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    let's jump

    Making the space bar context sensitive and having it deal with obstacles would be nice. Especialy if you could climb onto places to snipe, and it would fix the problem where you and your men break your legs trying to get down from a building you parachuted onto.
  2. AWDrift

    let's jump

    It would be nice. On the other side of things a dive like OFP SLX has to get down faster would be nice too.
  3. AWDrift

    Pixie Dust grows back finger

    not for the pig. when humans will stop to be egoist. The other species on Earth are not alive for the pleasure of the humans. I hate this Christian mentality archaic and ridiculous. there are a lot of criminals in jail; who could be use for experiences, in this way, one time in their life, they would be useful. How do you know the pig wasn't guilty of serious piggy crimes? He could've been the farmland equivelent of Jack the Ripper.
  4. Do you still remember the youtube link? It might help us track down the author.
  5. AWDrift

    Shader 2.0 dll

    It could be nice after some tweaking. Right now it's so bright and blurry I have trouble making out objects 50 yards away.
  6. AWDrift


    And it's pretty hard to find shooters that don't revolve only around scripted narratives and cinematic gameplay. Whether or not such a design concept is effective, ArmA (II) is not one of those. In today's gaming world, the borders that define genres are dissolving. There are certainly instances where ArmA plays more like a real-time strategy (or real-time tactics) game than a shooter, and when was the last time you saw ragdoll in an RTS? This genre focuses on a larger scope than most shooters, and narratives and cinematics aren't driving characteristics of this type of gameplay. Saying that standardizing certain technologies is part of moving forward with the gaming world is quite inaccurate. As the gaming world moves forward, more diversity appears in the tech as more advancements are made and ideas are explored. While it's true that a lot of game developers try to follow a standard, it's not so much the gaming world advancing but the business aspect of it staying put. The gaming world is not moving forward in a linear path either, rather it is branching out in all different directions. There are still audiences for games like ArmA, and many of them are hoping BIS is doing their best to keep it from merging with those other branches simply out of obligation. Ragdoll isn't somethign a game like ArmA is in dire need of, and if the need should arise then let it come (and be resolved) on its own terms and not simply because everyone else is doing it. As a final note, if someone believes they need ragdoll to satisfy their desires, then it's like you said, there are plenty of shooters out there with ragdoll; choose one. I was adding on to reasons already listed, not saying they should do it soley because everybody else is. Also if you want Open world or RTS games with ragdoll check out AoE3, Company of Heroes, Soldiers heroes of WW2 1&2, Crackdown, Mercenaries1&2, DoW 2, etc,etc. Also the "if you want this feature then go play another game' excuse is crap. Everbody here has just as much right to ask for new features as you do.
  7. AWDrift


    Another thing is it's pretty hard to find a shooter without ragdoll now. If ArmA 2 comes out in 09 or 10 with death anims it's going to look dated in that aspect. It's kind of like shading in that it's not necessary, but having it in the game is part of moving forward with the rest of the gaming world.
  8. AWDrift

    The death of freedom

    American forums vary too much to really generalise them. You get some really weird disturbing **** in some places(like gay spongebob porn). Once you start digging through the sites you get the extremes of both sides.
  9. AWDrift

    BF:Bad Company

    I doubt they can push that strategy on pc gamers. There are ways to play pirated games online(Look at WoW and Counter strike) and it won't be long before that extra content ends up on torrent sites like NFS prostreet's extra cars. IMO it's just pushing more people to piracy.
  10. AWDrift

    Real combat? Check this out!

    I've never played a mission long enough for these things to happen. You just do the combat and then it fast forwards to more combat related things. I wouldn't mind seeing food related missions where if you don't capture a town or convoy you lose men to starvation and fatigue faster though.
  11. AWDrift

    Another scifi thing

    Turns out my computer wasn't overwriting the old file correctly. Sorry for the trouble.
  12. AWDrift

    Dynamic destruction, who needs it anyway?

    Redfaction: guerrilla has some really amazing destruction going by a feature they had in a game informer mag. Not sure it's anywhere digitally, but it's something to look out for.
  13. AWDrift

    Another scifi thing

    I tried it and I got the basic squad, no spec ops or tanks.
  14. AWDrift

    Another scifi thing

    Anyone have a link for the latest version? Filefront and ofp.info are giving me the old betas.
  15. AWDrift

    Iron Lore shuts down

    They made a diablo clone and a fairly disappointing Dawn of war expansion. Doesn't surprise me that they kicked the bucket. Also, yes FADE was overcome.