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    Valhalla the Berzerk alternative

    Hey, after inital thoughts I really like the C&H Missions on Kochlöffels server. But...there was some ppl who thought their task is to drive over other ppl in their team....the only weak point so far in the mission concept... After two days of "hmm...what the****" i decided to depbo the mission ferurz to build in a mechanism to prevent those attention ****** from shuting down serious game play....BUT...the mission as said before is crypted so I was not sure if it is even wanted to be enhanced to prevent attention .... from taking over.... I have now a mechanism to prevent spawn killing...let me know if you want it or prevent that thing yourself.... Tom Trottel
  2. tom_trottel

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    wow. gcc. i cant believe it.
  3. tom_trottel

    Do you still go back to OFP and Arma 1?

    I enjoy playing OFP under Linux using Wine from time to time, when I'm too busy or lazy or unwilling to switch to Windows or want some nostalgic feelings.
  4. tom_trottel

    SQF/SQS Backus-Naur form syntax?

    Has anyone yet made a context-free BNF for SQF ? Im working on it to convert SQF into Python Scripts for some idea I have, so far its quite good, im using pythin ply, but not finished. but if anyone has a BNF for SQF, please let me know, i would like to share.
  5. Thank you very much ! Works instantly on Duala, too !
  6. Awesome Tool !:bounce3: Feedback to your Questions if its working in Arma2 : In Arma2 Standalone Hint is created, Number of Positions is shown and House ID. Marker for position and on which position you stand not.
  7. tom_trottel

    Buildings vanish when you look thr. tent window

    Oh sorry. Then please Admin delete this ?
  8. Hello, just wanted to say, that if I look from outside a tent through the tent window, i can see through buildings. May your bullet hit.