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  1. Allenn

    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 10th Birthday

    1999 was probably the greatest year ever for tacsim players with Rogue Spear and SWAT3 being released (UT was also released which lead to the Infiltration mod, but i guess that doesn't count). Those two are my all time fav cqb games. Although I preferred SWAT3 since it had more tactical options, better AI, non-lethal force, and (eventually) 10 man teams in coop and SP, I think the level design in Rogue Spear was much better (Perfect Sword being the greatest map ever created ). Its too bad the R6 franchise ended up going in a new direction. Although, on the bright side, a couple former Red Storm devs are cooking up a new spiritual successor to R6 and GR called Ground Branch. They're having some financial difficulties right now but it looks like they're still developing it, albeit very slowly. However I have faith that they will release it and we'll all have the classic gameplay we all love again!
  2. An addon I 'd like to see is a wind deflection addon. If I remember correctly there was one for OFP and ArmA. Its a useless addon yet it some how makes the game 10x better.
  3. Allenn

    Fire then runing(OFP style)

    The mod modifies the run anim so that soldiers have their weapons at their hips and pointed where theyre looking while running so you can shoot and run at the same time, thats as far as i know. pretty cool.
  4. Allenn

    SLX MOD public release

    awesome mod so far, unparalleled Arma AI imo, and nice smoke effects that rival all of smoke effects out there ne ways, i noticed a bug (i think). When using a pistol moving from crouched position to standing position your character holsters the pistol. i was using with these mods: beta (1.12), QG, EBUD's sf replacement, Johnny's marines, and OFP Voices.
  5. i was wondering if anyone could make a sniper replacement pack using the ghillie suit guy from PKW_Mercernary mod? if not can any one point me towards some tutorials on how to make unit replacement packs? thx!
  6. Allenn

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    haha i guess im easily impressed ( or immersed or w.e) But hey there's a reason why im still playing OFP and not COD2 or something.
  7. Allenn

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Just played the "ghillied up" mission, and, i have to say, it was one of the most immersive video game experiences i have ever had. Yeah that ac 130 mission was pretty cool too
  8. Allenn

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    @smellyjelly MW has improved a little bit in this respect, however, not alot. Most of the Marine missions are like the earlier COD games. Enemies will keep pouring out of buildings until u move inside the building and pass a certain point triggering a script. But, some of the SAS missions arent like this. so far theyve involved sneaking in and clearing different areas which usually only has like 5 - 10 tangos, who dont respawn. Also, the atmosphere is alot better than the last games (i think) mainly because of the way they clear rooms as a unit and the way they communicate and shout out at each other(although kinda sucks that its all scripted). O and lighting effects and animations contribute a lot to the atmosphere as well but like i said b4 if u dint like COD b4 u wont like it now
  9. Allenn

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    I was feeling bored so I decided to grab a copy myself today. Pros -nice graphics, nice lighting effects -intense cinematic gameplay ( may be a con to most ppl) -awesome atmosphere (especially with the SAS missions) -some of the best animations ive seen personally -runs pretty good. consistently 30+ fps at 1024x768 res and normal settings with every thing set to yes. my laptop is made of a 2.0ghz core2duo processor, 2gb 667mhz ram, and a 256mb 8600GT -multiplayer is pretty addicting what with all the unlockable perks and weapons and such -nice iron sights and implementation of aimpoints and eotech sights -squad mates are cool to watch. they usually run around clearing rooms and shouting and communicating and such and do bounding over watch and the like (all scripted of course) -the levels that ive seen so far are pretty good albeit linear (in SP of course) -some nice minor realism touches like bullet penetration, IR lasers used with NV, tactical and dry reloads, and some others i may have forgotten Cons -extreme scripting takes away replay value of SP (MP more than makes up for this) -AI constantly respawns -linear gameplay -overwhelmingly unrealistic ( a con for me ne ways). regenerative health, weak weapons, soldiers that constantly respawn, ammo pool, crazy javelin launcher etc. -typical story about terrorists and bombs etc ( some may not think thats a con, some may not even care about story) mmm thats bout it if you didnt enjoy any of the other COD games then dont even bother, but if u did enjoy them then its a must buy.
  10. Allenn

    Crysis Impressions.

    Delta option dint seem too different. all it did was force crosshair off, make the player a more vulnerable (player takes less damagehealth regenerates slower i think), and something with the binocs. as for the combat, i think its pretty good. not too realistic for the most part tho. i dont think theres any bullet penetration (tried to shoot that guy in the wooden out house and the bullets dint go through). but the suit functions add a slightly different taste to combat and the AI is fun to fight against.
  11. Allenn

    Crysis Impressions.

    i played the demo for a couple hours and im very impressed Pros -gfx of course. theyre very photorealistic on high settings. i played it at a mix of med and high settings and 1024x768on my laptop with 2.0 core2duo, 2gb 667mhz, and 256mb(up to1gb with turbocache) 8600GT at ~25fps. nice thing about the game is that although the fps is pretty low it says constant. for ex. i threw a gas can thingy between a shack and a car shot it and killed 2 ppl, blew up a car (sending parts of it flying everywhere) and watched as the shack fell apart (its made of alot of little parts and such making it a pretty cool sight) and my fps stayed constant). iron sights look nice -AI. Ive spent alot of time going into cloak mode and watching these guys and theyre very impressive. when they kno where u are theyll try to suppress you as other move up, but of course u can just cloak and leave that position as they keep firing at that spot. when they kno ur there but not exactly where theyll do a sweep the last spot u were seen, generally in groups of 2-5. when they sweep they try to cover all angles making it hard for u just to uncloak and shoot them all. also they call reinforcements aswell. -atmosphere is very good. wild life on the island add a lot to this -relatively large open areas -a variety of different ways to approach a situation. for example using hit and run tactics with the speed thing, stealthily killing them off one at a time using cloak, or using strength to jump around on top of buildings or into the sun (no not into into the sun, i mean jumping so high they look up and cant see u). Cons -very demanding game -guns sound a little weak -bullets do very little damage ( i shot a guy 5 times in the body and he was still alive) and guns are very inaccurate ( in irons even when the sights are lined up perfectly theres still a spread from like 20 meters away with a rifle) -i personally think the player has an unfair advantage over the AI with the suit powers and all thats bout it. check it out if you can, its worth it EDIT:left out some stuff
  12. Allenn

    Insurgency Mod For HL2

    Ive been playing for about 4 hours total last day or 2 and im very impressed. The mod mixes alot of mid range fighting (usually around 50 meters, maybe more depending on the map) and alot of CQB. Maps have some of variety from open desert areas to mines to streets. although some maps are very errrrrr.... unbalanced? For example the almandi (i think thats wat its called) map, the insurgents spawn in areas close to places that give them the tactical advantage like windows and higher ground and such. Overall, i think the maps are awesome, with alot of building to building fighting and mid range fights The gameplay puts alot of emphasis on team play and eliminates alot of the run n' gun and pray and spray type gameplay, although there are still relatively alot of lone wolf type players running around. The mod does this through the capture points on the map. To capture a point u need a certain percentage of players on ur team to capture. Also cause of the way the weapons handle people usually stick with other players. Oh and all the gametypes in INS usually involve one team trying to capture all the points on the map (usually 4) or one team trying the deplete the others reinforcements (more captured points means more reinforcements i think) The weapons are very well done aswell. The models that they made are spot on and the game utilizes an aiming system similar to that of Red Orchestra. The recoil on the weapons is pretty good. For most weapons u can take about a 3-5 shot burst b4 the recoil goes out of control, which rewards players who burst or double tap. Also i absolutely love the scopes in the game and the bipod system which not only lets u place the bipod on the ground but also on top of tables and cars and boxes while crouching or standing. However as is with every other game/mod it still has bugs and some rough edges to squash and smooth out. As of this release the M249 cant reload, non admins cant kick unruly players (tkers and such), rpg has to go through reload animation everytime u switch to it, and frequent server crashes. Fortunately the INS team is now working on a patch to fix all those things up along with some optimizations Overall Id prolly give the mod a 9/10 which is very good considering the devs arent getting paid and are mostly doing this on their free time. Anyways if u have any source based game (u only need the Source SDK base to play) then u should give INS a go. EDIT: O almost forgot. Im playing this on a 9800pro with 1 gb of ram and a 2.9ghz processor and it runs OK. It certainly is more intensive than HL2 or CSS for sure.
  13. Allenn

    Armed Assault videos

    srry if this has been posted already but a brand new ArmA trailerhas been released.
  14. Allenn

    Is There a Walkthrough Posted Anywhere?

    try dslyecxi's tactics techniques and procedures guide http://dslyecxi.com/armattp.html
  15. Allenn

    Armed Insult

    hmmm have u patched ur copy yet? some of those problems u mentioned (shaky sights, lighting problems, misaligned sights etc.) have been fixed with the new patches.