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  1. Hi everybody, i have made a new thread for the ONS mod as the full release will be for ArmA 2 and the demo of the mod for ArmA 1. Pictures to follow shortly :D thank you for following the mod through all the ups and downs we are still going strong :D Thanks AASE
  2. AASE

    MK18 Mod 1

    i dont know if just me but the reload is not synced with the Animations? Love the model and textures keep it up Would like to see a angled for grip version aswell.
  3. HI Matchy, I as well just re downloaded the file with new errors so i would say to try and re download them again.
  4. Hi Dragon we are well aware of this, and we are planning to move the mod to A3 once it comes out. we are hoping to get a public release out soon rather then later. AASE ONS Developer 7CMBG
  5. Hi everyone sorry for the delay in responses and updates. the mod has taken a major right turn for the good :), basicly we have been going over all the content in ONS and ripping it apart and revamping, tweaking, and smashing the long standing bugs. we are planning another update at some point in the near future but at this time we are not sure as we would like to make the next release 100 times more stable then any of the last ones. thank you, AASE ONS Developer 7CMBG
  6. Currently at this time maybe just a small beta in feb just so you guys can play around with the stuff and help test it out so the march release will be more polished
  7. Hey guys just a small update some parts of the mod are progressing a bit faster then others which is a good thing as they are the parts farther from being complete. I am currently look at a march release.
  8. Hey thanks for the kind words and glad you like the mod. The mod is progressing slowly as we are a very small team. And it dosnt help working 12 hour days. I am hoping to bundle up what ever is finished or relatively close to put out more of just a wide spread beta and to give our loyal fans of ons a little update.
  9. Hey guys any future planned releases have been put on the back burner untill otherwise stated by my self. We are very sorry about any delays
  10. Hey guys, the weapons have been fixed so you can use your own sound mod. As for the radio I'm not sure about it I have never noticed I will look into it when I get a chance.
  11. Hey guys sorry there wasnt a release on Friday or before that but i just ran out of time and just got a new job and all. im trying to figgure out a new date to release on one that 100% i can make. as for things included in the package wont see much of anything new but more or less just come updated configs on weapons and the Leopard also the one major thing that could very well be released this package is the LAV III if it dosnt make it this release then next for sure. planning a possable 2 update release with-in the month of May ( MAY WILL SEE THE LAV III, and possably the RG-31 Nyala)
  12. Hey there is a high possibility of the LAV being released in the next pack. As of right now it's looking like this pack will be released sometime between Tuesday and Thursday this is my goal to my self and a release no later then Friday Also we are looking for some help with ONS to speed up the work and have more updates on a regular basis!
  13. Hey guys yes there are some updates but there very minor and not the worth of posting about mainly some config updates. Things are moving slow right now but I'm looking at today or sometime within week for a new release.
  14. Download is back up This Pack is V0.4 -------------------------------------------------------------------- the Troops V0.5 The Weapons V0.9 Leopard 2A6M V0.9 ( Would like to Thank Bionic for the basemodel of the Leopard) Chinook V1.0 *************some of the following errors found are**************** Shadows are apearing strange (to be fixed in V.6 of troops) not all soilders ingame not all weapons are ingame .hhl.rvmat error CMF_weapons requier Weapons (to be fixed soon) Leopard Requier crew error (to be fixed when the crew is done) *************Download************ http://www.filefront.com/14297325/Operation%20Northstar%20V0.4.7z If you find more errors please post here so we can look into them Thank you ONS Dev Team
  15. Ive had a look around for the models on my flash drives but i cant find the models so i dont think i have them anymore.
  16. UPDATE UPDATE big thanks to Young Egle
  17. Looks the same just no pilot in the frount seat?? is the only think i can see
  18. Hey guys i would like to thank everyone for their comments about ONS and your continued Support for this mod. we are looking for someone to help us in the texture department if anyone is interested please send me a PM thank you very much.
  19. Hey we would love you ad more content to the releases but we are a very small team so to get some new stuff ingame and ready to be released takes a bit of a longer time then some other mods. The next release should see some new content for you guys to play with. Thanks ONS Team
  20. Hey ABS as of right this second no there is no new RG-31 being made just waiting on the one that you have made.
  21. Hey everything seems to be working right on mine fine i know when we were testing some people had some texture error with the differences in lighting and we arnt sure what is doing this :S We are working on this so please bear with us. as for the weapon class names i will get back to you with that list at some point. sorry for the late reply's as we have been really busy lately. AASE
  22. Hey eagle, looking amazing cant wait to see some more updates on it :D and yes its the LAV III Uparmoured.
  23. thanks guys for the continued Support :D we are working hard to bring you another update ASAP either small or big.
  24. Just a quick update for ONS with a nice little video. lue="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53SezmJr0S8&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53SezmJr0S8&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object> Video by : J Hunter [7CMBG] Staring the [7CMBG] Unit offical testers of Opteration Northstar http://www.ons.armaholic.eu/ Operation Northstar Offical Site www.7cmbg.ca