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  1. Azamato

    Thirsk @coop pack by VanhA

    I'm actually playing it as a Scenario so not MP
  2. Azamato

    Thirsk @coop pack by VanhA

    Hey I got a problem I need help with :D I downloaded everything and extracted it. When I want to start a mission it starts but after 5 seconds it says "Mission failed every player is dead..." What did I do wrong pls help me ;)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7ig6NMAi90 Whatchu guys think? :p
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv2Zq-oPPiE not really ArmA 2 footage but it has ArmA 2 in it so enjoy :D
  5. I know ArmA and the comunity (what its all about and stuff) but my PC game vote will go to SC2.. dude.. it's SC2 how can u hate :p Best fps is a struggle between CoD and ArmA but I'd go for ArmA cause it's "new" and pretty awesome feeling while playing it. So there ya go BF BC.. is ubercrap imo.. BF2 was orgasmic, now it's dead to me :(
  6. Azamato

    What's wrong

    Hey, so I try to play some ArmA 2 MP but I have this strange problem. Im running it vanilla and 1.7 patch (the latest) whenever I refresh the server browser I only get 2 availble servers and like 10 in total. I filter it on not showing empty or full. Is this right? :s
  7. Hey guys , i'm looking for a squad to enjoy ArmA 2 :D I only have ArmA 2 with no mods but i'll install everything :D I'm looking for something to join in the free time and maybe arrange some gametime but nothing toooooo serious :p
  8. Does anyone have any awesome helicopter campaigns or missions for ArmA 2 ? Flying a chopper is what I enjoy the most in the game :D
  9. Azamato

    How to enjoy ArmA 2 MP?

    Thx for the responses ;)
  10. Hey everyone, i reinstalled ArmA on my pc again and so another question (i posted like a million on em already lol) each time i go to the server browser it puts into a bad server where i dont know what to do and noone is awnsering to my questions, and when i connect to some i get back to the browser :s so do i have to join like a clan or something to just "go, connect, play coop or tdm" ? please can someone explain to me how to enjoy the MP
  11. YES thank god my favourite game of all time is getting a new one :D
  12. Convert it with Vegas or such to 640/360 or HD in i dont know 1280/768 or 720
  13. Is this a digital buy only or can u buy this at the stores?
  14. Since when do PC gamers BUY their dlc and such.. :( I miss the good old days
  15. Azamato

    ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead - DEMO!

    What settings do you use? :s