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  1. ADO_Lesicilien

    Battle's games

    To participate you could registered on Battle's Games or on the Portuguese Community Forum. > Battle's Games > Portuguese Community
  2. ADO_Lesicilien

    Battle's games

    Confused.com? Hmmm, It was for the mission, not for the rest. If you want to know who is going to level or other addons, visits the site.
  3. ADO_Lesicilien

    Battle's games

    <span style='color:red'>566 kb!!!</span> Hi everybody ! Battle's Games invite you to come each Tuesday at 21h to play for fun. Battle's Games Days are not a Tournament, for a few month we play together each Tuesday at 21h. BG Days is just a title to officialize those days. Everybody are welcome, what you need is just to download our Addons pack on our Website or Forum (www.battles-games.net). Then you can join us at 21h on our TS. Each Tuesday we play a different type of game (C&H, A&D, Warfare, Coop, CTF, TFF, ...). Our goals is to propose the maximum to everybody. For further information join us on our Forum.
  4. ADO_Lesicilien

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    hi, I have another question about artillery. When we play my warfare, select the area of tire and when we want to draw it does not work. A message appears in red on the menu at the bottom. a bug or oversight on my part? Ps: I always look to put IA in cities won by different teams.
  5. ADO_Lesicilien

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    @Kremator: I do not see that this is going to change my scripts of warfare here, because I am looking for a script, so I did not. @ModaFlanker : I have already seen in a warfare system, but I can not find. I will continue to seek, but that is unfortunate is that there is script and that in fact benefit the community when a problem comes .. Thank's
  6. ADO_Lesicilien

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    There is nobody who could help me? I can not get their hands on to script.
  7. ADO_Lesicilien

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    Hi, I was wondering how to add a script warfare. I rebuilt the original warfare with a lot of change. And I'm looking to establish this PS: sorry for my English who do not have to break brick, I translated with a translator Thank you
  8. ADO_Lesicilien

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    Hi I would like spawn IA in cities that are taken by teams from a given time capture of the city. How I can do and where? Thank you
  9. ADO_Lesicilien

    T-90 & T-72BM by Ike

    hi, To start, congratulation I adore addons them. Nevertheless, a small addition would be really well. When the vehicles are destroyed, the camouflage of the vehicle in him even remains intact, contrary to the tracks. There I think that it would be although the vehicle is also damages as much as the tracks. After I think in asked for one can too much, but if it were possible to have the BTR80, then there would be the signal. But good a addon is not done into 5 min especially one as well succeeded. Thank you very much for works itself as well made.
  10. ADO_Lesicilien

    Linux Server Help

    Hi, Openly your server will support widely 5 persons. Thus not the punishment to try to adjust him so. Because you are going to take yourself the head for nothing. Leave the configuration of origin is his indeed.
  11. ADO_Lesicilien

    Battle's games

    Battle's Games organize an Event Next Tuesday (08.07). Players Connection at 21h (GMT+1). Begining of the game at 21h30 (GMT+1). Map : CTI Doolittle. No Addons, no faces, nothing else except the original game. If you need addons follow this links : <ul>[*]English [*]Français. [*] TeamSpeaks : Here [*] Server : Here. A post is launch in the "Friendly Games" area to organize teams ! Please Registered there ! 40 slots available
  12. ADO_Lesicilien

    Probléme server Arma1.14 Linux

    Hi, thank's! his works. Damage to spend there to do this, especially as this function is normally included in the profile of the terminal server. Another disappointment over to Thursday.
  13. ADO_Lesicilien

    Probléme server Arma1.14 Linux

    HI, Nobody is able to BIS not even tell me why it is possible to remove the grass in the game? Whether a server windows or linux the worries persist .....
  14. ADO_Lesicilien

    Ok now wth cheats still work online obviously

    HI, what your anti cheat is still valid after the 1.14 patch?
  15. ADO_Lesicilien

    Linux vs. Windows "Arma-Dedicated Server"

    I joined whisper for the price. After I think that is also a facility administrator. Personally before ofp I did not know of any linux and since then my server turned on linux. This is a can taste and color.