war where Hitler tried to solve 'some problems'. Lucky for you his little enterprise failed.
  12. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Well it wasn't so much a case of 'kicking him back' was it? More like 'pushing him to the ground and shooting him in the spine' Don't even try to say the response was proportional. The IDF flattened parts of Lebanon, whislt Israel got a few cars and roofs blown off.
  13. Badgerboy

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter gets official name

    The WAH-64 is a nice piece of kit though. Each has Longbow capability, as opposed to the 1 in 3 the US formations use. Shame there are no pilots trained to fly them. Who ever thought up using a CIVILIAN contractor to train them needs shooting.
  14. Badgerboy

    The Middle East part 2

    Slighty over the top.... Why are they hitting civilian infrastructure, such as the airport? Many foreign nationals are now stranded in a country that is getting bombed back to the stone ages.
  15. Badgerboy

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Christ, don't wind up Zidane whatever you do! Shame, it being his last game. Hope the French Press don't hand him out to dry, he's carried France through the entire competition.