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  1. AgentJonathan

    Weapon On Back for AI?

    I suppose it does help, but not with me wanting units to have their weapons put away. Oh well, I'll cope without it. :(
  2. I've searched for days on this issue, and can't really seem to find any results. Using setbehavior doesn't work like it did back in the good ol' OFP days anymore, so I've sorta met my end right there. I'm revisiting some light mission creation, but I haven't done this in a long time, and I've never had any of the Arma games after Cold War Assault, so the coding has changed a bit. I also think I understand that putting your weapon on your back is no longer a command in ArmA, which would be terrible, but it wasn't easy to understand. Forgive me, I know this had to have been asked before, but I conformed to forum laws, and I did in fact search for it, as well as browse the internet for days beforehand as well. Anyone have the answer I'm looking for? I just need a simple code, or way to set an AI with their weapons put away, via the editor.
  3. Wow, so it's like an internet based version of OFP? Is there anything additional? Now I gotta go through my storage unit and find where I left my CD Key, dang!
  4. It is weird, and somewhat annoying. I was like, "My childhood!!!" I'm an OFP man for life, because for me, the best games are the ones that made my childhood what it was. My favorite games, as a rule, consist of what was most entertaining during ages 11-16... OFP was like number one. Would you mind clarifying what CWA is? I though Cold War (Something), but I'm not so sure.
  5. I was feeling nostalgic, and was trying to reinstall my Flashpoint Game Of The Year Edition, but it wouldn't allow me to play the campaign simply because I was missing "Addons" The Motorcycle, G36, and some various random things were missing. Could this be the fault of my copy, or could this be some other issue??? It was my favorite game growing up, I just want to play it again. :(
  6. AgentJonathan

    Back from the dead.

    Yeah, I snagged him. These days, I go to other forums, completely unrelated to gaming, but it's similar to this one as far as formatting. Forums are easy to use. Thanks a lot, I'll remember you. lol
  7. AgentJonathan

    Back from the dead.

    I'm definitely one of the old OFP'ers, suddenly remembered they could help me figure out why FP won't act right, so I try to go the the troubleshooting, and it says I'm locked out... Way for mods to be a killjoy. lol Thanks for the advice. Weird I should randomly remember this place, I used to have a lot of fun here.
  8. AgentJonathan

    Back from the dead.

    I seem to be unable to post anywhere, because my account has been disabled or something like that. It works here, I was just curious as to why, even after several years, my account is gone. ---------- Post added at 09:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ---------- Out of curiosity, does anyone remember me?
  9. I really like the new board. For all who participated in the making: Well done! You've done a bang up job. :ok: Anybody agree? I appreciate the new board. :ok:
  10. AgentJonathan

    making units stand

    Wow, freaking awesome! I forgot, totally about that init code and was about to ask about it. Does the following exist?: this setunitpos "DOWN" I wanted to force snipers to go prone, so..... I think you can tell...
  11. AgentJonathan

    Date-Time-Group Question.

    The thing that says "Get Ready!" with the time and stuff? What exactly is it that you are asking? Break it down for me.
  12. AgentJonathan

    Making an AI unit... suck.

    Oh, additionally, how do you get these "invisible targets"?
  13. AgentJonathan

    Making an AI unit... suck.

    For Movie Sequences, so they would be less likely to defeat the "favored ones" if you know what I am saying.
  14. How would you make an AI miss almost every shot they fire on an enemy?
  15. AgentJonathan

    Best add-ons list

    http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/SJB_Weapons_Pack%3B47459. Simple as that!