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  1. ANG3L

    Lowplants v1.1

    mixing this up with low grass? (which does not change FPS) this is low(spec=highFPS)plants. QuietMan Nope, this changes the way the vegetation is rendered to use lower detail shaders, but also thins the grass out which helps with fps. but we have grass auto disabled on our server so even if we had a key on don't think the impact would be the same, but I would still like the mod to boast a key file with it.
  2. ANG3L

    Lowplants v1.1

    Actually we use the global server config on our server so all user's who connect have there grass disabled no matter what the map we run.
  3. ANG3L

    ArmA Effects

    server key updated.
  4. ANG3L

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Lo kiljoy, The one thing I love about Evo is it's absolutely perfect for first time arma users it lets you play with all the toys in one big controlled dynamic campaign. but it does have some drawbacks the main one being you do the city's in sequence, suppose that could be spiced up with the side missions though as it stands the current side missions are a bit bland, but coop one team, or overlord, are both great missions that tackle that same problem we'll and both offer a bit more variety and randomness to a similar situation. The other thing that detracts from the game play is the de-spawning & respawning of the enemy AI after your team has being pushed back out of the city, surely this just adds needless stress on the server's, I understand that your trying to add a certain degree of control to stop people moving into another city while the first ones underway I agree, but wouldn't it be easier to just disable all other city's until the previous ones have being completed? and leave the AI active once they have being started. Both the support menu, and the AI field recruit/drop system are great along with touches like the dynamic weather, and quite frankly I don't think any big missions should be without. Idea's; One thing we did try on the old version was the hitch system although crude it did allow us to heli transport everything except the tanks, this allowed us to have a quicker deployment though out the game and became a god send to the engineer's to aid them in cleaning up every one else's mess. They was a heli tow script in one of the missions we came across when I first started playing arma might have being the air cav mission I'm not sure, you could actually see the tow cable when lifting the vehicle & watch the vehicle sway in the air throughout the flight, and it didn't allow you to drop vehicles once in flight which was a good idea to stop griefers. We went for game play with that and it worked out we'll, and we reduced the aircraft respawn times to 20 mins as opposed to 50 & 30 mins, again to compensate for public play. Other than that Evo's are great, and thanks for taking the time to make them.
  5. ANG3L

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Good reply wish all my replies where like that lol. regards the AI menu, yeah I should have clarified it a bit more ill give ya a example I wanted to drop the 1 AI i had selected with my F key but ended up dropping the whole team of them. lol again it would be good if we could recruit and dismiss out in the field. Re spawns good thought my mind was playing tricks on meh. Couple of other things we came across last night after haloing in one of the guys once landed on the ground amongst tree's got stuck, couldn't move access escape menu etc and found the only way he could break the stick was by pulling out he's rocket launcher, or alt & F4 the game, this happened to him twice. The other thing was the debris and body's on the map we've being running the map/mission the sum of 49 hours now and we've noticed that none of the body's of troop's or vehicles seem to be getting cleared away. I will say one thing though about the game play it is definitely smother than evo when flying over the island's maybe cause that you only have one city active at any given time like. thanks again, and roll on 109 eh
  6. ANG3L

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Hello and well done with the mission, I tried the AI version last night on the server and it went down well, liked a lot. I particularly like the side missions introducing me to parts of Sahrani I've not clapped eyes on before, I do have some feedback and questions and idea's for you though. Questions; Q; Is it possible to merge all the game modes into one map file so admins can choose which side the server's going to run that night either team; blue red yellow? Q; Is it also possible to have the AI integrated as standard but with the option to have it switched on or off before the game is started? Couple of niggles; 1; One of the guys playing on the server last night managed to hitch a friendly chopper flying above him, one in a million i know. 2; No ammo crates at base just one or two would do, or one with endless supply. 3; Controlling the AI in the players radio action menu is a bit fidgety. 4; Repair, refuel, ammo, trucks along with uh60's tend to get scattered to quickly during game play, possibly reduce there respawn times? Ideas; Instead of the choppers having to transport the 113 to setup a remote spawn wouldn't it be better to just allow the UH60's/Mi17's or players to take a service vehicle & Engineer to set up a remote camp, containing a flag pole, mash, farp, & ammo crates, but only allowing up to a maximum of four camps at any given time on the map and limiting the build distance's between the camps 700, 900, 1200, or 1500 meters or so apart? just to offer a bit more diversity when playing. No real big major changes just some refinements, other than that yeah its good mission and thanks for taking the time to make it.
  7. ANG3L

    ArmA Effects

    the flames hmmm the 04 version's flames had some thing different in them can't quite put my finger on it, but i liked them as for the new fames I like them also they are smoother. But what I do miss in this version over the last version is the black smoke doesn't seem to be there as long. But I would assume you scaled that back a bit for better performance reasons. Edit I love that video on the first page best arma vid I've seen.
  8. ANG3L

    Just an Idea

    Not really my idea m8t I just saw it happen over at RO and thought I'd push it out here. keep feedback coming chaps
  9. ANG3L

    I see you!

    Ban him for not wanting to spend 5 minutes messing with DVDs for *no reason* just to play the game he's legally bought? The Arma IDs are the real copy protection - not the DVD check. As some people say (not confirmed it myself) the check is even being removed in 1.09. Not to be a wanker but how are the id's the real copy protection? If you look around there are tools to reverse our keys out to the real one now. So when we join a public server we are in effect giving someone with a hacked copy our real key to play online with. If they ever made a database of them to auth with then we would be sol as some looser would just register our keys before us. So I don't see how it is any protection at all to be honest. It's all public information now anyway so why bother. There is no protection in this game. nodda zip zilch not a hint of it at all. My two cents on the matter.... Thats probably why BI are working on security fixes for the next patch, and treating it as a priority.
  10. ANG3L

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Yeah we also ran a modified version of the first Evo's blue and red some time back and what we did was to double the respawn wave times from 30 seconds on a full server to 60 seconds this alone stopped the crashing or the issue with the paratroops spawning in, (on both version's blue and red). Only trouble we then had to contend with was the drop AI bug after a certain amount of time that would catch up with the sever, combine this with the 30 seconds respawn waves of enemy AI on a full server I simply think this was to much for the server to handle. see what your finding are on it kiljoy and if you have any luck with it, maybe you would like to bring the chopper deployments back, if so I'd recommend you keep the truck deployments for the Infantry only versions though. Were running them currently they actual play out quicker than you'd think they are very good we enjoy them, as the current Evo's stand no crashes what so ever with the help of signature checking. Our server's uptime; http://stats.swec.se/server/image/37502
  11. ANG3L

    Just an Idea

    lo all I was thinking about what I said on a previous post and one thing that came to mind about the whole idea behind community backed BI content, was what Tripwire Interactive done with there game RO Ostfront. They had a competition for community mappers/modders the prize would be 10 maps would be selected to be released as a official community released addon patch by tripwire them selfs for the game, the 10 entries after being picked would then be scrutinized, tested, polished up, & finalized before release with the help of the modders them selfs. This was a great way of how the developers could show there appreciation and give something back to the community as a whole both to the modders and the players. Of course modders who wanted to particapate would simple put there entries forward against some simple guidelines the dev's set out, they where prizes for the modders but that isn't what this is about. Couldn't BI do something similar I dunno 10 or 15 mods/maps would be picked and then integrated into the game through an update. Wouldn't this be a great idea? and whats to say more couldn't be held in the future also. Feedback?
  12. ANG3L

    0.9 patch fixes?

    Moved to arma general; http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=69821
  13. We got Madmatts new arma effects key on the server its our first accepted mod, but I would like to add more but trying to go through these forums trying to find mods which I've never come across before with signed keys is difficult even with the search utility. Would it be possible for the modders who have keys for there mods to post a link to both your mod & key files thanks.
  14. ANG3L

    ArmA Effects

    Edit; Matt nv mind i got it sorted tis working a treat now, I forgot to do something thats all we now have our first modder's signed addon on the sever and I hope many more will follow. Oh and no the server does not need the addons either not for sig checking.