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    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Just wondering what I should look to upgrade. I get crappy FPS throughout and theres no relief:P P4 3.00GHz 1.5g RAM ATI Radeon edit:X600Pro oops its an X1600Pro Windows XP Should I look at a new card? and If so is there any under $200(CAN) that would do the trick? IE run on good settings with good FPS? Thanks Agnew
  2. Agnew

    X-52 flight control

    Yea, don't use the profiler, with it my stick goes wacky the ruddrer is all FUBAR. I just use the ingame control set up. I use the slider for zoom in/out. Button on the throttle for voip uses. Pinky switch is "Preform action" while i have one HAT switch as Next/Pervious Action and left and right for Next/prev. Target. Other HAT swtch can be used for comms channel switching or VOIP buttons specific for each channel(no need for switching). I use the trigger fr fire obviously. The other two buttons I change a lot cuz I havn't figured out what I wanna do with them. Theres no need for eject or any "Action Menu" commands as i have them all avail. with my HAT switch.
  3. Agnew


    I have one and love it. I hate starting up ArmA up without it. Infantry or not. it has become so natural that I will load up Project reality for BF2, start playing and start turning me head to see beside me. It becomes natural, on the ground or in the air, I cant play without it. I agree with GAU, if you don't give it half a chance you will hate it. At first it was awkward for me, I couldn't get the right feeling, but after a couple hours, couple days, it was perfect. Fling flight sims dogfights and low alt flying was 100x better. In ArmA, ground fighting was more intense. My Sit. Awarness went up huge once I got it, well spent money. Have u ever been in a squad, watching you sector and you turn around to find that your squad has moved off? I did, but once I use TIR, I would glance behind/beside me quickly, and was able to keep my squad in sight. I love it, well spent money, wouldn't and can't play without it. IMHO its worth it. Agnew
  4. I'm using 3DS Max, so I'm sorta screwed for importing to ArmA, but maybe I'll figure it out later. There is no interior yet. Just this ext. model. I hopefully will be moving onto interior later, along with textures. This is only my second model with Max.. and any real 3D program before. C and C welcome. 1: 2: 3: Wire:
  5. Agnew


    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone has a list of all the quotes that come up when you die? I see one, forget to write it down and I never come across it again, and it is frustrating. Anyways. Any idea where I can find them or does anyone have them? Thanks Agnew