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    [Guide] Did you know...

    You can move items around in the production queue by hold clicking and dragging. Well I didn't know this anyway!
  2. Bah, I've located all of these and have found only 2 parts, there may be one more still?
  3. Yeah I hope I didn't come across as too negative, I wrote my post in semi jest mode. I do really like the game but this does need sorting ASAP.
  4. This has already been reported, I hope it's fixed quickly as I'm now STUCK on the campaign and it's a pretty major bug.
  5. Timing and escort missions I think! Actually while I was stalling playing CC in order for them to improve the pathfinding I went back to Battlestations: Pacific and tried to get all the gold medals for the missions and the one I got stuck on was keeping all of these ships intact which drove me mad. If Battlestations had have been fully moddable you could have done a great mini Carrier Command with it, if you haven't played it you really should as it's a blast!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have been given a "hurry up and get the missile parts, the enemy carrier is almost completed" message from a crew member but if it doesn't matter I'll go for the remaining 4 or so islands (that I can currently see anyway) and hope for a quick patch.
  7. I'm on my first campaign play through and I have this repeatable error as well. I did try taking a different island first instead to see if it still happened and sadly it did, so I'm also bit stuck.
  8. The walruses need to be more spry and have a spot rotate facility to help the AI navigate. Sad to say that I even have trouble driving them and I'm brilliant at everything! :cool:
  9. AlFitz

    Download size of Beta?

    Thanks, looking forward to it.
  10. Path-finding is a perennial problem in games, I think if anyone came out with a truly effective general algorithm for it they'd be thanked by a lot of people. The fact that debris can accumulate on the island in this game doesn't help matters, maybe they could make Walruses munch or burn up the debris on contact and just have a better the way-point system on the islands.
  11. I didn't keep the old e-mail and I haven't gotten a new one, what can I do? Is there a download for the new sprocket exe?
  12. Help!! I've got a Walrus equipped with a resource capsule on a neutral island called Evergreen, I can't see any way-points to guide me to where I should go. So currently I'm just aimlessly driving around various rubbled areas hoping for something to come up on screen but nothing does. Cheers. ---------- Post added at 13:06 ---------- Previous post was at 13:02 ---------- Ok I've got it now, as I drove over to one side of the island, a command center waypoint appeared and I was able to drive to it and construct, sorrrrrry! I am just a novice at the moment however but at least I know now what a command center looks like.
  13. AlFitz


    Bah, I was hoping to have my spindly fingers on this by now. Also, I'll have to download it on my modest broadband which will take 3 hours and by that time who knows where I'll be. Much disappointment!