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  1. Lets see, 2 helicopters, advanced flight model + upgraded standard flight model, physical slingload and shooting from vehicles (not just helicopters).

    Thats a little more than "2 helicopter seats", and the last feature written above is a long awaited one that many have been waiting for and now got. I know, its easy to complain and mess with facts, but to those reading this thread thinking its "just 2 helicopter" - its not. Further income lets BIS continue improving ARMA3 as well so lets stay positive and ticket/suggest them what to do. ;)

  2. Nice work. :)

    About the above, it should be possible to sync all effect and also get away form the peformance lag. We had these mods in all titles up to A3 and they worked fine. Maybe in A3 BIS changed things around. Like with wind for example. That mission makers have to add wind by hand which is weird. Never had to do that in previous titles. Pop a mod in that had wind grabbing the bullets and it worked in any mission/editor. Now you have to define wind in each mission or the wind will be from 1 angle all the time or completely "bugged out". That BIS did this make these mods a gamble when grabbing new missions. You just dont know if the mission maker added wind or not. Hope a fix comes with the marksman DLC. The wind command can still be used even if wind is "on" from start.

    Regarding performance issues again, i hope it can be adressed. A3 AI has major impact on my cpu so if this drags it down even more then i wont be able to use it during fire fights.

    Anyway, this and better/harder penetration of soldiers is exactly what we need. Simplistic ballistics and having to spend half a mag to take an AI down kills the immersion. ;)


  3. Guys, calm down. This is feedback for the update. Not about how things are reused since that didnt happen in this patch. So please take that to the correct thread. Thanks.


    Would be nice in Virtual Arsenal to have the scopes/laser&light/silencers option when clicking "uniform", "vest" and "backpack" too. Now we can't for example add an extra weapon flashlight to a backpack if we have a laser on the rifle.

  4. I can only imagine the fatigue+sway making PVP/TVT much more immersive as it will stop the "sprinting to better position" and encourage more methodical thought out movement? I guess true also for Coop and SP.

    I certainly enjoy more realism, but i think the sway is a bit too "boaty". Would have like a bit more shaking (oscillating) instead. Also the fatigue is a bit weird. Weird in that you keep running but in slow-mo. Would been nicer (and easier?) to just switch the animation from sprint to run to walk the more tired you get.

    But all in all a very nice update! Just hope we can get a "fetch VA loadout" drop down option in the unit window in the editor that fetch saved loadouts. :)

  5. I have to say im impressed with the update regarding bootcamp, virtual training and virtual arsenal. Well done guys. :)

    Could we perhaps get an update where the "place unit" in the editor gets a drop down menu that fetch saved virtual arsenal loadouts? I saw you can fetch from Zeus so maybe its possible? Go to VA and make a couple loadouts, then into editor, place unit, click loadout drop down - choose saved loadout. That would be sweet. As of now we have to make all the loadouts, save them, alt tab, open notepad, back to game, load each one and export each one. Then start the editor, alt tab, copy paste to init of unit, rince repeat for each unit.

    Dont get me wrong - love the VA, and it sure makes life easier. Also, its fun. But maybe its possible? If we say pwetty pwease BIS with sugar on top you'll look into it? :)

    Cheers for the update. :cool:

  6. Is it true that Valve automatically own anything uploaded to WS? Heared it before, havent checked. Perhaps a readme in the blastcore download with rules would be good to minimize confusion and to prohibit an upload of an updated blastcore, if that is OS's wish.

    Looking forward to an update. Hard to live without this mod. ;)

  7. Im using "moduload" to reinit LAxmanns climb mod after savegame load, but as i do the deploy weapon breaks. Basically when pressing TAB to deploy the weapon it says "undeployed" or "lifted" everytime So i cant deploy the weapon.

    Could you look into that? Would be very happy if you did. :) So far it seems its the only thing that breaks with a in-game reinit.

    Thank you.

  8. Hah, mate, you did it! :)

    Just tested now for a couple hours and saved/loaded dont know how many times - it works flawlessly. I did however change the button to "<" to be sure i dont get combat stance locked, but that might be fixed as well.

    Cheers for the awesome update. ;)

    EDIT: After shutting the game down and started it up today, loaded my save, climb did not work. Did the moduload and got it working, but it breaks other stuff. Is there some script command that is missing to get this working or anything else? Its just too good to stop working. Maybe BIS could help here...

  9. Cheers for update. :)

    Headsup on save/load missions. Using "moduload" after a saved game can "break" the button function like "C" combat stance and make combat stance be stuck (cant lower weapon again), so change the button for for the climb button in the userconfig to some button that is not used. The mount addon can break as well after loading up moduload and get stuck in a loop. As of now it seems hard to use these combined in a mission where you save/load a lot. Usually i dont play save/load missions and dont often see mods stop functioning, but just a headsup if someone wonder why they might act weird. ;)

  10. Played Pilgrimage mission again and also used moduload once to test it out, and after this when using mount it got stuck in a loop everytime i tried taking something off/putting on attachements.

    Im not sure if it was moduload or anything else. It was a freshly started mission andi i tested moduload to see how it worked and it wrote out on the screen all the mods that were initialized, and it was after this i noticed the problem. Maybe moduload causes issues if its used before a loaded save, but mount doesnt have to be reinitialized so this might happen anyway even after a saved game. I will test with a loaded game when i get time and report back.

  11. Ah, I kinda didn't see your comment, sorry for that, mate!

    I'm having a guess on what causes this, I'll update the mod as soon as I can, which also gives me the opportunity to sneak in the server key I forgot to include in the last release... whoops :D

    Missing a mods post?! :eek: Hmm what punishment fits here...

    Nah, with a reply of a possible fix how can i stay mad? ;) Looking forward to the update. Was hard trying to stay alive for hours on end cause i didnt want this nifty mod to stop working lol.

    Thanks for looking into it.

  12. Alex72

    I am not good at technical stuff so i'm not sure if this solves your problem but often CBA fails to start if you load a saved mission. Check out the info about Moduload: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172827-Moduload-%E2%80%94-Save-Game-Mod-Initializer I hope this helps.

    Cheers mate will check that.

    The mount mod works after several saves/loads, but not this one. Was hoping LAxemann found what it is.

    Oh, and cheers for the update. ;)

  13. I would love me some mod gear showing up in the loot boxes. I have that hidden identity mod (or called something similar) with lots of shemags, hoods, gasmasks etc. Never seen them come up in a box.

    And if this was MP for 2 people... Mmmmm.

    Anyway, voting for Make Arma Not War. ;)

  14. This is a great mod. Feels good to take down baddies properly again where 1 shot in a vital place kills them. And with correction for wind... Superb.

    Only small annoyance for me personally is that CTRL stopped working as its used by this mod. I had zoom in/out and other things with it. Tried to use ALT/SHIFT instead but it wont work either.

    Also, sorry if im mistaken, but is bandage not enough to stop bleeding? I see blood splatter on screen continuosly and diagnose says im bleeding and have lost blood. I open the (app) menu and all medical options are "greyed out".

    Thanks for a super mod. ;)