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    OFP Addon request thread

    Rellikki, any chance to get the final version of SLX on OFP.info? Can't find the beta update 3 nor the final build anywhere. Damn Filefront keeps deleting the links. "New release Aug. 16 2007: Version 1.1 final: SLX_Mod_1.1.rar @ FileFront.com 36.5 MB Version 1.1 final Changes: None, just the packed up last version. Version 1.1 beta: OFP.info Mirror: SLX_Mod_1.1_Beta.rar @ OFP.info SLX_Mod_1.1_Beta.rar @ FileFront.com 36.4 MB Updates: Version 1.1 Beta 3: http://files.filefront.com/SLX_Mod....fo.html Version 1.1 Beta 3 changes: Fixed some problems with Tonal Redux." And could BigRooney's "Modern Combat Mod" also be hosted? Links keep getting deleted (Filefront:yay:), so a stable host would be welcome. Here's the latest version of it: http://www.filefront.com/13776819/MCM-SLXv11.1.7z Don't know why the uploader wrote 11.1, since it should be 1.1, but still. Thanks!
  2. There shouldn't be any problem. Steam and other similar services have gone through a lot of changes, from downloading core files during the installation to a simple one-shot activation check (at least for SP).
  3. Dunno. As good as community missions and campaigns can be, they almost always go down in terms of voice acting and overall polish, even the best ones. That kills a bit the immersion, for me. I'm not going down on modders, I really like a lot of the stuff they make, but for the most part they won't ever have the production values of BIS' stuff. We could surely milk out a lot of single player time with DLCs.
  4. I keep thinking of "Dynamic Afghanistan" back in Flashpoint... Something like that (dynamic mission + UK units) would be cool.
  5. Precisely, couldn't have used better words. Let's keep in mind that if they use their own servers for this, there will be extra cost for them, so the money they won't be getting from Steam will be used to keep their servers up, nullifying the advantage. Maybe 5-7? I think it'll depend on how many sales they make. If they're well received they could progressively pull down the price. But as Richey79 was saying, there's a risk in making them dependant on Steam when the boxed game is not. New features, especially for MP, should be free, as in "free updates". I will gladly pay them for some good content-only DLCs. 10€ for a couple of vehicles, some new units/weapons and a well made mission pack and/or campaign would be ok, for me. Throw in some new landscapes, now and then. Kinda like getting some interactive war comic-book. Costs a little more than going to the movies and gets you more bang for your buck than that (count in the inclusion of the new stuff in the editor). Having the possibility not to use Steam would be a good thing. I'd happily pay BIS directly and activate from their own servers. I'm starting to really like the idea. Plus, we get to fund their new games. Win-win.
  6. Got it! Thanks. Damn, you make me feel like a black bloc... I just can't trust enough those damn capitalist pigs! :yay: Back on topic: price should be proportional. Some vehicles, some weapons, a bunch of missions to test them out, or a mini-campaign like EW... About 10€, maybe?
  7. I can't speak for every Steam detractor out there, but... I don't really know about the changes Steam has gone through up until now. Always preferred Impulse to it (there were more games I liked on it and I always liked Stardock PR more than Valve's). What I care the most now is how long the games will "live". I like keeping a small library of games I play now and then, and don't want to have some internet service keeping me from playing what I want, even 10 years from now. I don't envision Steam going under and I realize it's a great place to sell your products, but I'd like an option more in line with my preferences. Plus, I do not know how many "rights" has the developer when its game is published over it. I liked Impulse, but I almost exclusively bought games made by Stardock. There are many games distributed using technology licensed to the developers, so they are in full control of where the game is going, the support is only up to them, etc.. It's more to my liking, and I don't think I am the only one.
  8. Seeing as the community held up in all these years I would think that the majority of BIS' customers, returning or new, come from a well defined niche. This isn't some over-hyped game from some popular game studio which shocks the masses with a series of interchangeable 5 hours-plus-multiplayer rollercoaster rides every year or so. Those are the games that are heavily pirated and abused. I'd think piracy with BIS' games would not hit them as hard as it hits EA, Ubi, etc.. And even their losses could be debatable. Take Silent Hunter 5. Ubi screwed with the other two games in the form of bad copy protection, bad long term support. This one didn't even activate on its first day. I don't know how things are going for them, but I saw a lot of bad blood when it got out. People doesn't buy broken stuff, especially if you try to sell stuff to a niche. They just think about selling the most in a short period of time before getting their s**t ruined by pirates. In this case copy protection schemes work as intended (take for example Splinter Cell + StarForce). The moment the pirates get down their protection, and this hits their sales, they come out with a sequel using a new protection scheme. BIS instead has a lot of "dedicated customers" (and for a good reason, I must say). It sure has a lot of curious potential customers that gets discouraged by the harder-than-CoD gameplay that could pirate the game (would they buy it in the first place?). So selling their products shouldn't be so hard. Sure, services like Steam have the huge bonus of skyrocketing your game sales simply because of its huge user base. But it has its share of detractors, too. So having options is a must, for me. To point out again their fans dedication: mods for Operation Flashpoint are still being made, the game is still being played... People like good games, even if they are old. Having your stuff tied to some online service means that it couldn't be used anymore if the service goes down (check out Hellgate: London and other games or add-ons). So having direct control over your products is a great thing, in my eyes. Shouldn't be hard work to make a patch that unlocks your games indefinitely, in case you go down. Hell, I don't want to rent your games. I like 'em and it's good to get back and play Resistance years later, just as if I was re-reading a good book. There's some kind of affection.
  9. Please, please, PLEASE don't make it a Steam/Impulse/Younameit exclusive. I so hate having to be connected the whole time, having to count activations, having to rely to third party software, be it intrusive or not, and so on. Maybe I mess with my computer a little too much, but I enjoy reformatting regularly, so losing activations because of this is a real pain. Check out how Battlefront does it with their games (a couple of simultaneous activations MAX, you can deactivate as much as you like). Or make an activation check via server, too many activations in a small time frame -> probably pirated. Or as someone suggested you could make some kind of retail bundle every once in a while, without online stuff, just as you're doing right now. Anti-piracy is becoming too much of a hassle for us honest gamers, and pirates get away with it anyway.
  10. Great snoofkin911! Thank you very much!
  11. Looking at the WGL config for SLX I "uncovered" the fixes that Solus made for the grenades, plus some other things playing with ECP. Here is the report: - For fixing the missing sound/damage for BIS troops, you only need to add two classes in the cfgammo class (in wgl5\bin\config.cpp): <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class HandGrenadeHit: GrenadeHand { //soundHit[]={"Explosions\expl3",10.0,1}; }; class GrenadeHandHit: GrenadeHand { //soundHit[]={"Explosions\expl3",10.0,1}; }; Obviously after the declaration of the "GrenadeHand" class. And you can freely remove the commented lines (call me Mr. Obvious). - For the other problem (grenades exploding instantly if you throw them on your feet, throwing directly at vehicles/people won't make them detonate though), there's a workaround in ECP. By tightening the torso's torsion (ehrm) arc, it won't be possible to actually throw the grenades on your feet. Thanks to Solus for the fixes and to snoofkin911 for a working link with which I got the mod.
  12. Could someone please upload the latest version (1.08) on Rapidshare, Uploading.com or similar? Or if there's already a working mirror please tell me the address. Thanks! EDIT: whoops! I just saw another guy asking the same thing two posts above ... Sorry!
  13. I didn't make modifications, sorry. I only made a "bug report", I looked a bit in the configs but I'm still a newbie, so I could only stare at the screen in awe.
  14. Grenades in 5.12 are kinda strange... They not only make no sound at all (using BIS troops) but also: - with BIS they don't do any damage at all, not to me nor to other troops, BUT actually explode (sound and damage) if I throw one of them directly against someone (I only managed to throw one of them on my feet, and It exploded); - with WGL they work well BUT if I manage to hit someone directly with a grenade (again I only managed to hit my feet ) they explode TWO times, the first time when it hits the target, and the second after the timer ends up, as usual. Didn't try this with regular 5.1 though, I'm relatively new to this kind of stuff. If you still want to make a 5.13 release, how about adding some AA to the SU-25, could be cool. I could change it by myself but I fear I could screw something. What do I need to change if I want to add a missile launcher with its own ammo and add it to the Sukhoi? Only things in the "wgl_veh_config" pbo? Oh, BTW, great configs you have there, they show some very "1337 skillz"! Really well made! Edit - I just tried 5.1 grenades. They work as intended, no extra explosions or missing sound. As a note, in both 5.1 and 5.12 audio for the explosions is different, BIS for contact explosions and WGL for timed (using WGL troops), BIS for contact (using BIS troops).
  15. Asso

    GDCE released

    Thanks kutya! I hope this will be the start of a fruitful collaboration.